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Although 18 slowed down her fighting speed, she still has absolute strength.

After around ten minutes or so, thinking that she had done her duty to present the audience with a wonderful battle, she sped up and smashed the opponent out of the arena without fooling around anymore.

Next is the last match of the quarter-finals.

After the host’s familiar introduction, the monk of the Martial Arts Temple struck the gong, and Videl standing below the arena cheered herself up and jumped to the center of the arena.

Standing opposite Videl was a twenty-something-year-old young man wearing a martial arts uniform with a martial arts school’s logo.

“The one who is entering the arena is a little girl”

“Her opponent is Nancy, a modern martial artist from Yajirobe City who has just recently won the Youth Martial Arts Tournament.

She really has bad luck.”

“Idiot, that girl is no ordinary person, she is Mr.

Satan’s daughter.

She has definitely received strict training from Mr.


“Then this match is going to be wonderful.”

The spectators expressed their respective opinions.

After learning that Videl is the daughter of Satan, they put away their previous contempt and were filled with anticipation in their hearts.

“Hey, so she is Satan’s daughter.

No wonder she looks familiar.” Xiaya noticed Videl as she entered the arena, and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, which attracted the attention of Xiling and the others.

Xiling asked in wonder, “What’s so special about that girl”

Xiaya smiled and said: “Have you heard from others She is Satan’s daughter.”

“Satan” Xiling thought for a while, “That’s the man with the afro-hairstyle from the Cell Games.

She is his daughter She looks quite cute, and her Battle Power is not bad for an earthling.”

Xiling didn’t have a deep impression of Satan and only remembered his fluffy afro-hairstyle.

She turned to look at Videl and nodded lightly with a slight appreciation in her eyes.

Videl’s Battle Power, of course, can’t be compared to Saiyans, but she is outstanding for having such Battle Power at a young age.

“Yes, making it to the quarterfinals at this age, she is quite good.”

Xiaya said in approval.

He didn’t expect the tide of the times to be so big that Videl, who should have only shown this talent at the age of sixteen, would participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament at such a young age and even reach among the top 8.

“But this is also interesting.” Xiaya chuckled as the corners of his mouth curled into an arc.

In the arena, the match had started.

Videl’s delicate body was standing in front of the modern martial artist Nancy, and after bowing, she assumed an attacking posture.

Swish, a shadow flashed past, leaving behind blurry afterimages.

Because her speed was too fast, many spectators couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

But Videl’s opponent is also a martial art expert.

After seeing Videl attacking, she calmly responded as she quickly moved.

Bang, the fierce impact caused an icy whirlwind to blast out in all directions.

The figures of two people were entangled together as they kept exchanging blows.

Their speed was very fast, and ordinary people were having some difficulty in seeing them which soon caused their eyes to feel pain becoming blurry, but this did not affect the delight of the watching spectators in the least.

On the contrary, because of it, the emotions of the spectators were running even higher, as if a bottle of gasoline was poured into a bonfire and the blazing flames erupted out.

“Come on, Videl!”

“They both are equally matched!”

“Contestant Nancy’s movements have accelerated.

It’s really a wonderful fight.”

In the private room, Xiaya narrowed his eyes, picked up the cup on the table which had green tea leaves floating in it, took a sip, and faintly smiled: “Videl’s Battle Power has reached 78 at such a young age.

Her talent is quite good.

With reasonable training, reaching Launch’s heights will not be a problem.”

This evaluation is already very high.

Right now, Launch’s Battle Power has exceeded 3000, and it is already very difficult for Videl to reach such heights in the future.

After all, not everyone can have such a good opportunity to continue to grow stronger like Krillin and Tien Shinhan.

Of course, if Videl can become Goku’s daughter-in-law like in the original work, it is not impossible to achieve future achievements comparable to Krillin.

“Pff, she can be as powerful as me” Don’t know when Launch had turned blond again.

She seemed very dissatisfied with Xiaya’s evaluation.

Myers glanced at the blonde-haired Launch and shook her head: “With her perseverance, she will definitely surpass you.

If you had put some thoughts on your training, you wouldn’t only have such a little Battle Power now, which is only there because we had forced you to train.”

The blonde-haired Launch received quite a shock and simply went to sit on the side without saying anything.

She picked up a bunch of grapes from the plate and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Videl is going to lose,” Xiling concluded, closely watching the changes in the arena.

In the end, she was too young and couldn’t control the rhythm of the battle as compared to her opponent, and was quickly dragged into the opponent’s rhythm.

As the situation fell into the opponent’s control, it was not long before Videl’s face began to turn pale and she gasped for breath, her strength rapidly being consumed.

“Energy Wave!”

The light blue energy beam shot out from her palm.

Videl was defeated after going all-out.

She lost the match, unfortunately mainly because of a lack of experience.

She was not decisive enough when she should attack.

She failed to seize the right timing and used a lot of useless moves during many key moments.

“In the fourth match, Contestant Nancy wins and has entered the semifinals.”

Amidst the warm cheers, the host announced the result of the match.

“Videl, you did a good job, try harder next time to win.” Satan came over to her side and comforted his daughter.

Videl raised her head and said resolutely, “Next time I will definitely win.”

“In the second round, the first match of the semi-final, Contestant Lazuli will fight against Chappa.

Both the contestants, please come on to the stage.”

The host announced the match loudly and then introduced: “Contestant Lazuli, like the previous champion of the martial arts tournament, Mr.

Satan, had participated in the Cell Games four years ago.

Although she looks young, as everyone has seen before, she is actually an amazing expert.

The introduction by the blonde-haired host was just perfect, instantly causing the atmosphere of the match to heat up.

The spectators looked excited and even other martial artists who had come from afar couldn’t help but look shocked.

“Everyone’s enthusiasm is running high, but unfortunately this is a match without any suspense,” Xiaya said with a chuckle.

As 18’s opponent, it was quite lamentable because from the beginning the opponent had no hope of winning.

Just as Xiaya said, even after the match started, 18 had an indifferent look on her face as if nothing in the world could change her expression.

However, for the extra prize money, 18 did the same as before.

After a few minutes of the “fierce” battle, she made the opponent faint.


The matches went on smoothly and soon it was the finals.

18 vs Satan.

“Boom!” The gong rang and the match started.

Satan adopted a fighting posture and put on a serious expression, while 18 was holding her arms across her chest, standing relaxedly, her blue eyes quietly staring at him.

Cold sweat dripped down from Satan’s face.

Satan was directly experiencing unprecedented pressure.

“There are no weak points!”

“She has such control of her aura, I can’t sense it at all.

She really is a great expert.” Satan felt somewhat nervous, and his expression became serious.

From here, he surprisingly couldn’t feel any slightest aura, causing him to feel pressure.

“As expected of someone who has participated in the Cell Games, just her calmness is incomparable.” This woman named Lazuli is very familiar with Goku and the others, and Satan knew that he is in danger.


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