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Originally, Marcarita and Kusu were fully capable of restraining Demigra while working together, but now that Kusu has stopped moving due to the death of the God of Destruction Rumsshi, Marcarita facing Demigra alone had immediately made the situation grim.

With a long sigh, Marcarita’s clear voice resounded in the void: “Killing Supreme Kai and indirectly causing the death of God of Destruction.

The law and order of Universe 10 have completely collapsed because of you.

Such a big crime, even I’m shocked by your boldness.”

“Hehe he, you flatter me.

I not only killed Supreme Kai but will also kill you, Angels!”

Demigra chuckled and after saying that, suddenly disappeared and then like a ghost appeared next to Marcarita, his big blood-red hand extending towards Marcarita.

Marcarita’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly.

She continuously tapped a few times in the void and kept retreating.

Then she drew several arcs in the void with both of her arms, and suddenly an energy barrier appeared in front of her.

Bang, Bang!

Demigra’s fists struck the barrier with dazzling flashes.

The void expanded and shrank, enduring immense pressure.

It looked as if it would shatter at any time.

At this time, Marcarita created some distance, and without any hesitation, a bright flash emerged from her wrist and the powerful strength belonging to an Angel shot out.

A sacred and mighty pressure rose majestically and shot towards Demigra.

“Wordly Radiance!!”

Countless small energies line up neatly in the dark void, shining brightly like stars.

They gathered together in the backdrop of the endless starry sky before turning its direction and sweeping towards Demigra.

Swish, swish, swish!

The icy attacks gathered together to form a single attack, and like a galloping horse, it contained extraordinary momentum.

Seeing this, goosebumps rose all over Demigra and his expression finally changed.

He was planning to resolutely receive it, but considering that it was an Angel’s full power attack, in such a dire situation, he suddenly pulled back his outstretched hand.

Demigra had given up on facing the attack head-on, instead, he turned around and quickly moved away like lightning.

A gleam of cold light flashed in Marcarita’s purple eyes.

She tapped her fingers, and the energy which was shining like starlight seemed to have grown wings, chasing after Demigra.

Boom, Boom, Boom!!

Dazzling light rays as if the sun was rising suddenly rose in the void.

The frightening energy exploded the moment it came in contact with Demigra’s body, and a murderous aura struck his soul.

Even Xiaya, who was far away, could feel how frightening the attack was from the remnants of the energy.

As he sighed at the Angel’s strength, Demigra’s face was distorted because of the excruciating pain.

He snarled in pain and couldn’t help but spurt out blood.

“Damn it.

She isn’t the Angel of a universe for nothing, I really can’t underestimate her.” Demigra roared in his trembling heart as his body expanded violently, quickly transforming into the demonic state that he had once revealed.

Demigra’s strength had increased again.

Although the deep blue skin was bruised and torn by Marcarita’s attack, in the end, it had withstood Marcarita’s deadly attack.

“Demigra’s strength has increased.” Xiaya’s silver eyes showed traces of worry as he turned around and asked Towa, “What is Demigra’s weakness”

Towa said: “Wait some more, now is not the time to reveal it.

Let that Angel consume some more of Demigra’s energy so that my plan can succeed.”

“I hope you aren’t planning to play any dirty tricks!”

“You should believe me this time, we are both in the same boat.” Towa chuckled, her exquisite body leaning forward.

Xiaya glanced at her indifferently, then turned to look at the battlefield.

He was not worried about Whis and Vados’ side, only Marcarita and Demigra’s side was full of variables. I hope this female Angel can restrain Demigra, Xiaya sighed inwardly.

He found that even though he had advanced to the third level of Divine Realm, he could only be a spectator in the face of Angel-level battle.

“Chronoa, Universe 10 should also have its own God of Time and Supreme Kai of Time, right” Xiaya contacted Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa who was in a location far away outside space-time.

The jurisdiction area of Time Realm’s gods is somewhat overlapped with that of Multiverse.

For example, Xiaya and Chronoa.

They are the God of Time and Supreme Kai of Time of Universe 7 in name only as the world they manage is not only Universe 7 of the current world, but also all the Universe 7’s that exist in the sea of space-time and the countless fragmented worlds formed based on Universe 7.

Their workload is quite heavy.

Fortunately, they only have to deal with the problems of space-time.

The other things in the universe are still managed by God of Destruction and Supreme Kai.

So, Supreme Kai of Time and God of Time should also exist in Universe 10.

Not long after, Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa’s voice came: “It’s unfortunate but Universe 10 currently only has the Supreme Kai of Time, and God of Time hasn’t been born yet.

Furthermore Demigra, strictly speaking, is a lifeform from our Universe 7 and isn’t part of Universe 10’s space-time.

No matter how chaotic Universe 10 is, it is an internal matter of the Multiverse and only gods of the Zeno system can take action.

