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Krillin was the champion of the two consecutive 24th and 25th World Martial Arts Tournaments since Goku and others never participated in the tournament again because of the sensation caused by the Cell Games and this the host found regretful who have always hoped to host high-level matches.

So when he saw Xiaya and the others, the blonde-haired host eagerly hoped that they could participate in the tournament.

“We will not participate in the tournament, only Lazuli has signed up.” Xiaya politely declined.

The blond-haired host was dazed for a while before reacting: “It is the same.

It is my honor that this miss is participating.” Then the blond-haired host leaned over and whispered, “Then I’ll ask Miss Lazuli to show mercy and try to rein yourself in as much as possible.

Well then, it seems that I’ll have to ask them to prepare high-speed cameras.”

Looking at him babbling so much, the blond-haired Launch became upset.

“Hey, are you done”

“Well, Miss Launch, I can understand that Mr.

Xiaya and the others are not participating in the tournament, but why aren’t you participating too You are the champion of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament!”

“Not interested!” The blond-haired Launch’s mouth twitched.

She was able to win the title of a champion because her skills were higher than Goku and the others at that time.

Now that 18 is participating in the tournament, why would she go look for abuse

She has always been someone who has a clear view of things and wouldn’t make herself suffer.

“That’s really a pity.

It’s not easy for you to come to Earth, why not let me show you to the venue of the tournament!” The blond-haired host volunteered.

Xiaya gladly accepted the invitation of the host, and then followed him as they visited the brand-new competition hall, Martial Arts Temple, and the main tournament arena.

The scale had expanded a lot.

Following an internal staff member, Xiaya and the others saved a lot of time in entering the venue, and when the blonde-haired host left, he also specially arranged a separate viewing room for Xiaya and others.

The separate rooms have the best view of the martial arts arenas, and they are always prepared for special guests.

“This host is quite a dedicated person!” Myers said with blinking eyes after the host left.

“His love for the Martial Arts Tournament is admirable and he is one of the few people who lives up to his position.

If he wasn’t so weak, I really want to bring him to Planet Hongshan and let him host Planet Hongshan’s competitions!”

Xiaya’s eyes showed a hint of approval.

If you say that in the entire dragon ball story, besides the main protagonists, the one who has impressed him the most is the blonde-haired host.

He has always been the host of the martial arts tournament.

Even in the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament in the original work, all the spectators and staff members had run away frantically because of the battle between Goku and Piccolo, but only the host insisted on not leaving until announcing the result of the match.

He accompanied Goku and the others almost all the way through their development, and he is also one of the few people in the story who has a clear understanding of the truth.

Towards such a dedicated person, it is hard for Xiaya to not have a good impression of him.

Slightly sighing, Xiaya checked the time and brought Xiling, Myers, and the others to the hotel to book a few rooms.

Lazuli’s number was 3158, and it will not be her turn for a little while.

The next day.

The crowd in Yajirobe City increased even more.

Screechhhh, there was a screech of a car braking.

A long car stopped at the entrance of the hotel, and the afro-hairstyle Satan jumped out of the car with a black-haired girl.

The reporters waiting on the side immediately surrounded him, and the flashes of photographers’ cameras lit up around them.

“It’s the champion of the previous martial arts tournament, Mr.



Satan had also participated in the Cell Games.”

“He contributed to the survival of humanity.”

“Does Mr.

Satan have the confidence to win the tournament this time”

The reporters chased after Satan and held the microphone in front of him.

Satan laughed heartily and confidently made an OK gesture to the reporters.

Compared to the idiot in the original work, the current Satan is full of confidence.

“Wow, Mr.

Satan is really confident.”

“Worthy of being humanity’s hero!”

“Are you going to participate in the tournament with your daughter”

Sounds of clamor rang under the hotel, 18 parted the blinds, looked at the scenes below, and snorted expressionlessly.

She had met this Satan once during the Cell Games and is considered to have good skills among the earthlings, but if he wants to become this year’s champion of the tournament, it is not enough.

Satan laughed out loudly and high-spiritedly took Videl to the hotel elevator.

In the corridor.

“Dad, when will you take me to meet Mr.

Yajirobe” Videl asked impatiently.

Satan smiled dryly, stroked her head, and said: “Soon, when the martial arts tournament is over, Dad will take you there.”

“All right!”

Videl nodded, then clenched her fists enthusiastically to cheer herself up.

At this time, they ran into 18 and blonde-haired Launch who were coming towards them.

When they brushed past them, Satan frowned.

Looking at 18 and Launch, Satan rubbed his eyes.

“Hey, that woman with short hair, I seem to have seen her during the Cell Games, and the long-haired one next to her, she seems to be the champion of the 22nd martial arts tournament, why are they here Are they also participating in the tournament” Satan muttered to himself and suddenly felt that his position as the champion was not very safe.

Seeing her father’s expression slightly changed, Videl asked: “Dad, what happened”

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Satan replied absent-mindedly.

Videl revealed a doubtful look in her eyes but she quickly forgot about it amidst the excitement.

But Satan began to feel uneasy in his heart.

“Even if it is really that person, she did not have any outstanding performance in the Cell Games.

Her skills shouldn’t be much, right It’s definitely…” He comforted himself with these words, but he still felt uneasy in his heart.


“Lazuli, the person just now seems a little familiar, do you recognize him” The blonde-haired Launch asked 18.

The person just now had a stronger aura compared to an average earthling, and probably has 400 Battle Power.

“A nobody full of himself.”

18’s expression was indifferent as she said that.

Blonde-haired Launch nodded with a “hmm” and then stopped thinking about Satan.


The preliminaries of the martial arts tournament began soon.

In the arenas scattered around everywhere, tens of thousands of contestants were eager to begin fighting.

As the sound of the gong spread out, the preliminaries officially began.

Because they were additional screening matches, no spectators will be able to watch them.

“Thump!” With a fierce thumping sound, a burly man with a height of more than two meters fell to the ground and didn’t rise again.

His opponent was a petite blonde-haired woman.

“Announce the result!” 18 said coldly.

“Oh, oh!” The staff member in charge of the recording was taken aback for a moment before quickly shouting: “Contestant No.

3158 Lazuli has defeated seven contestants and successfully obtained a spot in the main tournament.”

After hearing the result, she flicked her beautiful hair, turned around, and jumped off the arena.

On the other side, Satan, who had forced back his opponent with a punch, turned his head to look at 18’s side and frowned: “Sure enough, she is also a contestant.

This is troublesome! I hope I won’t run into her in the main tournament.”

The blond-haired host watched happily from the side and wrote down the names of the contestants he paid special attention to in his notebook.

At this moment, there was a sound of exclamation from the faraway arena.

The blonde-haired host immediately ran over and saw a 13-14-year-old black-haired girl bowing in front of a contestant who had fainted.

“This little girl is so powerful, she knocked her opponent out with one blow.”

“The opponent is a senior student of a martial arts school!”


6751 Videl!” The blonde-haired host emphatically recorded in his notebook, “Although she is not as amazing as contestant Goku when he was young, she is still a very rarely seen martial artist.”

The preliminaries continued in full swing, and two days later, there were only 256 contestants left from the more than 10,000 contestants.

Next, these 256 contestants will enter the open-air arena of the main tournament and decide the final eight in front of tens of thousands of spectators.


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