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In the martial arts arena, 18 was having a standoff with Satan which continued for several minutes.

In the heavy atmosphere, even breathing could be heard.

“Oh no, how do I defeat her” Sweat was slowly oozing out of Satan’s forehead as he was feeling nervous.

Just when everyone thought that the standoff would continue, 18 moved.

She lightly stepped forward, bent down, and suddenly accelerated.

Crack, the ground collapsed because of tremendous pressure, and small cracks spread out, a few stones shooting up.

18 jumped up, flying out like an arrow and as fast as lightning.

In the next second, 18 arrived in front of Satan, raised her foot, and kicked towards Satan.

Satan did not expect 18 to move so fast, his pupils shrank into a dot.

He hesitated for a moment but then hastily dodged.

But he suddenly realized that the opponent’s speed far surpassed his imagination.


18’s attack fell on him.

Satan’s face turned pale, and his body flew out uncontrollably, knocking against the wall.

The red wall on the edge of the martial arts hall shattered, burying Satan in it.

In fact, 18 had already controlled her strength, otherwise, Satan’s body would not have been able to withstand her attack and would have immediately turned into a bloody mist.

Which would go against her idea of taking part in a competition for the prize money.

“She sent dad flying” Videl was standing at the entrance of the competition hall with her hands across her mouth, her eyes full of shock.

In her heart, Satan has always been a great expert second only to Goku and the others, and was ranked among the top in the Earth’s martial arts world.

Of course, this is because of Satan’s frequent bragging in front of her.

Environment determines one’s outlook.

Videl didn’t know what disparity there is between Satan and a real peak expert.

Moreover, when normally fighting with her dad, he whose Battle Power is around 400 had always defeated her in one move, so Videl has blind admiration for Satan.

That’s why right now when Satan was sent flying by 18, she was so shocked.

But when Videl remembered that 18 is an expert who had also participated in the Cell Games, she seemed to somewhat understand.


There was an unusual silence for a moment.

But immediately, a loud clamor arose.

The scene erupted into animated discussions.


Satan was actually sent flying, moreover, his opponent’s movements were hardly clumsy at all, which completely conquered them visually.

“Is Contestant Lazuli really so powerful”

“She sent Mr.

Satan flying in just one move! ”

“Look at her feet, the ground has cracked!”

“So she is really so powerful!”


“It hurts!” Satan covered his belly and scurried out of the collapsed rocks, his eyes bloodshot.

“What bad luck, I’m not her match at all.

Could it be that she is also a super expert just like Mr.

Goku” Satan suddenly remembered that during Cell Games that 18 was flying along with Goku and the others.

The possibility that both sides were on an equal level was very high.

At the thought of this, the corners of Satan’s mouth couldn’t help but tremble and he felt an urge to cry in his heart.

However, Satan, who was a vain person, endured the severe pain and pretended to be calm as he posed dashingly and hooked his finger towards 18.

To be honest, Satan was feeling a little apprehensive.

He had studied the past few tournaments.

He thought it would be easy to win the championship this time, but he did not expect to meet such a strong opponent.

Fortunately, it is now the final, and losing will not be too embarrassing.

Of course, the prerequisite for all this is that she would be merciful.

Otherwise he, the majestic Mr.

Satan wouldn’t even be able to receive one move of a girl and his image in Videl’s mind will be shattered.

“She should show mercy.

Even if I lose, don’t make me lose too embarrassingly!” Satan muttered in his heart.

As if she had seen through what Satan was thinking, 18’s eyes lit up.

She bit her lips, flashed to Satan’s side, and whispered: “If you can pay me money after the match, I can allow you to lose a little less embarrassingly.”

“Really” Satan’s eyes glowed.

Now that I have found a way out of this embarrassing situation, that is the best.

Satan has no other shortcomings, except for not being willing to lose face.

He participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament this time, one he was feeling itchy and wanted to put to use his limbs, and secondly, he had the aim of gaining reputation.

“I will fight against you slowly for a few minutes, and then defeat you.

You just need to pay me afterward!” 18 pursed her lips and said with a smile.

In the original work, 18 deliberately lost to Satan when she fought against him, but at this time, 18 had no desire to allow him to win.

She wanted to get both the prize money and payment.

“Sure.” Satan was overjoyed and accepted the deal.

“It’s a deal!”

“Then let’s begin!”

After making the deal under everyone’s eyes, both of them flashed and quickly separated by more than 20 meters.

Satan immediately became confident and again began to speak flippantly.

18 frowned, slightly unhappy in her heart with Satan.

After giving a showy performance, Satan thought he had shown his heroism, hence his expression turned serious and he rushed over with a loud roar.

Bang, 18 pretended to engage in a fierce fight with him and reduced her strength to the same level as Satan, so that the fight looks intense.

Now Satan felt good.