This is the rule.”

“So the Supreme Kai of Time of Universe 10 will not interfere in this matter,” Chronoa said.

As long as it is not a problem of Universe 10’s space-time, Supreme Kai of Time wouldn’t intervene Xiaya nodded.

He is the God of Time of Universe 7, so he can intervene in Demigra’s matter.



“Damn it, Angel, how dare you injure me.


Demigra’s fierce gaze was aimed at the Angel with twin ponytails in front of him.

It was full of murderous intent, as if he wanted to tear Marcarita to shreds.

Immediately, a bloodthirsty dark aura spread out.

Marcarita’s beautiful face was cold as she quickly disappeared.

In a rapid-pace battle, the distance in space had completely lost its meaning.

Almost as soon as she disappeared, Marcarita’s figure appeared in front of Demigra.

She extended her scepter forward, the crystal ball emitting a pleasant sound of ringing bells.

A white light shone in the void.

With an obscure muffled sound, Marcarita struck Demigra’s body without holding anything back.

Demigra’s expression turned fierce, and he also stretched his hand out, and almost simultaneously, both of them were sent flying.

“Pfff!” Round droplets of blood splattered out and Demigra’s face turned pale, his vitality becoming a lot weaker.

At the same time, Marcarita’s beautiful face furrowed and blood spilled out from the corners of her mouth.

This attack had almost injured both of them.

“Saiyan, it’s time.

We can take action!” Seeing Demigra seriously injured, Towa’s eyes lit up and she told Xiaya, and then immediately rushed up.

“Wait!” Xiaya was startled, and he also rushed upwards reflexively.

This Towa is clearly not very powerful.

Is she courting death by rushing up so rashly

Sure enough, seeing the red figure that had suddenly appeared, Demigra’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and even though he had been seriously injured by Marcarita, he did not put Towa in his eyes.

Ding, a blood-red Energy Wave whistled towards Towa.

Demigra’s attack was full of hatred as he wanted to strangle the traitor Towa who betrayed her benefactor.

But to everyone’s surprise, facing Demigra’s powerful attack, Towa, who wasn’t strong at all, didn’t dodge it and barged towards it head-on.


Is she courting death

Almost everyone thought that.

Rumble, a series of violent explosions erupted out and the crimson energy expanded into a huge fireball, submerging Towa in the hot energy flames.

“Heh, stupid woman, even though she clearly knew how frightening this demon god is, she rushed up to die…” Demigra said disdainfully, but suddenly his expression turned stiff, and a penetrating chill made his mind tremble.

“Pfff”, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

“What is going on, why did I get injured”

Demigra roared in disbelief.

It’s too weird! Demigra was not attacked at all, why would he vomit blood The injuries he suffered just now are even more serious than the injuries caused to him by the twin ponytail Angel Marcarita.

“Humph, Demigra, you didn’t think of that, did you”

Towa’s weak body was floating in mid-air, and there was no place intact on her body.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya stepped forward to support her, and took out a Senzu Bean from the dimensional space and let Towa take it, but Towa just glanced at the Senzu Bean and directly refused it.

Hearing Towa’s words, Demigra’s countenance turned fierce: “You stealthily caused the injuries on my body Impossible, even if you are a space-time controller, you can’t injure me!”

Demigra couldn’t figure it out.

Why did he get injured without any reason

“You really shouldn’t have that.

Making use of Mira’s body to resurrect.

Did you think I didn’t know about Mira’s identity until now Wrong, I knew everything, including that Mira is a part of your body.

I know all the things Mira has been doing behind my back for so many years, moreover many of them have been deliberately ignored by me.”

“Your resurrection process was also included in my plan.”

“As for why you got injured, have you forgotten who created Mira’s body”

Towa sneered, her face as pale as snow, but her eyes were full of delight for successfully taking revenge against Demigra.

Demigra’s expression changed drastically, and his whole body emitted gloominess.

“Even if you did some trick to Mira’s body, but I had checked.

Mira’s body was completely fine!”

“Of course I won’t let you discover it.”

“Back then by taking advantage of my young age, you used your mental power to control my soul and manipulate me to obey your orders, but I was not reconciled to it, so when you borrowed my hands to create Mira, I secretly added a few things inside.

These things wouldn’t usually show up and only show an effect when I’m nearing death!”

“Didn’t you kill Supreme Kai just now My relationship with Mira is just like Supreme Kai and God of Destruction.

If I die, then you who resurrected with the use of Mira’s body will not be much better!” Towa’s face looked gloomy.

In order to take revenge against Demigra, she intends to die together with him.

After listening to Towa’s account, Demigra’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pan.

He didn’t think he would be deceived by her like this.

Demigra let out a roar as the hatred in his heart was like a rolling river, surging forward endlessly.


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