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After jumping out of the cabin, Dr.

Banner rushed down at high speed.

While diving, the green light in Banner’s eyes grew more and more, and finally,  the entire pupil was flooded with green light. 

After the green light in his eyes filled his pupils, the corners of Banner’s mouth rose slightly, and then he suddenly opened his arms in mid-air.

“Hulk, it’s time for you to come out!”


In the next moment, Dr.

Banner’s muscles all over his body quickly swelled, and soon the casual suit he was wearing was torn apart. 

With the rapid expansion of his body, Banner’s skin is also changing rapidly, changing from the original skin color to pure green.

Compared with the Green Giants on the ground, the Green on Banner looked purer.



Ten seconds later, Dr.

Banner, who jumped down from the air, had successfully transformed into Hulk and fell to the ground. 

At this time, Hulk had only a pair of shorts with very good elasticity.

Halfway naked, Hulk’s muscles stand out like hard stones.

The Hulk’s body is significantly more violent and powerful than the mass-produced Green Giants secretly created by the Military.


Lifting his foot from the cracked pit and taking a step outward, Hulk made a huge footprint right through the debris.

After walking a few steps in a row, Hulk had already walked out of the big pit he had created on the ground.

In the next moment, Hulk’s gaze was already set on Rogers and SHIELD’s K team not far away.

His dark green pupils contracted slightly as Hulk’s right leg moved back slightly and bent by half a step.

The next moment, he bent back and kicked the ground. 


There was a loud noise and the huge impact directly made Hulk jump up high.

Hulk, who jumped up, fell towards the ground after reaching the highest point, and his target was Rogers and the others in front.

“Sir, the Sky Hub II is ready, should we launch” When Dr.

Banner jumped from a high altitude and turned into Hulk, and then jumped towards Rogers, JARVIS’s voice came in Tony’s ear.

“Not yet, let’s wait for a little.” Hearing JARVIS’s reminder, Tony shook his head and replied.

According to Jarvis’s analysis, the current Hulk is only showing a Level 4 power level, which means that the Hulk at this time is not showing his full powers. 

If that’s all there is then Rogers, along with the X-Men and his own Iron Man, will still be able to handle it.

As for the Sky Hub II weapons, they are reserved for use as a last resort.

“All right, Sir.

Now count down to Eighty Seconds.” When he heard Tony’s answer, Jarvis continued.

Jarvis then silently began the countdown backstage.

If they don’t use Sky Hub II within 80 seconds then they won’t be able to use it again.

Dī Dī!

And just a few seconds after JARVIS counted down, he suddenly received an emergency message.

“Sir, Mr.

Mirage Knight has rushed back.” The next moment, JARVIS had told Tony the news he had just received.

“En! Jackson is back!” Tony’s eyes lit up when he heard the JARVIS report.

“However, it is useless even if Jackson is back now! Hulk’s strength can no longer be considered by normal thinking.

Tell him to not get involved.” But after thinking about it, Tony realized that Jackson would not be able to stop Hulk, so he asked JARVIS to inform him not to rush forward.

“Okay, sir.” Upon hearing Tony’s words, JARVIS agreed, and then already sent the news.

Just when Dr.

Banner suddenly jumped off the Quinjet and transformed into Hulk, another Quinjet belonging to SHIELD just flew to the edge of the battlefield.

This Quinjet was the plane that drove Lin Rui back from Mexico.

In order to get back as quickly as possible, the engine of this plane was almost burnt down.

Dī Dī Drops!

 Just as Lin Rui, located in the cockpit of this Quinjet, stretched his neck to observe the situation below, JARVIS’s voice came through his headset.


Mirage Knight, Magneto has left, and other members of the Mutants Brotherhood and the Military’s Experimented fighters are also under control. 

But now, Dr.

Banner had suddenly appeared on the field and he has transformed into Hulk.

In order to avoid unnecessary fights, Mr.

Stark asked me to inform you not to participate in the next battle.”

Hearing JARVIS’s reminder, Lin Rui’s eyebrows twitched several times in succession. 

Originally, Lin Rui thought that it was only Magneto against Stryker this time and with the presence of X-Men, the incident should not be serious enough, especially in the case of Professor Charles who knows about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. 

If Magneto really became uncontrollable then Professor Charles can also come up with news of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to ease him down.

However, subsequent events and accidents have surprised Lin Rui several times on the way.

Both Magneto’s full-powered attacks and the military’s Green Giants and the weapons that can suppress the Mutants’ abilities have surprised Lin Rui. 

And just now, Lin Rui got the news that the incident has finally subsided, and now Dr.

Banner had appeared here and transformed into the Hulk!

“Why would Dr.

Banner suddenly appear here Also, didn’t he always reject transforming into the Hulk If I remember correctly, Hulk and Banner should be two different personalities, who would think of actively turning into another personality” A big question appeared in Lin Rui’s mind after he heard the situation from JARVIS.

If Dr.

Banner can really switch at will between the normal high-IQ scientist and the invincible Hulk, then he is really the most powerful Superhero in Marvel World, at least in Lin Rui’s view.

However, is this really the case

“No matter what, I still have to take a closer look.

That’s Hulk! He could even punch Thor who was fighting with Mjölnir!” Mentally speculating about this Dr.

Banner, Lin Rui finally made a decision.

“JARVIS, tell Mr.

Stark I already know, I won’t mess around.” Lin Rui, who had already made his decision, replied to JARVIS.

Then, Lin Rui had walked to the rear cabin position.

Taking out the Hoverboard, Lin Rui directly asked the pilot in front to open the hatch for himself.


At the next moment, Lin Rui had grabbed the Hoverboard and jumped out.


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