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“Rumsshi-sama, please destroy the opponent immediately!” Supreme Kai Gowasu shouted loudly as the Divine Language pierced through space and entered Rumsshi’s brain.

“Hmm!” God of Destruction Rumsshi nodded faintly.

He then pointed his palm at Demigra and a purple energy ball shining with dazzling radiance began to float in the void.

“Energy of Destruction!”

Seeing the God of Destruction use the Energy of Destruction technique, Demigra’s expression couldn’t help but change which has always been calm.

He calmly shouted towards the void, “Via, it’s your turn to take action.

If you don’t, then the plan will certainly fail.”

“Sigh!” As if responding to Demigra’s cry, a deep sigh echoed in the void, and then a bolt of black lightning pierced through the void, hitting the purple energy ball launched by Rumsshi.

The energy ball symbolizing “Energy of Destruction” immediately turned into scattered intangible light dots and disappeared.

“Who was that”

Someone dares to provoke the divine authority of a God of Destruction! Rumsshi’s expression changed, his trunk pointing upwards, and his eyes narrowed into a line.

A God of Destruction always had a bad temper, and now Rumsshi was really angry.

As Rumsshi finished speaking, a silver-haired man in a black divine gown and a black halo around his neck appeared beside Demigra.

Looking at the person’s appearance clearly, Rumsshi’s expression changed and he turned around to angrily ask the Loli Angel Kusu: “Kusu, who is he, and what is his relationship with you Angels”

Kusu was dumbfounded when she saw the Dark Angel appear.

Her lips twitched and she said in an aggrieved tone: “I don’t know, I have never seen him before!”

But whether it was the other party’s looks or clothes, they both exceedingly resembled an Angel’s who protects the balance of the universe.

Saying that the person in front of her has nothing to do with the Angels, I’m afraid no one will believe it.

Dark Angel Via graciously introduced himself: “This is our first meeting, I am Dark Angel Via.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know about Dark Angel, because I believe the name of Dark Angels will soon reverberate throughout the universe.

At that time, you will live day and night shrouded in darkness.”

“Dark Angel”

Hearing this name, the God of Destruction Rumsshi and Loli Angel Kusu couldn’t help but mutter it in a low voice.

Although they didn’t see the opponent make a move, from his name and how easily he dispersed God of Destruction Rumsshi’s power, these two points, it can be inferred that this so-called Dark Angel is probably stronger and not weaker than a real Angel!

Now the enemy is Demigra and Dark Angel Via.

The only ones who really have the ability to fight are God of Destruction Rumsshi and Angel Kusu.

God of Destruction Rumsshi can definitely win against Demigra, but Kusu, the loli Angel, may not win against Dark Angel Via.

“Things are getting serious, who would have thought there is someone like a Dark Angel in this world!” Supreme Kai Gowasu suddenly felt that his heart couldn’t stand it.

“Kusu, can you fight against that dark angel” Rumsshi asked in a low voice.

Kusu’s eyes widened and she innocently looked at the God of Destruction Rumsshi, saying weakly: “Rumsshi-sama, I may not be able to defeat the opponent.”

“Then it will be troublesome.”

“It’s okay, I can call helpers, Sister Marcarita, Sister Vados, and Whis, they can all come and help.” Loli Angel counted the names of the few Angels with whom she has the best relationship on her fingers.

“Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and call someone.”

Rumsshi hurriedly said.

Although he has always pursued strength above all, he is not an idiot and could differentiate his position at the moment.

“I will call someone right away,” Kusu responded and quickly used the scepter to contact the Angels in other universes.


“Via, I need you to help me stall God of Destruction and the little Angel for a few minutes.” Demigra approached the Dark Angel Via, his indifferent voice was as gloomy as a demon from the abyss.

Dark Angel Via touched his chin and smiled: “Just a few minutes Okay, remember our agreement after it’s done.”

“I won’t forget!” Demigra nodded.

After getting the answer from him, Via glanced at Demigra and then took a few steps forward as if treading on air, facing God of Destruction Rumsshi and Angel Kusu, “Can you two wait for a while Otherwise, I will have quite a headache.”

“Humph, there is no need to waste our breath on him!”

Rumsshi gave a cold snort and attacked the dark angel.

