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“Um!” A childish voice sounded from the golden light.

Upon hearing that voice, Whis, Vados, and Marcarita looked even more solemn.

They straightened their bodies and stared solemnly at the golden light up in the void.

Four silhouettes became increasingly clearer amidst the golden radiance.

Zeno was sitting on a hemispherical throne, swaying his feet like a child.

The oval-shaped face was divided into three sections with blue in the middle and purple on both sides and copper coin-like eyes were adorned on it, looking slightly naive.

He looked around as if everything was a novelty.

On both sides of the throne stood two towering solemn-looking guards, their tall and thin bodies like two bamboo poles, and the Great Priest, who was in charge of everything, stood beside Zeno.

At this time, the Great Priest in dark green clothes had his hands behind his back and his purple eyes were gazing below.

Although he didn’t say a word, the pressure like a towering mountain made everyone have difficulty with breathing.

Dark Angel Via’s countenance was ugly, his dark face and his slightly trembling arms reflecting his restless heart.

He had only experienced such frightening pressure from his boss Lancius.


Xiaya, who are they” Tapion, who didn’t know the identity of Zeno, asked quietly; someone who could make Angels extremely respectful is probably an amazing big shot.


Xiaya’s lips moved as he stared at the golden light with a deep look in his eyes.

The appearance of Zeno had caused the present scene to become very odd.

At this moment, it is reasonable to say that except for Zeno and the Great Priest, it was not suitable for anyone else to speak because it may be seen as disrespectful.

Of course, Xiaya and Tapion are still far away from Zeno, so there were not many worries when speaking.

“Zeno is the god standing at the pinnacle of the Multiverse.

It can be said that he is the only supreme power within the range of the Multiverse.

He has the authority to replace God of Destruction and Supreme Kai and with a single thought, he can erase an entire universe.

This is his divine authority.

And the one standing next to him is the Great Priest, who is responsible for assisting Zeno in managing everything in the Multiverse, and his status is only below Zeno.”

Xiaya was not completely ignorant and was somewhat knowledgeable about Zeno and the Great Priest.

If Zeno is described as a tyrannical emperor, then the Great Priest is the prime minister in charge of the empire.

Without any doubt, Zeno and the Great Priest are the most exalted gods in the entire universe, at least in the Multiverse, they are the supreme authority.

Xiaya was not sure whose status between Zeno, Time King, and Dragon God Zalama is higher or lower, but the Great Priest is definitely comparable to the Great Heaven Official of the Time Realm that he met before.

Anyways, gods like Zeno and the Great Priest are still too far away from him at the moment.

“Sss, such a great god, is it okay for us to just stand here”

Tapion felt that his lips were a little dry.

He was only a Trainee Supreme Kai at best and even before he was only a mortal.

Having the opportunity to meet Supreme Kai and God of Destruction is already a great fortune, let alone meeting such great gods like Zeno and Great Priest.

“Of course not!” Xiaya said, quickly flying towards Whis.

Although Xiaya is now Universe 7’s God of Time conferred by Time Realm and in theory he doesn’t have to pay attention to Zeno, his roots are from Universe 7 after all and Universe 7 is under the jurisdiction of Zeno.

Offending Zeno would do no good for him! Then he became silent and also signaled Tapion not to say anything, and quickly met with Whis.

As Xiaya met with Whis, the Great Priest was admonishing Dark Angel Via.

“As the Angel of the previous era, it was wrong of you to not return to the Angel Realm immediately after the end of the era.

After being suppressed by Zeno-sama, you didn’t think of repenting instead became even more outrageous and degenerated into Dark Angel.

Who was the one to entice you” The Great Priest’s voice sounded very kind, but when it entered Dark Angel Via’s ears, it caused his mind to tremble like thunder and lightning.

“Hmph, it’s Zeno’s existence which is wrong.

How can people with such a lacking IQ take on the important task of managing the universe We won’t acknowledge him!” Dark Angel Via raised his head and retorted unwillingly.

“Outrageous!” The bodyguards on both sides of Zeno shouted and immediately teleported in front of the Dark Angel.

Raising his hand gently, the Great Priest stopped the bodyguards and said regretfully, “There is no need for you to acknowledge him.

Zeno-sama’s existence is a manifestation of the Multiverse’ will and the choice of this era.

