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Bulma was worried about her daughter’s situation and asked anxiously: “Xiaya, do you have any method to cure Bulla’s condition, what if one day she gets out of control and hurts someone”

It should be said that Bulma’s worries weren’t unreasonable, because this is Earth after all.

There are ordinary earthlings everywhere.

Bulla’s energy is already very high, but she isn’t able to control it.

If she loses control, it will be a huge disaster.

Xiaya thought for a while, and said, “At first, it was quite suitable to send Bulla to Planet Yardrat.

Yardratian has some secret techniques to increase mental power.

Previously Bardock was cursed by a Kanassan and it was only after learning Yardratian’s secret technique that the curse was suppressed.”

“But recently, Planet Yardrat was invaded by vampires.

Reportedly their losses were quite heavy.

Maybe, it is not appropriate to go at the moment.”

“So, two days later, Goku and I will go to Planet Metamor to take a look.

Their martial arts are very magical.

Maybe there is a way to cure Bulla’s condition.”

“And seeking the power of the Dragon Balls again wouldn’t be good!”

Using Dragon Balls is a bad idea.

It’s better to not use them if possible.

After all, it’s an external power, and it’s certainly not comparable to self-improvement of mental power and achieving complete control over the body.

Meifei’s condition at that time was such that there was no way out.

Of course, even if they really want to use Dragon Balls, it is best to use the powerful Dragon Balls, just like when Xiaya used the Super Dragon Balls to cure Meifei’s mental condition.

Since Bulla’s condition isn’t comparable to Meifei’s, naturally there is no need to use Super Dragon Balls, however, the power of Earth’s Dragon Ball, to be honest, is too weak.

If they have to be used, they can use Xiaya’s own Crystal Dragon Balls.

However, since the last time 18 made a wish to create Potara Earrings, the Crystal Dragon Balls are still scattered in Universe 7.

Xiaya still hasn’t gathered them.

“Then, we can only do this.” Bulma sighed slightly.

It is better to have a solution than nothing.

Bulma also wishes to cure Bulla’s problem soon.


The sky outside was getting darker, and the light slowly disappeared.

The dividing line between the mountains and the horizon turned black.

The lighting system in the villa detected that the light was insufficient and automatically turned the lights on.

The bright white light bulb resembled a small sun, illuminating the entire house as if it were daytime.

Bustling about, Bulma completed a sumptuous dinner with the assistance of a living robot.

“Gohan went to send Goten to sister’s place, why isn’t he back yet” At the table, Bulma asked in confusion while feeding Bulla from a small bowl.

Goku took a bite of the food in his hand, swallowed it, and said, “Maybe he is staying at Tights’ house and won’t come back.”

“No, I called just now and he said that he is coming back.” Bulma shook her head.

At this time, Xiaya put down the cutlery in his hand, looked outside the villa, and said with a smile: “He is here.” He could feel that Gohan’s Ki had reached Mount Paozu, moreover, there was another person who came with Gohan whose Ki was very weak.

“He is back” Bulma asked doubtfully.

Sure enough, within a few seconds, the door of the villa opened.

Bulma looked towards the door and saw Gohan and an unfamiliar girl at the entrance.

When she noticed Videl, Bulma froze for a moment and thought: “Where did Gohan bring back this little girl from, she is really beautiful.”

“I’m back,” Gohan shouted to the people in the room.


Seeing Gohan, Bulla called out in a child-like voice and immediately spread her hands and floated over, and fell into Gohan’s arms.

Hugging Bulla, Gohan introduced Videl to everyone: “She is Videl, a friend I met on the way.”


Goku, Ms.

Bulma, hello!”

Videl said in a reserved manner.

She was clearly taken aback on seeing Xiaya.

She didn’t expect to see so many legendary heroes on Mount Paozu.

All the people in front of her are legendary.

An ordinary girl like her felt very nervous.

“It’s actually Videl, interesting!”

Xiaya stroked his chin and revealed a smile.

He was surprised to discover that the person with Gohan was Videl who had just participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

When did the two of them meet

Bulma sized up Videl with a smile on her face and nodded in satisfaction, “You are Gohan’s friend, so just call me auntie.”

At the same time, she gave a wink to Gohan, her eyes full of smiles when looking at Gohan.

Her son is quite capable.

He brought a girl home at such a young age.

Is this the preparation for a child bride It may be due to her nature, but Bulma’s discipline of Gohan is quite relaxed.

She herself is an unrestrained person, otherwise, she would have not embarked on the journey to look for the Dragon Balls by herself when she was sixteen.

“Hello, Auntie!” Videl greeted her in a low voice.

“Umm, Videl, where does your family live”

Bulma was happy and started to inquire about Videl’s family situation.

Gohan couldn’t help but roll his eyes while Videl’s small face turned red.

Gohan shouted and told them the reason why Videl came to Mount Paozu: “What are you guys thinking of Videl has come here because she wants to learn martial arts from dad.”

“But besides going down the mountain once a month to give guidance, I have to do my own training at other times!”

Goku frowned, teaching a disciple is likely to drag down his progress in his training.

He has always tried to cut down his time invested in this area.

Moreover, he doesn’t know how to teach a female disciple.

Chichi is much more suitable in this regard.


Goku, I really want to learn martial arts from you, please accept me as your disciple!” Videl pleaded.

“Yes, Dad, Videl is very talented.

I just taught her for a while and she mastered the Sky Hovering Art.” Gohan strongly recommended her from the side.

“This…” Goku lowered his head and pondered.

Listening to his son, it seems this little girl named Videl is really talented, but he doesn’t have much time to teach a disciple!

“Goku, since you give guidance to others every month.

Why not just do it for one more Isn’t it the same” Bulma put her arms on her hips and scowled at Goku.

Why aren’t you taking care of the girl brought by your son Besides, if her talent is really as good as Gohan said, it’s not a loss to accept such a disciple!

At this time, Xiaya smiled and decided to help Videl by saying a few words.

“I think this kid is quite good.

How about you can take her as a disciple and let Gohan instruct her in the martial arts.

You can take some time to monitor her progress.

I think Gohan is capable of instructing others.

Wouldn’t it satisfy both sides”

“Yes, Gohan has good skills, so he can train Videl.” Bulma was completely on Gohan and Videl’s side.

Goku thought for a while, and also felt that it would be fine, and said: “Well, if you are willing to accept me as your master, I can take you as my disciple.”

“Of course I am willing!” Videl yelled excitedly, her pretty face flushed with excitement.


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