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On Demigra’s side, he looked with lingering fears at the pretty and delicate face of the Angel opposite him and a chill suddenly rose in his heart, his forehead glistening with sweat.

In the brief exchange just now, Demigra discovered one of his disadvantages, that is, his control over his body.

He did not have the ability to change his movements at will in a high-speed battle like the Angels.

It doesn’t seem these Angels have to think about moving their bodies as their bodies will react by themselves.

Although such a time difference is very small and almost negligible, it is the key to victory in extremely high-speed battles.

This is the disparity between someone who has just entered the fourth level of Divine Realm and the veteran Angels.


On the other side, God of Destruction Rumsshi and Supreme Kai Gowasu were watching the Angels fighting Demigra from a distance.

“Rumsshi-sama, there should be no suspense in this fight.” Supreme Kai Gowasu seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, but he had a sad look on his face when he thought of Zamasu, who was killed to protect the justice of the universe.

God of Destruction Rumsshi’s trunk swung as he coldly snorted, “The fight is not over yet; don’t conclude too early.”

Not so long ago, he, the God of Destruction, was also an overbearing existence who is the best in the world with few opponents in the universe, but now he can only watch from afar without any opportunity to intervene.

God of Destruction Rumsshi’s heart was like a suppressed volcano about to erupt, full of instability.

“Yes, you are right.” Gowasu, who had only been acting in a supporting role, said.

“It’s a pity for this part of the universe.”

Shaking his head, he sighed inwardly.

Now only if both Demigra and the Dark Angel were eliminated can they comfort those living beings who have died.

When the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction were conversing, a new change occurred.

Suddenly, a fleeting light ray lit up in the dark void.

Xiaya and Towa had rushed over from Universe 7.

Sensing the changes that had occurred in Universe 10, Xiaya was shocked.

“Whis and Vados are also here, the one who is fighting them…is a Dark Angel”

Xiaya was surprised.

He didn’t expect that besides him and Towa, Whis and Vados were also here, which greatly calmed Xiaya’s uneasy mood.

Then he noticed the two female Angels fighting Demigra.

Kusu, he knows but the other female Angel with twin ponytails, he hadn’t seen before.

She must be the Angel of Universe 11 that Whis had told him about before.

There are a total of 4 female Angels in the Multiverse, namely Universe 6 Angel Vados, Universe 10 Angel Kusu, Universe 11 Angel Marcarita, and Universe 12 Angel Martinu.

Vados, Kusu, and Martinu, these three he had met before, but only Marcarita, the Angel of Universe 10, he hadn’t seen before.

It should be the girl with twin ponytails in front of him.

“Demigra has become so powerful that he can fight against two Angels by himself” Xiaya’s face turned solemn as he asked in a grave voice.

“Towa, do you really have Demigra’s weakness If not, we should retreat far away as soon as possible.

This level of fighting is not something that you and I can intervene in.” Xiaya asked her again and again.

“Of course I have Demigra’s weakness.” Towa smiled gloomily.

“Right now it’s a god-send opportunity as Demigra is tied up by the two Angels.

Hehe, this time Demigra is going to die no matter what.”

“I hope what you said is true,” Xiaya said without any expression as he coldly looked at Towa.

To be honest, Xiaya has always been wary of Towa.

Is this space-time controller from the Demon Realm really a person to be trusted Xiaya was very skeptical about it.

As if she could see Xiaya’s distrust, but Towa wasn’t in the mood to explain.

She licked her lips as her beautiful silver-gray hair fluttered.

Her purple eyes closely staring at Demigra were full of hatred, grudge, and ridicule.

“Xiaya has also come”

Whis, who was fighting the Dark Angel, glanced toward Xiaya’s direction.

When he saw Towa, he frowned slightly and wondered why Xiaya came with that woman, but at this time he couldn’t care less.

Whis retracted his gaze and without any reservation blocked the attack of the Dark Angel Via together with Vados.

