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On the other side, while Zamasu’s thoughts were going through changes, Mira continued to spread his great cause of refining the planets.

Every time the living beings of a planet disappeared before his eyes, he could feel the fiery heart in his body beating with a “thump”, and the power belonging to Demigra was awakening in his body.

Mira’s appearance was also changing and was tending towards Demigra.

Mira, Demigra, they were the same.

Except for Mira, only a few people know this secret.

In ancient times, a trace of Demigra’s consciousness escaped from the Crack of Time and took possession of Towa, who was still a child, and controlled Towa to create the so-called artificial being Mira, who was actually the carrier for resurrecting himself in the future.

And Mira is the only one who knows all this.

To show that he is only a toy made by Towa, Mira has been quite low-key, trying not to show a direct relationship with Demigra; to prevent Towa from associating them with each other, he even created Hirudegarn as a tool for Demigra’s resurrection.

Of course, these are all facades to deceive Towa.

“Hehe, it should be enough.

There’s enough energy for Demigra’s resurrection.” Mira’s pale blue skin tensed and crazy thoughts flashed in his eyes.

He did so much, of course, not just to resurrect Demigra, because he knew that even if the main body of Demigra was completely awakened, he would not be as strong as God of Time, not to mention being a match of God of Destruction.

Just being a weakling is certainly not what he wants.

He can even live in seclusion for a longer period to this end.

However, the Dark Angel’s appearance has allowed him to use his plan as a crazy idea was born in his heart.

He wants to take advantage of it to resurrect Demigra, and also to carry out multi-dimensional fusion.

Once the real multi-Demigra awakens, he is sure that neither God of Destruction nor the Angels will be his match.

At that time the era will belong to Demigra.

“Dark Angels are a remnant of the last era who were suppressed by Zeno.

Their objective is the same as mine for the time being.

Anyways, we will resurrect Demigra first, to prevent unexpected troubles!”

Mira was looking forward to it eagerly, but until the real Demigra is resurrected, Mira’s heart will not be at ease.

Through the space-time method, he contacted his other-selves in the several parallel universes and they made plans together at the same time.

After receiving several messages from his other selves, Mira’s mouth rose slightly and his expression became excited.

But at this time, a cold light flashed.

Mira exclaimed in surprise and looked up to see Tapion slashing the great sword at him.

“Mira, die!” A peculiar sound wave was transmitted in the vacuum.

Tapion was using his full strength, the terrifying power was attached to the great sword.

Clang! Mira extended his palm expressionlessly and held the edge of Tapion’s sword with his hand, and then sneered as he exerted force in his arm and flung him out.

Tapion together with his sword was sent flying like an artillery shell, hitting heavily into a meteorite in the void.

Crack, zigzag cracks appeared on the meteorite due to the huge impact, and then it shattered into powder-like fluffy flour.

“Oh, you are that swordsman from Universe 7.

I didn’t expect to see you in Universe 10, but my strength has increased a little.

It’s a pity that as far as I’m concerned, you are still as weak as an ant.”

Mira casually threw away Tapion and spoke indifferently.

To be fair, Tapion’s strength had already surpassed an average Supreme Kai’s, almost reaching the level of Super Saiyan 2.

He is definitely considered as an expert in the universe, but he is facing Mira, a person who is almost comparable to Mysterious State Super Saiyan.

The gap between the people is like heaven and earth, difficult to bridge.

“What is your purpose in entering Universe 10” Tapion gave a light cough.

Mira shrugged, “Do you think I will tell you”

“Oh, by the way, since you’ve appeared in Universe 10, does it mean that those Super Saiyans also came to Universe 19” Mira frowned slightly, he was still a little afraid of Xiaya.

Now is the critical period for the resurrection of Demigra, and that Super Saiyan cannot be allowed to interfere with his plan.

“I’ll have to speed up.” Mira thought, preparing to first eliminate the people who were in the way.

A sneer appeared on Mira’s face and his body became blurry, disappearing from Tapion’s sight.

