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Adri smiled while looking at everyone before him, his dark cheeks somewhat rosy.

From now on, their Saiyan branch will embark on a long journey and perhaps will be the only branch of Saiyan race left in future.

A few minutes later, a flowing light flashed, and Xiaya reappeared in front of everyone.

Since the first teleport point (planet) was only 12 days away from Planet Vegeta, his trip back and forth using Instant Transmission was very swift.

“I have already sent those people to the first teleport point, now I will take you.”

Having seen the previous scene, the remaining Saiyans were already somewhat expectant.

Following Xiaya’s orders, a big orderly circle was quickly formed.

Actually, some of the clever people could already vaguely see that Xiaya was somewhat extraordinary.

Although he was still a child, he was able to master such a magical superpower, he couldn’t be an ordinary child, right

When looking at Xiaya, except for surprise, the Saiyans expression was also fiery, if they could also have this type of magical ability, how nice it would be

Observing all this, Xiaya only gave a faint smile, knowing that there was still a long way to go before he could make these Saiyans obey his orders.

Rushing it wouldn’t help much, he wasn’t someone who have a natural King’s domineering aura, so he can’t expect everyone who sees him to worship him, right This is simply not possible in reality.

As Saiyan was a Fighting Race, their proud and stubborn nature was deeply imprinted in their bloodline.

Although they were fearless, deep in their marrows Saiyans nevertheless revere strong people.

As long he can reveal enough strength to them, there would be no need to be afraid of them turning disobedient.

Strength, it was something Xiaya has the most confidence in.

Then using the same method, Xiaya used Instant Transmission and teleported all the remaining Saiyans out of Planet Vegeta.

A few hours later, the first batch of evacuated Saiyans smoothly arrived at Planet Hongshan in the East Area.

Continuous use of Instant Transmission ability had caused Xiaya to feel tired despite having abundant energy.

Originally, it would have been very convenient and fast if he had used Feidaya people’s spaceship to move them, but couldn’t do it as the distance was too far away, and the spaceship would have needed to fly for more than two years time!

“It seems that later on, I have to think of another way to transfer people to Planet Hongshan.” After going through the teleportation this time, Xiaya inwardly thought.

After having just arrived, the Saiyans still didn’t have the time to rejoice before without any mental preparation, they were overwhelmed by Planet Hongshan’s 12x gravity.

Fortunately, Saiyans were usually adapted to 10x gravity, and their bodies were also very strong, so when 12x gravity acted on their body, though there was some discomfort, they were able to withstand it, and it didn’t take too long for them to adapt.

Actually, some very weak Saiyans breathing had become a bit strenuous, it seems that it would take some time to adapt.

When everyone arrived at the base, they were astonished after seeing the scenery which appeared in front of them.

They saw that not far away, the base’s construction which could accommodate more than 3000 people was finished.

From afar, a small town could be seen between the mountains, and at the perimeter, there were numerous construction robots busily expanding the town outwards.

Inside the town, there were enormous dome-shaped buildings uniformly standing in there.

Each building had a standard four-storied structure, and inside the base, there were many training areas installed.

The living area and relaxation area would also greatly satisfy Saiyan’s various needs.

Here, Xiaya had no choice but to admire the high-technology of Feidaya people, a small town had risen up within a few days.

The efficiency is really too fast, it is simply unbelievable.

Xiaya called over Eroh using communication device and have him introduce the specifics of the base to everyone.

“This Planet Hongshan will be our new home and I hope that everyone could protect it!” After Eroh had introduced the specifics and retreated, Adri stood out and righteously warned everyone.

Adri was the only High-level Warrior among those present Saiyans, and his Battle Power was highest thus was also the most authoritative person.


Adri, rest assured, we will certainly protect our new home!”

“Yeah, we will not let it become similar to Planet Vegeta.”

Adri looked at everyone before saying with a serious expression: “Everyone, from now on, Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan will cut off their ties with Planet Vegeta’s Saiyan.

