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Suddenly, a light purple-colored glow flashed and Towa in skintight red clothes appeared in front of the incubator.

Her figure was full of attraction.

She carefully caressed the glass wall of the incubator with her fingers and revealed a smiling expression in her purple eyes.

“Grow up quickly, we are running out of time.”

“Mira seems to have secretly made some kind of deal with the dark angels.

I cannot come to see you in the future.”

Speaking in a low voice, Towa looked a little lost in thoughts, but it quickly returned to its usual indifference, her eyes revealing cold contempt.

She glanced at the baby in the incubator one more time, then turned around and left this cyan planet which was far away from the other galaxies.

At the same time, in another mysterious space.

Mira was recovering from the injuries on his body.

At this time, a person who looks exactly like him appeared next to him.

After that, the two fused into one, and Mira’s aura immediately skyrocketed.

“I’ve finally recovered from the injuries.

That damn Saiyan and God of Destruction Beerus!” Mira’s blood-red eyes were full of murderous intent.

He was silent for a while before saying to the dark angel in the shadow: “The plan has begun.”

“Which universe do you want to start with”

“It’s not which universe, rather all the space-times!” Mira said with a decisive tone.

Dark Angel Via glanced at Mira in surprise and said: “The dark angels in other space-time are still being suppressed by Zeno.

We have no way to help you in those universes.”

“There is no need, although my plan involves all space-time, the main core is still located here.” Mira looked glum.

“There is one thing that nobody knows except me, even Towa that created me.

I am actually the carrier of Demigra’s resurrection.

No, it should be said that I am a part of Demigra.

Only I can let Demigra completely resurrect.”

“Then Demigra from before” Dark Angel Via narrowed her eyes in surprise.

“That was just a test product.

How can the great Demigra descend on a little Hirudegarn’s body Only a strong body like mine can withstand the resurrection of Demigra.”

Mira’s voice was cold and resolute.

It turns out that everything that happened before was his plan.

“Hehehe, interesting.

Then I look forward to the real Demigra’s descent!” After saying that with a smile, Dark Angel Via’s silhouette turned blurry, and then disappeared amidst a cluster of dazzling light rays.

“The real Demigra, you will see him soon.”

Mira narrowed his blood-red eyes, his eyes full of indifference and murderous intent, his voice was like a demon crawling out of hell, dripping with blood.


Similar to the original work’s world, the depths of Demon Realm.

Mira, who was sitting cross-legged in the space-time winding corridor, suddenly got a shock.

He received a message in his mind from ‘him’ of another space-time, and his face became gloomy for a moment.

“Mira, what happened” A cold voice rang beside his ears, and when he looked up, he saw Towa in red clothes staring at him.

“It’s nothing.” Mira buried his thoughts in the heart and answered flatly.

Towa of this space-time nodded, “Feilu’s death is indeed very regrettable.

It was hard for such a mature research product to come by, but it was killed by a stranger.

By the way, has the background of that person been investigated”

“No, I still don’t know who the other person is.”

“Oh…” Towa narrowed her eyes and seemed lost in thought.

Mira lowered his head as a cold light flashed in his eyes, and said solemnly: “If it’s okay, I will go out first.

I think we can study some more powerful artificial lifeforms.”

“Umm, you can go out.”

Towa waved her hand, and after Mira went out, her smooth and delicate face became gloomy and cold and was completely different from her understanding look.

“Mira, you can’t wait anymore Then I also can’t wait any longer.”


Trunks’ world.

Many years after Trunks wiped out Androids and sent away Cell, another huge crisis descended on Earth.

Dabura, the king of Demon Realm, followed Babidi and came to Earth, but Trunks’ strength caught them by surprise.

In the end, even East Supreme Kai, who had always been afraid of Majin Buu, bravely joined in, but Majin Buu was still ultimately resurrected.

“Hehe, I’ve turned the Supreme Kai’s sword into stone and your last trump card is gone.

Supreme Kai, obediently receive your death! Majin Buu, quickly kill Supreme Kai and that Super Saiyan.” Dabura gave an order to a pink fatty.

“Kill, kill, kill!” Majin Buu’s eyes became crescent-shaped, and the multiple dark holes on his head and body emitted out boiling steam.

“This world has recovered its peace with such great difficulties.

How can I allow you to destroy it.”

Trunks’ angrily transformed into Super Saiyan 2, but at this time, Supreme Kai blocked in front of Trunks…

“Supreme Kai-sama”

“Trunks, you leave quickly.

Now that Majin Buu has been resurrected, it is too late.

You are the only person in this world who has the chance to stop Majin Buu, so you must survive.”


“Retreat, you must continue to grow stronger, and then eliminate Majin Buu.”


When this battle related to the fate of the entire universe was going on.

Outside Earth, Mira was traveling rapidly through the universe, receiving the message from another world.

Then, he glanced at the location of Demon Realm, turned around, and flew out of Universe 7.

“The plan has already begun.”

“The complete Demigra is being resurrected.”


Golden Flame Warrior’s World.

A huge darkness swept through the whole world.

East Supreme Kai of Sacred World of the Kai trembled and his face turned pale.

Mira of 4 Multiverse were all going into action.


Xiaya’s world.

Universe 10.

Clang, the space trembled.

Mira’s figure crossed over from Universe 7 and looked up at the vast and deep universe’s starry sky.

Mira sneered without any expression, and then his countenance turned sinister.

“Let this be the stage for the resurrection of Demigra.” Thinking this in his heart, Mira began to search for the most bustling planet.

West Starfield.

Planet Kryia is a supergiant planet with a diameter of more than one hundred times that of Earth, and its gravity was also much higher than that of Earth.

There are trillions of living beings living on this planet, and on this day, Planet Kryia encountered its darkest day.

Countless living beings were killed in a sudden and unexpected storm.

The sky had split open with deep and frightening cracks, crimson-colored space-time cracks extending from the South Pole to the North Pole, like a taotie that is never full, constantly devouring the living beings on the planet, and then as if a mysterious magic had taken effect, the flesh and soul were all transformed into pieces of glittering and translucent blood-red crystals.

It was a despairing struggle.

After devouring Planet Kryia, Mira moved to the next target with a cold expression.

Such dark days lasted for six or seven days, and the sudden reduction of souls finally attracted the attention of the Underworld.

Underworld, this starfield’s King of Hell was sitting on a huge chair, flipping through the merit book of the Underworld’s souls, his broad face sweating heavily.

“What’s going on This has been going on for several days.

What happened in the world of the living Why did the number of souls entering the Underworld suddenly decrease so much”

In the past, when a disaster occurred in the world of the living, the sharp increase of souls in the Underworld has also happened from time to time.

Although the Underworld’s King of Hell and Underworld’s staff members would be a little busy at that time, after all, it is all a normal situation in the operation of the laws and the transition between Yin and Yang is not in a state of balance.

But now, the number of souls entering the Underworld has suddenly reduced, which is really not a normal thing.

“It won’t do, this must be reported.

I just don’t know what happened in the Underworld of other galaxies.

It would be okay if it was only West Starfield’s Underworld, but if this situation is universe-wide, it would be terrible.”

The King of Hell only controls the trial work of the souls.

The specific situation must be determined by someone above him like a Kai, Grand Kai, and even Supreme Kai.


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