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The morning sun rose in the east as a greyish dawn appeared on the horizon.

As the morning sun gradually rose, the warm sunlight passed through the clouds and dyed the white clouds with a layer of cherry red color, which looked full of the brilliance of life.

It has been more than half a year since Xiaya became God of Time.

In the countryside of West City, a 13-14-year-old girl was arduously training in the training room, sweat condensed into sparkling drops of water dripping down.

“I must get a good result in the martial arts tournament this time.” The girl thought while waving her arms vigorously, diving, flying across, and continuously doing basic training.

“Click!” Satan opened the door of the training room and walked in.

Seeing Satan come in, the girl stopped her movements, trotted over, and hugged Satan’s arm: “Dad, I want to participate in the martial arts tournament this time.”

Satan placed his hand on his daughter’s head, “Yes, let’s participate together and strive to get a good result.

I also want to win two consecutive championships and get another championship.”

“Hmm!” The girl Videl nodded vigorously and raised her head: “But there are a lot of people who signed up for the martial arts tournament this time.

I heard that there will be a preliminary selection before the competition.”

“There’s no problem, you were personally trained by your dad.

You know that dad has once challenged the Sacred Land of Korin and received guidance from Immortal Korin.

Besides those legendary experts, only a few people like Upa and Gabriel can compete against dad.”

“Dad is amazing,” Videl said with adoration in her eyes.

“Well, of course, hahaha…”

Satan laughed heartily with his head held high and chest out.

Back then Satan was also considered young and frivolous as he had trudged alone to the Sacred Land of Korin.

If he hadn’t met Yajirobe who brought him to Korin Tower, his fate might have been completely different.

It is a booming age now, and if you don’t pay attention, you will be submerged in the trend of the times.

“Dad, you are the champion of the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament.

You are going to win this time too!”


Satan was full of confidence.

He has, after all, also participated in the Cell Games.

Although there is no opportunity to formally compete on the stage, as long as those legendary experts do not participate in the competition, Satan feels that the position of the champion is settled.

“Dad, you have met Mr.

Goku and others before.

This time the martial arts tournament will be held in Yajirobe City.

Can you take me to meet them”

“Sure, sure, Dad and Yajirobe have a very good relationship.”

Satan shamelessly bragged.

How could he lose prestige in front of his daughter Sure enough, after hearing him, Videl smiled and cast an admiring look at him.


Days passed, the 27th World Martial Arts Tournament was held in Yajirobe City.

The triennial tournament made the already bustling Yajirobe City more lively.

Walking on the bright and bustling streets, there was a vast crowd of people with a lot of hubbub.

Some of them are contestants who have come from all over the world to participate in the martial arts tournament, and some have come from afar just to spectate the tournament.

Yajirobe City is one of the nine sacred places with the same fame as the Sacred Land of Korin and there are also many local warriors.

As the day of the martial arts tournament approaches, all the martial arts schools have made final preparations.

Among the bustling crowd, a red-haired figure was particularly conspicuous as several beautiful women were following him.

“Lazuli, why do you want to participate in such a boring competition, why not instead go for a stroll with me in the market.” A golden-haired woman spoke who was carrying a dangerous-looking gun.

“Because I heard that the champion of the Martial Arts Tournament can get a large prize money.”

18 said calmly.

She was wearing brown sunglasses, a light blue sleeveless shirt, and her usual conservative trousers, her exposed white arms looked soft and not at all like a martial artist’s.

Since the last time she had come to Earth to attend Krillin’s wedding, she had missed the martial arts tournament.

In order to get the prize money this time, she had long been thinking about it.

“Ha, just for this!” The blonde-haired Launch exclaimed, putting her elbow on 18’s shoulder, “If you want money, let’s go rob it with me, it will definitely be much more than the prize money here.”

The corners of Xiaya’s mouth, who was watching this, twitched.

He hit the blonde-haired Launch’s head and scolded her: “Don’t make not doing honest work sound so amazing.

Why would Lazuli go rob with you”

The blonde-haired Launch chuckled and also felt that it was impossible.

She put away the gun and went to stand on the side, whistling.

They followed the crowd and soon arrived at the venue of the martial arts tournament.

On the west side of Yajirobe City, near the unending mountain range, there was an artificially excavated vast plain.

This was the venue of the tournament, covering an area of ​​about 500,000 square meters and huge spectator stands have been built along the mountain slopes.

At this time, a worker of the martial arts tournament shouted in a loudspeaker: “Contestants participating in the martial arts tournament, please come over and sign up!”

“Go, we’ll wait for you here.”

“Hmm!” 18 nodded gracefully, walked to the registration site, and joined a long line.

Soon it was her turn.

The registration clerk looked at her in surprise, who looked like a miss from a rich family.


“Lazuli!” 18 said coldly.

The clerk registered her name in the list and handed a number to 18, “This is your entry number, please enter the corresponding preliminaries arena according to the number, where preliminaries will be conducted, and only after meeting the requirements will you be able to enter the competition hall for the primary contest.”

“OK.” 18 took the number plate, stuck it to her chest, turned around, and left.

“Wait, please don’t wear ornamental sunglasses during the contest.” The clerk reminded her.


He looked at her for a while and shook his head.

Nowadays the rich misses come to participate in the tournament just like the martial artists.

They have met many before, and those people may not even be able to pass the preliminaries segment.

Originally, the preliminaries of the World Martial Arts Tournament were not so complicated, because in the past there were generally only one or two hundred contestants.

The qualifiers could directly determine the top eight, but the era of Earth is developing, and as the glory of martial arts keeps getting unearthed, the number of contestants in the martial arts tournaments has rapidly increased by several times and the previous system has also been adjusted accordingly.

And added a preliminaries segment before the martial arts competition.

“How is it, have you signed up” Under a pavilion, Xiling saw 18 coming over and waved to her.


3158, there are more participants this time.

It seems that the preliminaries will be held for several days!”

Xiaya glanced at the number on her chest and sighed in his heart.

Now the disparity between this Earth and the original work’s Earth is getting bigger and bigger.

With the widespread popularity of martial arts, many young geniuses and ancient schools were emerging one after another, but with the participation of 18, these people’s hopes of winning the championship are basically cut off.

While Xiaya was chatting with 18 and the others, a blond-haired host ran over.

“Ah, it’s really you people.

Are you also going to participate in the martial arts tournament It will definitely add a lot of color to this year’s tournament.”

The blond-haired host excitedly looked at Xiaya and others.

The Cell Games four years ago gave him a real understanding of what is called a peak-level fight, destroying stars and shattering suns, moving mountains, and overturning the seas.

What many people feel is unimaginable, in their eyes, is not a difficult task for them.

Moreover even Earth’s Kami is their good friend!


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