And your new leader will be precisely the one standing by my side…… Xiaya!”

Seeing everyone began discussing spiritedly, Adri coughed, attracting everyone’s eyesight.

“Of course, some people may be wondering, why did I chose Xiaya as everyone’s leader, just because Xiaya has Instant Transmission superpower Of course, this is one of the factor, but more importantly, with Xiaya’s Battle Power, I believe he has the ability to lead us! “Adri glanced at everyone, then immediately released the entire imposing aura from his body.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering pressure enveloped everyone causing all of these Saiyan’s who only have Battle Power between two-three thousand to turn pale.

“This formidable oppressive feeling, it is not much weaker than the peak warriors such as King Vegeta!”

“I didn’t think that Mr.

Adri was so strong.”

With all their energy detectors completely destroyed early on, these Saiyans could only roughly estimate Adri’s Battle Power by feeling the oppression.

“I can tell you all that my current Battle Power is 11600! Moreover, all the members of Adri Squad have a Battle Power of more than 10,000.” Adri converged his imposing aura, but his statement was like throwing a giant rock in a calm lake, suddenly causing an uproar among the Saiyans.

“Heavens, wouldn’t it mean that Planet Hongshan would have six warriors of Battle Power more than 10,000 Planet Vegeta only had 20 something in all these years, ah!”

“Since Mr.

Adri is so strong, why would his nephew be the leader”

Some Saiyans raised this issue, subconsciously denying the possibility that Xiaya’s Battle Power is above Adri, because it was too outrageous.

Even though Xiaya has superpower, he could only be said to be said to be uncommonly gifted.

After all, within the normal population of the universe, the people who awakens their superpowers weren’t just a few.

They just think Xiaya was lucky for awakening a superpower and didn’t think much about his Battle Power.

But Adri’s following words gave them a big blow.

“I made Xiaya our leader not because he is my nephew.

To be honest, though I believe that my Battle Power is satisfactory, however, it is insignificant in comparison to my children!”

Speaking of this Adri revealed a brilliant smile before proudly saying: “How can a firefly’s glow be compared with sun and moon’s brilliance, since we Saiyans revere military might, then the leader should naturally be the strongest.

And, Xiaya’s Battle Power has already reached 120,000, and is the most powerful person among Saiyans! ”

“What 120,000 Battle Power!”

“Is this a mistake, how can there be such high Battle Power”

Everyone’s hearts were in turmoil, dumbstruck, doubting their ears whether if they heard incorrectly.

If Adri’s words from before had just caused great waves to appear in the lake, then his next sentence had directly ignited a giant packet of explosives blasting the entire lake’s ground flat.

“You all didn’t hear incorrectly, Xiaya’s Battle Power is 120,000!”

After speaking this, Adri hinted at Xiaya with his eyes, and Xiaya clearly understood that he was trying to create momentum for him in order to steadily position himself as Saiyan’s leader.

In fact, Xiaya doesn’t want so many eyes staring at him, but to rein in these proud and  unruly Saiyans, the easiest and the most brutal method is to use Battle Power to crush them.

Therefore, Xiaya nodded before boldly stepping forward.


A frightening and earth-shattering imposing aura spread out.

The sky seemed to freeze at this moment, and the scattered leaves were crushed in the middle of the frightening imposing aura.

With a “buzzing” noise, Xiaya’s whole body exuded a crystal-clear light while his hair was slightly fluttering from his Ki aura.

At this moment, the gravity on Planet Hongshan was as if it had suddenly disappeared.

The gravel and dust were floating above the ground, and suddenly there were countless cracks appearing on the ground.

Everyone’s faces were pale, and their bodies were beginning to tremble under the powerful imposing aura, but their eyes were incomparably fiery.

Translator- DM

Time flies, in the blink of an eye two months had passed.

Earth, North Area.

The weather was clear, and the sun was shining brightly.

The radiance of dawn illuminating the land was set off against the many beautiful sceneries making everything look beautiful.