Tapion’s heart immediately tensed and he looked around him carefully, but there was too much strength disparity between him and Mira.

Mira silently appeared behind Tapion and thrust his hand knife forward which was emitting a sparkling halo.

Puchi, blood splashed out.

In the vacuum environment, the red blood condensed into small round-shaped balls, floating in the void.

A heart-wrenching pain rushed to Tapion’s brain, his face turning pale.

He spat out a lot of blood.

Looking down, he could see Mira’s palm which had penetrated through his chest.

“Hehe, why don’t you die here!”

Mira drew back the hand knife from Tapion’s chest, preparing to kill his opponent with an Energy Wave.

At this time, Tapion’s face twisted and he raised his arms with difficulty.

His fist shone like a sun emitting radiance.

“Star Fist!”

The dazzling light pricked Mira’s eyes, causing him to subconsciously raise his hand in front of him to defend.

But when he lowered his arm, he found to his shock that there was nothing except for a few round drops of blood left in Tapion’s place.

“Instant Transmission He actually escaped.”

Mira snorted with indifference, and then gloomily threw out an Energy wave, destroying all the asteroids in the distance.

The dazzling light immediately lit up the dark starry sky like fireworks.

“Hmph, there is no need to care about that little ant.

I should start the ceremony first.”

Although he said that he didn’t care, Mira still minded this small episode, because this time, his plan has to succeed without fail.

There is only one chance.

If he missed it, it will be very difficult to carry it out the next time.

At that time, he will not only have to face the pursuit of God of Time and God of Destruction, but even Towa will become suspicious of him.

Of course, he cannot let such a thing happen.

As Mira’s thoughts moved, a vast and mysterious space-time power rose from the palm of his hand.

Suddenly, like raindrops, a vast amount of energy gradually gathered from the depths of the universe which then formed a very complex summoning formation with his location as the center.

The formation was very big, almost encompassing an entire galaxy.

At this time, the ancient starry sky suddenly trembled, and mysterious energy spread out in all directions, gradually going beyond Universe 10, and slowly communicating with the depths of space-time outside the universe.

Huala, the space-time split open, revealing crimson-colored terrifying scenes inside.

The raging and surging energy was chaotic as if it was before the heaven and earth split apart, constantly surging and raging which slightly leaked out from the Crack of Time.

Sensing that there was a crack in the illusory space-time, Mira stretched out his arms and shouted excitedly in a loud voice while the bones throughout his entire body were going through a change.

His white hair also began to emit a blood-red radiance, and the line marks under the corners of his eyes began to slowly grow larger and darker in color.

Mira’s body was changing into Demigra’s.


Sacred World of the Kai.

Seriously injured, Tapion teleported directly back to Sacred World of the Kai after escaping Mira’s deadly blow.

Bang, Tapion fell to the ground, red blood staining the green grass field.

“Tapion, what happened, what did you do to get hurt so much”

Supreme Kai Gowasu, who was about to contact the God of Destruction and Angel, saw that Tapion was seriously injured, and immediately ran over to check Tapion’s injuries.

Then he took out the sacred water which is used to heal the injuries of Supreme Kai and gave Tapion a drink.

After the sacred water entered his mouth, Tapion’s condition gradually stabilized.

“What happened, who was able to hurt you like this” Gowasu asked with a solemn expression.

There are not many experts in the universe with Tapion’s strength, who was able to hurt him like this

After he rested for a while, Tapion’s face was still slightly pale as he said: “It was Mira, he is the creator of Hirudegarn.

Everything that happened in the mortal world was done by him.”

“Mira” Gowasu’s expression changed slightly.

Although he hadn’t personally met Mira, from Tapion’s previous descriptions, he could imagine how frightening he is.

This matter is completely beyond their ability to handle.

“I have to contact the God of Destruction-sama right now!” Gowasu muttered and then used his crystal ball to send communication signals to Angel Kusu.


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