“Damn it, Towa and that hateful Saiyan are here too.” Noticing Xiaya and others appear, Demigra spat out some spittle, “And that Towa, perhaps she long had the intentions of betraying me.”

His eyes stayed on Towa as they flashed with killing intent, but the most important thing for him right now was to break away from the besiegement of the two Angels in front of him.

At this moment, Demigra’s gaze wandered over to Supreme Kai and others in the distance, and as if he had thought of something, his eyes firmly narrowed and his lips widened bloodthirstily, his eyes flashing with a cold light like a sharp blade.

“Not good!” Marcarita suddenly shouted inwardly and an ominous feeling appeared in her heart.

“Kusu, stop Demigra quickly!”

“What” Kusu didn’t have the time to react as Demigra suddenly threw a large amount of energy towards Kusu, and his figure moved quickly.

In the blink of an eye, he had passed through Kusu’s blockade and speeded towards God of Destruction Rumsshi and Supreme Kai Gowasu.

“Oh no, his target is Supreme Kai.”

Kusu turned pale with fright and chased after him with the scepter.

If a mishap occurred to Supreme Kai, then the God of Destruction tied to his life will also disappear.

At that time, the Angel will also stop moving.

Kusu was really anxious, but the energy that Demigra shot towards her before was like a barrier blocking in front of her.

All kinds of frenzied whirlwinds and hurricanes were raging, and when Kusu was done destroying these obstacles, she was already slow by half a beat as Demigra had appeared in front of God of Destruction and Supreme Kai.

“It’s over!”

“We should have made Supreme Kai and God of Destruction leave this place sooner.”

Everyone was shocked.

When the bloodthirsty Demigra appeared in front of them, the terrifying aura shocked them to their mind, and they didn’t know how to react for a while.

“Hehe he, die!”

Demigra smiled evilly as he stretched out his huge palm towards Supreme Kai Gowasu.

It may take a little effort to deal with God of Destruction, but if it’s just dealing with Supreme Kai, isn’t it just a matter of minutes

“I can’t let him kill Supreme Kai!” Xiaya’s heart trembled and he attacked first without hesitation.

“Space-Time Shackles!”

His joined hands streaked across the void as a shining brilliance suddenly burst out.

The silver-gray space-time ability dyed the entire space in a glittering and translucent ice blue color, and all the atoms and electrons stopped moving.


A weird smile appeared on Demigra’s stiff face and his hands did not stop because of the space-time shackles.

The power of space-time shackles was ineffective against him! In the ice blue confined space, Demigra’s hands erupted out with gorgeous radiance, and surging energy gushed out like a torrential river sweeping across the bank, swallowing Supreme Kai and the others.

Xiaya had moved very fast, but he was only able to rescue Tapion from Demigra.

And Supreme Kai Gowasu died in Demigra’s hands.

Rumble, the world let out a cry of grief as it trembled!

A blood-red light covered the entire Universe 10 as if lamenting the death of the God of Creation.

The Underworld, world of the living, and even the higher Sacred World of the Kai, all gave off a gloomy sadness.

“Teacher!” Tapion shouted in grief as he was held back by Xiaya.

“Don’t go there!”

As Supreme Kai Gowasu died, God of Destruction Rumsshi’s figure also became blurry and his body began to gradually turn into sparkling and translucent bubbles from top to bottom before slowly losing signs of life.

After Supreme Kai and God of Destruction die, they can’t resurrect.


The loli Angel Kusu softly muttered in distress as sadness welled up in her heart.

Then her body slowly became rigid and her thinking began to cease.

After a bright light flashed, she returned to the mysterious space and went into a deep sleep.

After the death of the God of Destruction, the physical functions of the Angel serving them will stop as they wait for the next God of Destruction to appear.

“Hahaha, both the God of Destruction and the Angel of Universe 10 have disappeared.

Can you still fight against me by yourself” Demigra arrogantly looked at Marcarita.

Marcarita was silent and didn’t speak.

She was indeed not a match of the multidimensional Demigra by herself.

While on the other side, Whis and Vados weren’t able to pull themselves away.


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