Northern hemisphere, inside a continuous steep mountain range, a silhouette of a man was flitting through the forest, that figure’s movements were agile, sometimes flashing and sometimes disappearing, and sometimes obviously would appear ahead, and in the blink of an eye would again appear on top of another mountaintop hundred meters away.

“Mount Paozu should be nearby.” Xiaya raised his head and saw a towering erect mountain in front of him, his heart unperturbed.

Here mountains were towering, the environment comfortable and tranquil.

The towering mountains were densely spread out and only a narrow mountain path was leading to the depth of the mountains.

As the mountains were located in a remote area, there were seldom any people coming and going here, so this place had gradually turned into a paradise for wild animals.

After the passing of three years, Xiaya has once again returned to Earth when Planet Vegeta was on the verge of destruction, naturally, he has a reason.

Xiaya has been tirelessly commuting between Planet Vegeta and Planet Hongshan in this past two months and has finally evacuated the planned 3,000 Saiyans to Planet Hongshan, bringing the Saiyan bloodline on Planet Hongshan to a preliminary scale.

However, the Saiyan race’s branch on Planet Hongshan was mainly comprised of Low-level Warriors, and the High-level Warriors were only a few of them like Adri and others, very low-level compared to Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

Although it will not affect the future development of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans, however, having too few High-level Warriors means that their foundation would be thin, thus it will take much more time to improve Saiyan bloodline.

The easiest way to improve Saiyan bloodline is to transfer High-level Warriors directly from Planet Vegeta.

But the problem is that High-level Warriors on Planet Vegeta were not much, and every one of them was an important asset for Saiyans, so their mysterious disappearance could easily attract King Vegeta’s attention.

Although he doesn’t care about attracting King Vegeta’s attention, he has no choice but to take Frieza’s subsequent reaction into consideration.

Everything has to be done carefully!

Xiaya pondered, he will have to take note and collect Earth’s Dragon Balls.

No doubt, to use them to make a wish to evacuate some of the Saiyans to Planet Hongshan, would be a very good choice.

Naturally, he wouldn’t evacuate too many Saiyans, and every one them will also have to be carefully considered.

This time, it is very important to ensure the stability of the Saiyan race, only a stable environment will allow Saiyans to recover and return to their peak.

However, there is another problem.

It is still too early from the start of Dragon Ball’s main plotline, and Bulma has also not grown up yet, so Dragon Ball Radar naturally does not exist.

So prior to collecting the seven Dragon Balls, he must first prepare a Dragon Ball Radar.

Therefore, he has to get a Dragon Ball, and then let the Feidaya people measure the wavelength of the Dragon Ball.

Based on Feidaya’s technological standard, they should be able to make a Dragon Ball Radar very quickly.

There were only two Dragon Balls precise locations known in the original work, the Four-Star ball that Son Gohan picked up from a valley and the Two-Star ball in the Bulma family’s warehouse.

In a wild forest near Mount Paozu.

Xiaya’s figure quickly passed through the luxuriant bushes and stopped on top of a bare rock before looking around, quietly sensing the surrounding aura.

At this time, rustling sounds came from not far away, and then several wild beasts hiding in the jungle could be seen staring fiercely at Xiaya with a vicious look……

“Roar!” Low beast roars resounded in the forest, scaring a flock of birds.

“Courting death!”

Xiaya’s eyes congealed, and immediately a majestic aura like a flood dragon surfacing out of the sea spread out in every direction, leaving behind an explosion, followed by a burst of roaring sound, resulting in a crushing pressure appearing in the forest.

The wild beasts issued a whining roar and timidly fled.

After scaring away the few kittens, Xiaya chuckled and continued walking towards the mountains.

Shortly afterward, he came out of the forest and arrived at a slightly smooth mountain slope and saw a limestone trail in front of him, snaking up the mountain slope.

At the foot of the Mount Paozu, a square cabin made from limestone tiles was standing erect under a tree shade not far away, a cabin full of oriental aura.

“Haha, finally found him! Oh, his aura is not far from here, and he is coming here, I might as well wait here for a while.”