No matter what he is also someone with a Battle Power of 400 and has some skills.

In the original work, when Goku and Piccolo teamed up to attack Raditz, they had similar Battle Power, so it was a piece of cake for Satan to use this strength to fool some ordinary martial artists, not to mention that there were many ordinary people present among the spectators.

So, a wonderful battle was staged in front of everyone, making them exclaim in surprise again and again.

“Wonderful, this is a pinnacle-level battle!”

The spectators watched as if mesmerized and couldn’t help but sigh.

Even martial artists with good skills did not realize that this was an act.

“Lazuli is losing intentionally.

This is extremely serious!” The blonde-haired Launch had seen the problem.

Xiaya grinned, “Maybe she wants to make some extra money!”

“What’s that mean”

Xiaya shook his head and did not speak, his eyes looking at 18 and Satan in the arena seriously.

In the original work, the two of them had acted similarly like this, but the current 18 obviously will not give up on the winner’s prize money.

Sometimes he has this thought: when did 18 fall into the money pit It is reasonable to say that whether on Planet Hongshan or Earth, she has lived a life without worrying about clothes and food!

Or is it just her way of entertaining herself

However, it is also quite enjoyable to appreciate such a performance, Xiaya thought happily

The fight in the arena was going on.

The marble slabs slightly loosened as few cracks appeared on them.

The two of them were moving rapidly causing the ground to become unrecognizable.

The fierce attacks were like tigers roaring, raising gusts of wind.

The powerful air currents caused the flying dust to fall down which blew towards the spectators making them close their eyes.

“Energy Wave!”

A light blue Energy Wave shot out of Satan’s hands, the surging energy causing an imposing aura to rise, intimidating everyone.

“Energy Disc!” It was similar to Krillin’s technique Destructo Disc.

The two energies collided in mid-air and erupted out with an earth-shattering rumble.

Followed by a frightening explosion.

The shock waves produced by the explosion contained a tremendous amount of energy as they spread out in all directions.

The intense light ray stung everyone’s eyes and caused them to close their eyes.

Suddenly, raging winds mixed with deafening noises swept through everywhere, and the entire venue got filled with thick smoke.

The audience stared blankly, dumbfounded.

The nuclear explosion-like attack gave them a shock, and the excitement could not be calmed down for a long time.

“I surrender!”

As everyone was gradually calming down, Satan suddenly raised his hand and surrendered in front of everyone.

At this time, no one felt that Satan losing was anything to be ashamed of.


Satan has proved his mettle.”

“Miss Lazuli is too strong.”

“The tournament is over, the champion of the 27th World Martial Arts Tournament is Miss Lazuli!” The blond-haired host calmed down from his excitement and enthusiastically announced the result of the tournament which was followed by warm cheers from the crowd.

“Don’t forget to give me my payment.” 18 walked past Satan and whispered softly.

“I’ll give it to you soon.” Satan wiped his sweat.

Although he lost some money, he was able to keep his valiant bearing and wasn’t defeated by his opponent in a single blow, which is considered a small gain.


“Dad, you have worked hard, that Miss Lazuli is too powerful.” After the match, Videl stepped forward to comfort Satan.

“Yeah, Miss Lazuli is too strong.

Videl will be as strong as her in the future.” At this moment, Satan felt that the little money he spent was really worth it.

“Umm, I will work hard.” Videl looked at Satan and said, “By the way, when shall we meet Mr.


Satan gave a forced smile and said: “Soon, soon.”

“It would be great if Mr.

Yajirobe could introduce me to Mr.

Goku for an apprenticeship.” Videl was indulging in fantasy.

On the other side, after 18 received the winner’s prize money of 10 million, she also took the extra prize money and was now staying with Xiaya and the others.

“Lazuli, tell me, how much money did you extort from Satan” Xiaya whispered in 18’s ear.

18 gave him a surprised look, “How did you know” When she secretly made the deal with Satan, her voice was very low.

How did Xiaya find out

Xiaya smiled with a profound look: “I know a little bit about your personality.

Then again, since when did you begin to like money so much”

“Heh, I won’t tell you.” 18 curled her lips, her beautiful golden hair fluttering past Xiaya’s face, bringing a calm fragrance.

Seeing Xiaya whisper something to 18, Blonde-haired Launch shouted in a loud voice: “Hey, Xiaya, Lazuli, what are you talking about”

“Nothing!” 18 answered coldly, “Wait for a while, I have to go and ask for that sum of money.”

Xiaya shrugged, and with a gentle smile, he walked over to Xiling and Myers and said, “Lazuli just now extorted a large sum of money from Satan in the arena.”

Hearing that, Xiling said with a smile: “I was thinking even though she is so powerful, why did she perform so poorly.

So, it was because she had made a deal!”

“But this fits her character.” Myers smiled.


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