Zeno-sama is sacred and noble.

Since you have chosen to oppose the times, even if you are an Angel, I cannot just spare you.”

“What’s the use of saying so much In the end, you still have to rely on strength.” Dark Angel Via looked disdainful, but in front of Zeno and the Great Priest, he felt heavy pressure.

“Hey, you think I won’t do it”

Zeno suddenly jumped down from the throne and floated over to the Dark Angel in the void and asked Via with a childish look on his face.

Zeno’s actions frightened the two bodyguards.

They hurriedly appeared beside Zeno, fearing that Zeno might get into some mishap.

Dark Angel Via disdainfully said: “Besides destroying the universe, what else can you do If it weren’t for the Angels’ assistance, the universe would have been in a mess long ago.

Why should such a useless king exist!”

“Ah, so it’s like this!” Zeno said in a low voice without much emotion.

“Zeno-sama only needs to be in charge of the fate of the universe.

Don’t pay attention to his words.” The Great Priest comforted him.


“Then, it’s time to calculate your debts of stirring up trouble in Universe 10.

You killed Supreme Kai and now Universe 10 is lacking Supreme Kai and God of Destruction.

It is quite likely that problems would appear.”

“Hey, I don’t want to suppress you anymore.

So, you should disappear!” Zeno’s innocent voice cut off Great Priest’s words, as if deciding a trivial matter.

Hearing Zeno’s words, the people present all broke out into cold sweat.

Zeno was naive and pure.

But apart from destruction, he doesn’t understand anything else.

Xiaya couldn’t help but look at Zeno carefully.

This is the first time he has met the high and mighty Zeno.

It is hard to imagine that this small body contains energy that can destroy the entire Multiverse.

Compared with Time King, Zeno is definitely not mature enough, but his unrivaled powers can only make people look up to him.

Simply put, Zeno represents the Multiverse itself.

“Since Zeno-sama has made the decision, let’s do as Zeno-sama said.” The Great Priest shrugged and did not object.

The Great Priest’s responsibility is to assist Zeno in handling the affairs of the universe, and there are also times when he is like a nanny.

“Well, disappear!”

Zeno stretched out his palm, and everyone closed their eyes because of the dazzling flash.

In almost an instant, Dark Angel Via didn’t even have a chance to scream, and his body began to gradually become illusory, and then it was crushed into powder by the power of Erase.

“Well, he has disappeared, everything turning into shiny dots.”

Zeno clapped his hands, looking very happy.

The Great Priest reminded him from the side: “Zeno-sama, you have to again set up the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction in Universe 10, otherwise it will become chaotic.”

“Really, Supreme Kai ahh! Do any of you want to be Supreme Kai”

Vados and others shook their heads.

But as the Angels of other universes, there is no need to intervene in the matters of Universe 10.

At this time, the Great Priest turned to look at Tapion next to Xiaya, and his profound eyes completely saw through Tapion’s past.

He nodded and said to Zeno: “Zeno-sama, this Tapion is the disciple of the former Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

Although currently, he is only a Trainee Supreme Kai, he can serve as the Supreme Kai of Universe 10.”

Hearing what the Great Priest said, Whis’ eyes narrowed before he heaved a sigh.

Tapion was chosen by him to serve as the Trainee Supreme Kai for Universe 7.

Now that the Great Priest has proposed this, I am afraid he will be pulled over to Universe 10.

Sure enough, Zeno happily clapped after hearing what the Great Priest said.

“Then you will be the Supreme Kai!”


Tapion was stunned by the unexpected gift, at a complete loss.

Although he has served as a Trainee Supreme Kai for some time, he still hasn’t been fully brought into the role of Supreme Kai.

Now that he was directly appointed by Zeno as the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, it was as if he was dreaming.

“Tapion, quickly thank Zeno-sama!” Whis standing beside Tapion gave him a wink.

Tapion looked surprised as he said solemnly, “Thank you, Zeno-sama.

I will definitely do the duties of Supreme Kai seriously.”

“Hmm!” The childish voice sounded happy.

“Trainee Supreme Kai, Tapion, from now on you will be the Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

The conferring ceremony for it will be held in Sacred World of the Kai.

Make your preparations.”


“Next is the candidate for the God of Destruction.

This is a headache.

Are there any outstanding talents in Universe 10”


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