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“Here come three more Angels!”

Seeing Whis and others suddenly appear, the indifferent smile on Demigra’s face finally disappeared and his eyes flickered with a cold light.

With a solemn expression, his cold eyes swept over Whis and the others, and his gloomy face became even gloomier.

“Oh, this guy is Demigra” Vados calmly looked at Demigra, her bluish eyes flickering with lights.

Besides the Dark Angel, this guy doesn’t seem easy to deal with either!

“That’s right, he is Demigra!” Whis said in affirmation.

But I wonder what has happened.

Demigra originally only had the power of Divine Realm, but at this time it was comparable to an Angel.

Seeing the reinforcements arrive, Kusu and Rumsshi breathed a sigh of relief before breaking away from the Dark Angel’s attack range and arrived beside Whis and the others.

Kusu patted her flat chest and said: “Sister Vados, I’ll have to rely on you all this time.

That Dark Angel is too hateful, they have disrupted the peace of Universe 10.”

“Well, Kusu, you will deal with that Demigra together with Marcarita, and leave the Dark Angel to me and Whis.”

Vados made the arrangements and then stood side by side with Whis in front of Dark Angel Via.

“Dark Angel, you have crossed the line!” Vados’s cold voice was very pleasant to hear, her sweet voice transmitting through the void.

“Hehe, it’s just a deal with Demigra.” Dark Angel Via said with a relaxed expression.

Even when facing two Angels at the same time, he wasn’t worried.

His strength may not be enough to deal with two Angels at the same time, but if he wants to run away, even Vados and Whis, who are also Angels, can’t stop him.

“You will only make Zeno-sama angry by doing this, at that time he will not only just suppress you.” Vados shook her head and her beautiful face turned cold.

“Zeno” Dark Angel Via sneered, “Sooner or later we will pull down Zeno and end this era!”

“Ah, I can’t pretend that I didn’t hear it.”

Whis slightly shook his head, and his body appeared beside Dark Angel Via like a ghost, the scepter in his hand making a sliding motion.

Bang! The two scepters collided in the void, and a fierce flame suddenly erupted out.

At the same time, a magnificent energy wave swept out, turning the chaotic void into mush.

Xiu xiu!

Whis began fighting with the Dark Angel, and in an instant, countless silhouettes appeared in the void.

“What, is Zeno’s existence fair”

“The previous era is over.

Now it is the Multiverse Era.

You were also once an Angel, why have you sunk this low” Whis said indifferently.

“Because we feel that it is not fair!”

“Buzz…” Two bolts of lightning, one red and one black, were moving around quickly, their silhouettes not visible.

The battle between the Angles had entered a whole new realm that ignored restraints.

It was an extremely high-speed battle that was not limited by the physical body.

“Dark Angels are really difficult to deal with as said in legend!” Vados indifferently watched for a while, a hint of surprise appearing on her face which had been calm for thousands of years.

In fact, Vados didn’t personally experience how strong the Dark Angel is, because when she was born, all the Dark Angels were already suppressed by Zeno-sama.

But according to the Great Priest, Lancis, the leader of the Dark Angels, is no less powerful than the Great Priest.

From this, it can be guessed that the other Dark Angels are probably not inferior to the genuine Angels.

“As a remnant of the last era, why bother getting obsessed with this era” Vados muttered, and then also joined the battle.

After Vados joined, the pressure on Dark Angel Via greatly increased.

Under the besiegement of Whis and Vados, the brother and sister, Via retreated again and again.

He already had a few injuries on his body.

“As expected of the present era Angel, you were able to injure me!” Dark Angel Via frowned and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Of course, we are not the same as you Angels who have been corrupted by dark energy.” Whis smiled slightly, but his eyes had an extremely serious expression as he looked at the Dark Angel guardedly and blocked his path with Vados.

Dark Angel Via sighed, “It seems that it won’t work if I don’t fight properly.

Never mind, let me show you people who are frogs at the bottom of the well, my real strength!”

After saying that, the magic staff in his hand suddenly erupted out into bright light, and countless small sparks converged together and shot out like raindrops.

Each drop of rain was an energy blade that was as thin as a cicada’s wings.

Chii, chii, a small ray of light flashed, and the space was cut smoothly like soft tofu.

Whis and Vados quickly stepped back, looking with an astonished expression at the void which had shattered into powder, and a terrifying feeling rushed into their hearts.

“Terrifying!” Even Whis couldn’t help but sigh.

It is not ordinary destruction of space, but a complete annihilation at the level of material law.

Looking at the space rupturing as if a water snake was zigzagging around, it won’t recover for a while.


“Sister Vados can definitely hold off that dark angel!” Kusu said with a look of admiration as she hugged the scepter in her arms.

As an Angel who is not mature yet, Kusu was not as strong as Vados.

Normally, she is only a little bit more powerful than the God of Destruction and is far from being able to kill a God of Destruction in one move.

“It’s time for us to start too.

Rumsshi-sama, please withdraw back to Supreme Kai’s side.” Marcarita said politely.

“We’ll trouble you.”

Rumsshi nodded and his figure turned into a beam of light as it flew far away.

“Sister Marcarita, let’s destroy these evil forces together.” Loli Angel Kusu fiercely waved her fists and cast a vicious look toward Demigra.

Noticing the Angel’s actions, Demigra sneered, “You both can come together, I want you to understand that this demon god is not someone you can look down on.” If it was before, Demigra naturally wouldn’t be arrogant towards the Angels who protect the balance of the universe, but now it is different from the past.

His powerful strength was giving him endless confidence.


Without making any sound, Kusu and Marcarita suddenly disappeared and quickly entered the range of Demigra’s line of sight.

They hardly paused before attacking him together, a powerful force rolling towards him.

Upon seeing this, Demigra suddenly punched into the void, and the violent power swept over intertwining with Kusu and Marcarita’s powers, turning the space extremely viscous.

Demigra’s face was cold as he bent over, the soles of his feet glowing with a gorgeous radiance, and rushed over.


A calm but fierce afterimage shot out like a sharp arrow leaving behind destructive powers and attacked swiftly like lightning.

Unknowingly, space on both sides of the void had receded and split up, forming a bizarre illusory zone.

“Oh, your strength is not bad, but it seems you haven’t completely mastered it yet.”

A glimmer of dark light flashed through Marcarita’s eyes.

She rotated the scepter in her hand, and the void of the universe immediately paused before sparkling energy rays shot out of the crystal ball above the scepter.

“Energy Shackles!”

The shackles made of pure energy tightly wrapped around Demigra’s powerful body.

His countenance suddenly changed and at this critical moment, his body shook fiercely and he forcibly broke free from the restraints of the energy shackles, but at this time, Kusu rushed up with the scepter, her small arm stretching forward as the crystal ball above the scepter struck Demigra’s chest.

Demigra’s face turned white and the corners of his mouth twitched as blood spilled out from it.

Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh!

With a few flashes, he quickly opened some distance.

“What a pity, he broke free!” Marcarita shook her head and sighed inwardly, the two silver-gray twin ponytails shaking unconsciously.


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