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Xiaya looked at Towa in suspicion and expressed doubts about the deal she proposed.

The two sides can be said to be opposite in their standpoint.

One is the God of Time who guards the stability of time and space, and the other is a criminal who disturbs the order of time and space.

The two are like a police officer and a thief.

With such an identity, what deal can they make

“Making a deal with me, are you sure you aren’t joking” Xiaya frowned.

Towa’s pretty face bloomed into a bright smile, “I’m serious, I think you already know about my identity from the Supreme Kai of Time.”

“Younger sister of Dabura, the King of Demon Realm.” Xiaya continued.

Towa was slightly stunned before shaking her head: “It’s true that I’m Dabura’s younger sister, but I am not serving the Demon Realm.

I am not even serving Demigra.

The purpose of my visit is that I hope you can join forces with me to completely annihilate Demigra!”

It’s complete annihilation, and not sealing.

This is an essential difference.

“What do you mean” Xiaya was puzzled.

Hasn’t Towa always been with Demigra, why would she want to annihilate Demigra

Could it be they had some internal discord and had infighting which led to a fallout Or is there another possibility that Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa’s information has always been wrong and Towa and Demigra are not in the same group Mira is indeed an artificial lifeform created by Towa in ancient times, and Mira has always been working on resurrecting Demigra, which Xiaya has personally confirmed.

If Towa and Demigra are not cahoots, is there some other secret

Towa seemed to have seen Xiaya’s doubts and explained: “I never really wanted to resurrect Demigra, but I couldn’t help it.

A long time ago, when I had just awakened the space-time ability, a trace of Demigra’s wandering soul found me and put forbidden magic on my body, so I had no choice but to obey his orders.”

“Then Demigra borrowed my hands to create Mira.”

“I’ve always wanted to get rid of Demigra’s control, but I was powerless until more than 40 years ago, space-time suddenly split, so I gathered the ‘me’ of multiple parallel universes and after many years of planning, I finally found a way to completely annihilate Demigra.”

Towa slowly narrated her story, her beautiful face showing excitement, “I found that only destroying Demogra of one space-time cannot completely annihilate him, because as long as there is still one time-space where Demigra exists, and as long as the timeline is reversed, all my efforts will be in vain, so it is necessary to annihilate Demigra of multiple space-time in one go the moment they appear.”

“And the ability that you, the God of Time, have grasped is the key to annihilating Demigra.”

God of Time has a skill called “Extinction” just like God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction”, which involves the ability to erase the fundamental nature of life.

“Extinction” can completely annihilate the existence of an individual in space-time.

It is a terrifying skill similar to the law of causality.

Towa thought, “To completely annihilate Demigra from the timeline, it is the only method which is most thorough.”

“Why should I believe you” Xiaya asked in reply.

It’s better for him to stay away from a woman like Towa who is both beautiful and has deep thoughts.

In comparison, women like Xiling and Myers who are simple-minded are much more charming.

“You don’t need to believe me, just know that we have a common enemy.

Since Demigra has already been resurrected by Mira, I think it won’t take long for him to gather his other selves from multiple dimensions, and then, at that time, even if you don’t look for him, he will come to look for you.”

Towa covered her mouth and smiled faintly, a light flashing through her purple eyes.

Xiaya frowned slightly.

Yeah, he had offended Demigra before, even if he didn’t go look for him, Demigra would come to his door.

Towa has already calculated everything.

This is no longer a deal.

Conspiring openly, this is forcing him to go!

Hearing that, Xiaya felt a little gloomy.

For the sake of her plan, she could secretly plan for decades, and even much longer before, she must have made other plans.

Looking at the hint of viciousness flash on Towa’s delicate face, Xiaya sighed and thought, this woman is really frightening!

“Did you say Demigra has been resurrected”

“Yes, his main body has resurrected in Universe 10,” Towa said with a smile.

Xiaya nodded, and couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

Should he believe this woman’s words If what she said is true, then he must intervene in the affairs of Demigra, otherwise, does he have to wait for him to come to his door If what she said is false, what good will it do for her to deceive him to go to Universe 10

After thinking it over a long time, he found that Towa really didn’t need to lie to him.

In his heart, he almost believes Towa’s words.

“Hey, who is the Demigra you are talking about, is he an expert” Goku asked in confusion.

Xiaya recovered from his contemplation, glanced at Goku, and shook his head: “Kakarrot, this matter is beyond your ability, so don’t get involved!”

Goku was surprised, “So, he’s really an expert! Is he very powerful”

“Demigra can kill you with one move!” Towa glanced at Goku.

Although this Saiyan in front of her was also very strong, it was a pity that he was still too far from Demigra’s strength, otherwise, he could have been dragged over too.

“So powerful!” Goku was taken aback and couldn’t help exclaim, then he thought of the disparity between them and his expression turned dispirited.

But he immediately cheered up and said: “I’m still not the match of such a powerful person.

I need to step up my training.”

“Saiyan, have you thought about it” Towa asked again.

To annihilate Demigra, God of Time’s power is essential.

Considering the reality, Xiaya frowned and said: “If Demigra’s main body has been resurrected, he will be at least at the first level of Divine Realm, or even may already be at the second level of Divine Realm, plus after merging with his other selves of multiple space-time, maybe he will reach the fourth level of Divine Realm in one go.”

Merging the individuals of all parallel universes, isn’t this method that the Great Heavenly Official said that space-time controllers use to advance to the fourth level of Divine Realm

“Demigra’s strength indeed isn’t weak, but I think that the Angel of Universe 10 will definitely take action.

To tell you the truth, I have a weakness of Demigra in my hand.

You only need to use the power of God of Time to give the opponent a final blow when the time comes.”

Towa kindly tried to persuade Xiaya while looking straight at him.

There was a brief moment of silence as Xiaya was thinking, while Towa was not in a hurry, looking at him quietly.

Goku had been feeling confused all this time, what is Universe 10, Angels, and God of Time; they all sound so powerful.

Although he didn’t understand it, it seemed pretty awesome.

Sure enough, he is still far from the peak.

He didn’t understand anything she said.

“Xiaya, you can promise her…” A clear voice rang in his ear.

“Chronoa” Xiaya turned around his head subconsciously, but he suddenly remembered that the person talking with him was Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa.

“What Towa said before is correct.

Demigra has indeed broken out of the seal and resurrected, and right now, he is stirring up trouble in Universe 10.

God of Destruction and Angel of Universe 10 are both entangled by the Dark Angel and can’t shake her off.

I’m afraid that soon, as Towa said, Demigra will complete the merger of multi-dimensional individuals.”

Chronoa’s tone showed slight signs of worry.

Demigra, who is the fusion of individuals from multi-dimensions, has always been her concern because it is equivalent to a God of Time’s path when they advance to the fourth level of Divine Realm.

Of course, Demigra is not God of Time, but as the Demon God who also has space-time ability, when his multiple selves would merge, his strength will inevitably increase by a large amount.

Before, she thought that Towa was deliberately creating fragmented worlds in order to strengthen Demigra’s power, but now it seems that there were many hidden secrets, and at least Towa wasn’t wholeheartedly wanting to resurrect Demigra.

“Do you mean that I should agree to Towa’s request and cooperate with her” Xiaya again asked.

“Yes, let me talk to her about the specifics, but she must promise me that she will not create a fragmented world in the future,” Chronoa said to Xiaya and then began to communicate with Towa.

Xiaya shrugged and calmly waited for the conclusion of Chronoa’s negotiation with Towa.


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