Kusu, upon seeing this, also raised the scepter and jumped to the front to attack the dark angel together with Rumsshi.

However, there was a considerable gap between their power and the dark angel.

Rumsshi was not the angel’s opponent, he was completely outclassed.

On the other hand, it was clear by looking at Kusu’s body that she was basically not a mature Angel.

Except for her simple thoughts, she was not as powerful as a mature Angel.

So after just one round of fighting, Rumsshi and Kusu fell into a disadvantageous position.

Crash, a torrent of raging flood wreaked havoc, and wild energies spread out in all directions for tens of millions of kilometers.

Supreme Kai Gowasu, Tapion, and others were dripping with cold sweat as they kept retreating far away.

The energy came crashing in like a flood, the aftermath of the impact alone kept them far out of the range of the battle.

Looking at the world-shaking and enormous waves sweeping through the entire starfield, Supreme Kai and others all turned pale, it was as if they took even one step closer, they would be crushed by the powerful energy.

“So terrifying, even though it’s so far away, it is useless.

Everyone, further retreat another 10,000 kilometers!” Gowasu’s countenance changed, and he pulled Tapion and Zamasu and continued to retreat.

“Could it be that not even God of Destruction-sama can stop them” There was a trace of worry on Tapion’s handsome face.

“So strong, if I could have such power…” Zamasu clenched his fists, his eyes glowing with excitement.


On the other side, Demigra quietly glanced at Dark Angel and others who were engaged in a fight, then he glanced at Supreme Kai and the others from the corners of his eyes and revealed a sneer in his sinister eyes.

“Hehe, the plan is going very smoothly, and the ‘Me’ from other space-times have also broken through the seal.

Now it is time to summon them with space-time ability.

Unfortunately, there are only four of me.

If there were a little more, I would have definitely become even stronger!”

“But four are also enough.”

Demigra smiled arrogantly, then he waved his finger in the void as sparkling rings of light rippled out, like a drop of water falling on the calm lake surface, the ripples overlapped, spreading out in circles, and soon the intertwined ripples became more and more complicated, gradually forming a complex magic circle.

Putting the magic staff in the center of the magic circle, Demigra communicates with ‘himself’ of other parallel universes.

“Look, what is Demigra doing” Tapion’s clear eyes noticed Demigra’s movements.

He wanted to stop him, but the strength disparity between the two was too big, and he didn’t have such capability.


Universe 7, Planet Metamor.

Xiaya and Goku brought Bulla to Planet Metamor.

When they met Martial Immortal Rade, an old friend they hadn’t seen for many years.

After a few words of greetings, they explained to Rade what they wanted.

Martial Immortal Rade pondered for a moment and told them everything that he knew.

“Planet Metamor does have martial arts for training mind, but I am not good at these.

If you want to learn them, I can introduce you to a friend of mine- Martial Immortal Mitch, who is good at mind-related martial arts.”

“Please bring us to him.” Goku’s face was full of smiles.

“Okay.” Rade smiled.

At this moment, Xiaya softly exclaimed with an odd expression, his eyes fixed on the vast water surface in the martial arts school.

“Xiaya, what is it”

“Hush!” Xiaya motioned to Goku not to make a sound, and then he held his breath in concentration, carefully trying to sense.

Suddenly, the water surface, which was as calm as a mirror just now, became distorted as if huge waves were surging, and then a bright light flickered, and a tall woman stepped out of the void in a graceful and leisurely manner.

Long silver-gray hair and light blue unblemished skin.

The delicate and exquisite face was inlaid with a pair of purple eyes that could charm all living beings.

Several tufts of hair in front of the forehead were hanging sideways across the chest, and a skirt like a cloak naturally hung from the sides of the lower abdomen to the back.

Her body was tall and plump, full of charm, and her entire body wrapped in bright red skin-tight clothes was extremely alluring.

Xiaya raised his eyebrows at discovering that the person who had appeared in front of him was Towa, the extraordinary sorcerer of the Demon Realm.

She was a very beautiful woman.

They have fought against each other many times in secret, but this is only the second time they have met in real life.

“God of Time Xiaya, I want to make a deal with you!” As soon as Towa appeared, she got right to the point and stated her purpose for coming.


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