Xiaya finally revealed a smile on his face and looked around at the quiet and beautiful environment.

He couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration: “Son Gohan had actually chosen to live in such a remote and beautiful place.”

Mount Paozu was located in a remote area.

The environment was beautiful and tranquil, and the air was exuding a refreshing fragrance.

As a disciple of the master of martial artists, Master Roshi, Son Gohan was also a very outstanding martial artist, so he naturally selected a fitting place for his seclusion training.

“Hey, young man, why would you come to such a remote place alone” A hoarse voice sounded from his back, he saw an old man come down from the mountain carrying firewood on his back.

The old man was dressed in a traditional Chinese clothing, his complexion was ruddy.

With a hat on his head, and a white beard made the old man look like an otherworldly immortal.

“I came here to look for an object called Dragon Ball.

It is an orange crystal ball which is marked with a red star inside.

I wonder if senior has seen it before”

“A crystal ball marked with stars” Son Gohan touched his forehead before he pulled out a crystal ball from his arms, “is it this thing”

The crystal ball was marked with four bronze red-stars, it was precisely the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

“Yes, this is the Dragon Ball I am looking for, I wonder if senior can lend me this Dragon Ball, I will return it when I am done using it.” Looking at the Four-Star Dragon Ball in Son Gohan’s hand, Xiaya asked in a sincere tone.

“So, it turns out this thing was called Dragon Ball, I had picked it up inside a valley a few years ago, I can give it to you if you want.”

Son Gohan said while handing over the Four-Star ball.

“Thank you so much!” Xiaya eagerly received the Dragon Ball.

Although the Dragon Balls on Earth were created by Kami, their patent, however, belongs to Dragon God Zalama.

Because it uses the principle of refraction, you can see the red stars inside from any angle.

“No problem, since you were looking for it then you must have a use for it ……” Son Gohan had a smile on his face, completely not minding that he had given the Dragon Ball.

Looking at Son Gohan’s demeanor, Xiaya was in awe, this is a martial artist’s broad-mindedness ah!

After he got the Four-Star ball, Xiaya stopped disturbing his silent cultivation, and quickly left Mount Paozu, before using teleport to arrive at the bustling West City at the foot of the mountain.

At this time, there was still more than a decade left for the start of the plotline, but the West City which was regarded as one of the best large metropolis on earth was already very flourishing.

Speaking of West City, the most well-known place was naturally the Capsule Corporation which had risen to prominence with great momentum in these last few years.


Brief had single-handedly founded the corporation and in just a few years had swept away the whole world away relying on the magical DynoCaps.

In the West City, Capsule Corporation and Dr.

Brief’s name, there was almost no one who doesn’t know this names.

Randomly finding passer-by to ask, Xiaya was able to find Bulma’s home.

Flitting through the luxurious villa guard, Xiaya jumped into an old warehouse and found the shiny orange crystal ball, and counted the number of stars above; two stars.

This was the Two-Star Dragon Ball.

Taking out the Four-Star ball from his bosom and placing it side by side with the Two-Star ball, he saw that the two Dragon Balls seem to be mysteriously drawn to each other by some sort of power and were beginning to shine with a golden radiance.

After successfully obtaining the second Dragon Ball, Xiaya’s face was brimming with a cheerful smile.

He then used Instant Transmission and immediately left earth.

Feidaya people’s spaceship.

At this time, a spaceship was traveling at a very fast speed in the universe, gradually nearing Planet Hongshan.

With a light flash, the void suddenly becoming blurry, and Xiaya’s foot first stepped out from the void before his whole body appeared on the spaceship.

As he had left space markings in the spaceship before, Xiaya could find exactly where it is in the universe, even if it was flying at high speed.

“Sir Xiaya!”

Inside the Main control hall, Duokela was in the midst of directing the technical staff to deal with the various parameters, when he suddenly discovered Xiaya’s figure.

He immediately stepped forward and greeted.

Chapter 66 Dragon Ball


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