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“Sister, you’ve quite good skills.

You were able to take care of more than 30 robbers by yourself.

I was thinking whether I should help or not!”

The light purple-haired Gohan looked at Videl with a smile.

Videl looked at Gohan who had suddenly appeared dumbfoundedly and excitedly pointed her fingers at Gohan before exclaiming in surprise: “You, you are Gohan…”

Perhaps it was because she had met a famous person, or because his age was the same as her, Videl’s voice was trembling from admiration and excitement.

Her head began to swell and body temperature rose a little, her cheeks slightly flushed red.

“Yes, I’m Gohan…” Gohan leaned over towards Videl and placed his hand on her forehead.

“Youuu, what are you doing” Videl’s face turned red, her fair skin tinged with a pink color like a cherry blossom.

“Are you sick”

“Of course not.” Videl lowered her head.

“Oh, by the way, why are you here alone Because there are many robbers on this road, no one usually walks through it.” Gohan looked at her oddly.

Videl stuttered, her voice soft like a mosquito’s buzzing, “I’m going to Goku City to look for your father to become his apprentice…”

She knows that Mr.

Goku had never accepted any disciple after he became famous.

Even though he had trained a large number of experts through his monthly regular pointers, he didn’t take a liking to any of these youngsters.

Videl has always thought that it was because of Goku’s high requirement for accepting disciples, but she did not know that the reason why Goku doesn’t accept disciples is that he was afraid that teaching disciples will affect his own training.

“You want to learn martial arts!” After hearing this, Gohan suddenly had a realization and a smiling expression appeared in his purplish eyes.

“Hmm!” Videl nodded carefully, “It was my father who used to train me before, but I always wanted to learn under Mr.

Goku, so I secretly ran out by myself.”

Thinking that Videl was a girl who ran away from home to learn martial arts, his good impression of her increased.

“Then I will take you there.

Although Mount Paozu is located at the center of Goku City, it is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and there are wild beasts everywhere.

People without certain strength can’t get in.”

“Really You would take me there” Videl was overjoyed, her face flushing red from excitement.

“Yes, Mount Paozu is private property.

Ordinary people are not allowed to go up.” Explaining the situation of Mount Paozu to Videl, Gohan waved his hand and sent Flying Nimbus away first.

“What was that golden magical cloud” Videl had long wanted to ask about the strange cloud.

“Oh, that’s Flying Nimbus.

It can be used as a means of transportation.

There are many such things on the Korin Tower.

This is a gift from Master Roshi to my father.”

“Ah, a gift from Master Roshi, the god of martial arts”

Gohan and Videl walked towards the direction of Goku City on foot as the two of them chatted with each other.

During their chat, Gohan found out that Videl was actually Satan’s daughter.

Speaking of which, he met Satan during the Cell Games.

“Brother Gohan, don’t you usually go to school” Immediately after Videl asked, she felt that her question was idiotic.

This teenager in front of her had participated in the Cell Games.

According to her father, Mr.

Goku and his son’s strength surpasses ordinary people.

Is it necessary for such an expert to go to school

Not to mention that martial arts are now revered on Earth.

The status of martial artists is the same as that of scientists.

It is a legitimate profession where they are paid a lot of money every month, let alone their amazing strength is the backbone of protecting Earth.

After experiencing several major crises, earthlings now know about the existence of aliens and treat powerful warriors quite well.

Regarding Videl’s question, Gohan scratched his head and said, “I usually practice martial arts.

I always invite private teachers to teach me, so I haven’t been to school.”

Private teachers He is really rich!

Videl was dazed for a while and suddenly remembered that Gohan’s mother is the eldest miss of Hoi-Poi Capsule Corporation—Ms.


Isn’t it easy to ask a tutor to come to their home

“Then where did you go just now”

“I just sent my younger brother to Aunt Tights’ house in West City,” Gohan told the truth.

After a long journey, the two quickly became acquainted with each other, and Videl also began to ask Gohan for guidance about martial arts issues.

It should be said that fate is indeed very mysterious.

In the original work, it was Gohan who taught Videl how to master Ki.

Now, Videl, who has a better foundation, has a more comprehensive understanding of Ki under the guidance of Gohan.

A few hours later, as dusk approached, several volcanic clouds gradually rose on the horizon.

Gohan was floating in the air and moving forward slowly, and not far from him, Videl awkwardly controlled her body, following Gohan floating in the air.

“Yes, condense the Ki under your feet and bring up your body and move little by little.”

“Videl, you’re a fast learner.” Gohan praised Videl’s bright mind.

“It is thanks to you, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to learn Sky Hovering Art.” Videl stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, her fair face smiling happily.

Gohan immediately accelerated his flying speed, “Use your full-strength to keep up, there is still some distance from Mount Paozu.

If we don’t speed up, it will be dark when we arrive.”

“I’ll give it a try.” Videl nodded vigorously, and soon Gohan and Videl both accelerated and set off for Mount Paozu.

Passing through the bustling urban area, they gradually advanced towards Mount Paozu in the center of the mountain range.

Entering the mountain path of Mount Paozu, the withered vegetation had been replaced by dense forest, and there were rustling sounds of small animals moving in the forest.

It was getting darker in the huge forest much faster than in the city.

Because the sky was gradually getting dark, as they walked through the dense forest, there was a kind of peaceful feeling.

“The main peak of Mount Paozu is right ahead.” Gohan pointed to the protruding towering mountain peak ahead and said with a calm expression.

Videl stared with an expectant expression and then flew forward faster.

Since she was about to see her idol, Videl looked excited, but at the same time a little nervous, wondering if Mr.

Goku will accept her as a disciple.

She took a peek at Gohan from the corner of her eyes and suddenly became a lot calmer.


Two figures flew over the forest like a lithe shadow and startled a large swarm of birds.

They passed through the forest in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the horizon.

The dozens of kilometers of the area around Mount Paozu was the private territory belonging to Goku’s family, and Earth’s Central City had also acknowledged it.

Exquisite towering buildings built along the steeping slopes of the mountain appeared in front of Videl’s eyes.

The combination of modern technology and classical aesthetics gave her a refreshing feeling.

These training buildings were built by Feidaya people on the instructions of Xiaya and others when Goku got married.


At Goku’s home, Xiaya was chatting with Goku while next to them, a little girl about three years old looked left and right with her little purplish eyes and kept grabbing the teacup on the table with her little hand.

“Bulla, don’t be naughty.” Bulma picked up Bulla and put her on a stool.

But the little one was clearly not happy and her body floated up again.

Bulma couldn’t hold her anymore and glared at Goku to hold the child and don’t let her be naughty.

“Is Bulla’s mental state better” Xiaya picked up a cup of tea and took a sip.

Speaking of his daughter’s situation, worry flashed across Goku’s face and he shook his head: “It’s the same as before.

When she gets agitated, she is completely out of control.”

Xiaya faintly nodded.

Bulla’s situation is not considered as Legendary Super Saiyan.

Although her body similarly possesses powerful strength, it is more because Saiyan’s powers are too strong, exceeding what she can control.

As soon as her emotions are agitated, she will erupt out with frightening power.

Xiaya originally wanted Meifei to come over and look after Bulla, but after thinking about it, he let it be.

The main reason is that Meifei’s personality has become more and more abnormal in the past two years, every day acting like a lunatic and wasn’t as mature and composed as her older sister Xili.

He was really worried that if he handed Bulla to Meifei so that she could look after her, she would raise her into a “female psychopath”.


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