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Hearing the conversation between Towa and Demigra, Xiaya stealthily glanced at Towa and couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his body.

He had really underestimated her.

“This woman is a lunatic.”

In order to take revenge against Demigra for controlling her, she could even resort to mutual destruction, moreover, this plan has been in implementation since long ago.

Even Marcarita, the Angel with twin ponytails next to him, couldn’t help but glance at Towa.

If this woman hadn’t been controlled by Demigra, with her talents, she could have been an expert in the space-time field!

“In that case, I can’t kill you, but I can seal you forever with space-time ability!” Demigra suppressed his anger and said calmly.

But the bottom of his heart was like a fierce volcano about to erupt as no one wanted their life and death to be tied to another.

“Tsk, you are wrong again, it’s useless to seal me! Have you forgotten that you don’t only have Mira in this space-time” Towa raised a middle finger towards Demigra with a pale complexion.

“Not good!” For some reason, Demigra’s heart suddenly trembled and he broke out into cold sweat.

“Pff!” Spitting out another mouthful of blood, Demigra’s spirit once again became listless.

Towa sighed with emotion: “I’m one step ahead in one space-time.

Now there are only three more left!”

“You…you bitch!!” Demigra gritted his teeth, his teeth almost shattering.

Then his face turned white again, the energy on his body was like leaking air.

A low humming sound was followed by serious injuries two more times.

Towa of three space-times had all inflicted severe injuries on Demigra at the cost of their lives.

“Now only the last one is left!”

Towa revealed a bright smile like the last radiance of the setting sun, and her face turned red.

Turning to Xiaya, she said, “Saiyan, how is my last arrangement Are you surprised! If I die, I can probably take away Demigra’s half-life.

Don’t forget what I told you before.

Use the ability of the God of Time to completely erase Demigra in space-time!”

Hearing her words, Xiaya looked at Towa deeply and nodded.

“Then, Demigra, I will wait for you in another world.

Oh, I forgot, if you are killed by the God of Time, then even your soul will not be left behind!”

Under Demigra’s gloomy gaze which was almost breathing fire, Towa broke away from Xiaya’s arm and placed the tall magic staff in front of her.

The bright red bewitching body began to emit sparkling light rays and majestic energy erupted out.

Under the effect of the space-time ability, Towa’s body disintegrated little by little into stardust-like radiance and completely disappeared from the universe.

“Damn it, Towa!”

With a cry full of hatred, Demigra became extremely weak and his body was no longer powerful.

The current him could hardly maintain even the strength of the first level of Divine Realm.

Marcarita, who had been standing on the side for a long time, glanced at Demigra then her gaze fell on Xiaya, “Universe 7’s God of Time, I’ll hand Demigra over to you.”

In fact, Marcarita could kill Demigra too, but as Towa said, only extermination by God of Time is the most complete, because God of Time is capable of completely erasing the existence of a lifeform in space-time, and they couldn’t again be resurrected even if time is reversed.

“Leave it to me!” Xiaya nodded lightly and wanted to complete Towa’s deal.

It’s just that he didn’t expect Towa would use such an extreme method to complete the deal made with Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa.

Once she died, she would naturally not be able to continue to interfere with the operations of space-time.

Standing in front of Demigra, Xiaya slowly stretched out his palm, two fingers formed into a sword, and said indifferently to Demigra: “Demigra, today you will not be defeated by my hands, but by Towa’s hands.”

“Hahaha, if I had known, I wouldn’t have chosen Towa as the resurrection carrier,” Demigra said, disheartened.

Only now did he realize that he actually underestimated the puppet controlled by him.

“Then you can go die.” Xiaya’s hands lit up with a silver-gray light and he said softly:


Without holding anything back, he used the technique “Extinction”.

This is different from the “Annihilation” developed by Xiaya.

If “Annihilation” is only a semi-finished product that can only destroy all lifeforms in the present, then “Extinction” is the full version, which can completely erase the existence of a lifeform.

This is the ability bestowed by the Time King.

Xiaya doesn’t understand its principle at all, but he could faintly feel that it may be related to the fifth level of Divine Realm, the unity of space-time in all space-times.

“No!!” A mournful voice penetrated through the void, Demigra struggled with everything, but his badly injured body was unable to resist Xiaya’s power.

A severe pain rushed into his heart.

Demigra curled up in pain and a heart-rending cry came out from his mouth.

The power of “Extinction” burned Demigra’s soul which then pierced through space-time, returning to a long time ago, to the first time when Demigra appeared after his consciousness was born, then to the time when he was sealed by another God of Time, and then to the time when he possessed Mira’s body.

Everything from the past emerged one by one like a shadowy cloud, and then gradually became illusory.

Demigra’s existence gradually became illusory, until it completely disappeared.

The power of “Extinction” exposed its terrifying side bare in front of everyone as the traces of Demigra’s existence were completely erased from the timeline.

But since the development of the universe had gone through this, in order to maintain the historical trajectory on the timeline, an imaginary figure named “Demigra” was automatically generated in history.

He has no consciousness, and it wasn’t even a real existence, only stiffly carrying out what Demigra had done in the past.

From today on, the existence of Demigra in the world, time, or karma was erased.

Even if the timeline is reversed, he cannot be brought back to life.

Marcarita stared blankly at the effect of the “Extinction” ability, and couldn’t help but shudder, her eyes looking at Xiaya were getting deeper and deeper.

“Your technique is much scarier than God of Destruction-sama’s “Energy of Destruction”.”

“Yes!” Xiaya nodded slightly, God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” only erases a person’s life and soul on the spatial level, but “extinction” encompasses the entire timeline.

“Time King has bestowed such a terrifying technique, but this technique even somewhat exceeds the law of causality.

Maybe I can find a clue to the future advancement to the fifth level of Divine Realm from it.” Xiaya was immersed in the power of “Extinction”, thinking to himself.

In the distance, seeing Demigra dying under Xiaya’s hands, Dark Angel Via’s countenance changed.

He glanced at Xiaya with dread and couldn’t help cursing: “That useless Demigra.

Such a big weakness was in the hands of his subordinate; it was a mistake to cooperate with him!”

“Oh my, your accomplice seems to be dead, what will you do now” Whis’s expression became calm again, his eyes fixed on Dark Angel Via, and beside him, Vados was standing still in the void with a scepter in his hand.

Countless thoughts flashed in his mind and Dark Angel Via suddenly smiled leisurely: “I lost this time, but it’s hard to say what will happen next time.”

“No, it’s unfortunate but there won’t be a next time…” Whis smiled calmly, his eyes turning towards the other side.

“What” Dark Angel Via frowned and followed Whis’s gaze to nonchalantly look where he was looking but was immediately dumbfounded.

In the void not far from them, the dark red backdrop had suddenly lit up with colorful lights and a golden throne was slowly descending from the void.

“This, could it be…” Seeing the golden light descending from the sky, Dark Angel Via’s lips trembled and a chill rushed to his brain.

His body was trembling uncontrollably as beads of cold sweat streamed down his forehead.

“Zeno!!!” Dark Angel Via gritted his teeth and shouted, his expression becoming extremely ugly.

“Welcome Great Priest and Zeno-sama!”

“Welcome Great Priest and Zeno-sama!”

Seeing the golden radiance of the sacred light, Whis, Vados, and Marcarita, who were standing respectfully on the side, bowed towards the figure in the golden light.


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