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At evening, the sky was darkening.

Stepping on the last rays of the sunset’s afterglow, Adri and Rebecca were returning from outside after a long day.

As they entered the house, they saw Xiaya sitting in the living room with an e-reader in his hand, checking out the information on Planet Vegeta.

Adri stepped forward with a faint smile on his face and said, “Xiaya, we have already contacted the first batch of Saiyans on our side and had agreed to gather after two days in a desert which is at 2000km west.

How about the things on your side”

“After two days” Xiaya put down the e-reader in his hand and spoke before thinking for a moment, ” I have already asked Feidaya people to start building the accommodations on Planet Hongshan, and it should be finished in two days.”

“Then we will begin the first batch’s evacuation two days later.”

After hearing from Xiaya that there was no problem on his side, Adri was somewhat excited.

Now that Planet Vegeta’s situation was becoming more and more unpredictable, with danger growing day by day, he has decided to act decisively and evacuate the first batch of Saiyans as soon as possible.

Xiaya nodded and said: “OK, I will begin evacuating in two days, I will have the Planet Hongshan’s side make preparations.”

“Oh, where is Xiling”

Rebecca inquired as they had returned for so long but still didn’t see Xiling come out.

Normally, that brat would have already energetically rushed out.

“She had been exercising all this time, so she is tired right now and is sleeping in the room.” Smilingly, Xiaya said while picking up a kettle before putting several cups upside down on the coffee table and then filling them one by one.

“Doesn’t that girl know the severity of exercising for so long, what if she gets hurt” Rebecca frowned.

As a High-level Warrior, she understood that training requires the balance between rest and exercise.

Stubbornly training as if want to improve in a short period of time is just like continuously compressing a spring; it will easily result in its rigidity to lose effectiveness, never again recovering its original elasticity.

Frankly, Rebecca was somewhat worried about her daughter’s extreme attachment to training.

After all, she is still a child and is in her growing period, too much excessive training is not always good.

But Adri, on the other hand, found his daughter’s fighting spirit very commendable, ” It is good that Xiling has such spirit as she is improving so quickly.

How many Saiyans do you think there are who are better than her Rebecca, you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore.”

Hearing what he said, Rebecca glares at him as if asking whether Xiling was his daughter or not.

After which, Rebecca urged Xiaya a few more times and also asked him to take care of Xiling in future, to which Xiaya readily agreed.

However, why do these words sound so weird It’s obvious that you are Xiling’s parents, then why are you telling me to take care of her Its as if they are giving away Xiling to him, really such careless parents.


Inside the kitchen, flames were burning on the kitchen stove, and a rich and tempting scent was wafting out from inside.

Rebecca prepared a table full of dishes.

Since Saiyan’s appetite was very large, consuming a large amount of food during each meal, Rebecca was busiest at this time.

Everytime Saiyans launch a large-scale operation outside, it would be a big ordeal for the logistic support.

In addition to Aliens, there will also be a group of Saiyan specialists who are in charge of processing meat.

In the original work, Son Goku’s mother Gine was also responsible for handling this type of work.

“Little Ya, food is ready, go and call over Xiling for dinner.” Rebecca walked out of the kitchen with a large bowl of food and put it on the table before saying to Xiaya.


Xiaya responded and put down the things in his hand before walking towards Xiling’s room.

After knocking on the door, Xiaya entered Xiling’s bedroom.

On a small bed, Xiling was lying on her side while clutching the quilts with her two hands and her thighs were outside, exposing her white panties and smooth and fair thighs.

And one of her foot was hooked on the bedsheets, pressing down on the quilt.

Like holding a big pillow, her lazy appearance was very unladylike!

Smilingly, Xiaya walked over to Xiling’s bedside and patted her face, causing her to wake up, and said: “Aunt Rebecca is calling for the dinner.”

“Oh, you go out first, I have to change my clothes!” Xiling opened her eyes, staring at Xiaya for a moment before abruptly covering her body with the quilt, and flatly ordered him to go out.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya clicked his tongue before saying with a smile: “What are you hiding, in fact, I should tell you that I have already seen your whole body before when I had given you a bath, so covering it now would be useless!”

Xiling’s movements became sluggish and then she rolled her eyes at him.

However, she no longer tried to cover her body and threw the quilt to Xiaya’s side, before loudly shouting: “I’m going to change clothes, get out of my room!”

“Ha ha ha!”

Xiaya loudly laughed and picked up the quilt before neatly putting it aside.

“OK! OK! Xiling has grown up and is no longer attached to me like before.

Then, I’ll go out first, you should quickly change your clothes!”

After speaking, he got out of the room and closed the door.

At dinner time, Xiaya and others were sweeping clean all the food on the table, only Xiling was staring at Xiaya in daze.

After a while, she buried her head in the food and madly gnawed on it, looking very amusing.

Time flies, two days later.

Two thousand kilometers to the west of Planet Vegeta, it was a desolate desert.

Even if it is spring season, the blistering hot sunshine shines down on the body, giving people a scorching feeling.

It was noontime.

In the middle of a blistering oasis, hundred Saiyans has gathered here which have come from far and wide and from time to time, there were still some black spots flying over from the horizon.

Soon, there were more than 200 Saiyans gathered in the oasis.

These Saiyans were both old and young, mostly consisting of families, of which majority were Low-level Warriors and only a handful were Mid-level Warriors.

These people were carefully selected by the members of Adri Squad; their Battle Power was generally between 2000 to 3000.

Among the one million Saiyans living on Planet Vegeta, they could only be considered as mediocre, and even if the several of them went missing, it wouldn’t cause too great waves.

Adri checked the number of people, and seeing that the all the arranged people have arrived, he walked to the front and clapped his hands.

Suddenly, the scene became quiet, everyone quietly waiting for Adri to give orders.

Below a tree shade, when Xiaya saw this scene, he thought to himself, who would have thought that Adri’s prestige among these people was so high.

This is not a bad thing, at least it means that Adri could subdue this group of Saiyans by himself and wouldn’t need the others to waste their time and suppress these stubborn and unruly people.

“The first batch of people are all present.

I think everyone already knows what they are going to face.

This time we are leaving is not because we are escaping, but to preserve the bloodline of Saiyans, and one day we will surely come back.”

Adri encouraged everyone before asking Xia Xiaya on the side: “How many people can you teleport at a time, how about we divide them and move them in several batches.”

“No need, I can teleport more than 100 people at a time, I will first transfer everyone to the first teleport point(planet) then we can talk about it.” Xiaya calmly walked over, his face serious.

Slightly nodding his head, Adri knew that Xiaya has always been discreet, so he did not say anything and turned towards the Saiyans present: “Later, Xiaya will launch Instant Transmission ability, I request everyone to hold hands and form a circle.”

“Ah, form a circle”

Everyone was skeptical, but since they had all come here while trusting in Adri, hence under Adri’s command, they began moving.

Soon, the more than 200 people had divided into two big circles.

At first glance, it looked like children playing games, the scene was quite funny.

Xiaya nodded before he walked to the front of a group, then, in front of everyone’s astonished eyes, his pupils flashed with a dull blue light.


Clouds of dust were floating in the air and the group of hundred people which were formed into a circle abruptly disappeared.

“Heavens, they disappeared!”

“That kid’s superpower can unexpectedly teleport so many people.”

There was unrest on the scene, the remaining one hundred Saiyans looked at each other helplessly, before a burst of discussion break out among the crowd.


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