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In another unknown space, the headquarters of the Dark Angels.

Eighteen diamond-like planets were revolving around the world.

A gurgling stream flowed down from the severed periphery of the world before turning around in space and entering the lakes around the world.

“Mira, your plan can be started,” Dark Angel Via said coldly to Mira, who was healing his physical body.

Mira opened his blood-red eyes and replied with a grim expression, “Yes, the plan cannot be delayed any longer.

I’ve contacted the ‘me’ of other space-times, and they all agree with this plan.

But I need your help!”

“Say it!” Dark Angel’s face was indifferent.

“Towa’s stance has always been unclear.

I can’t guarantee what she is thinking, so she will be excluded from the plan from the beginning.

I need you to cover it up and not let her know about any of this.

Besides, the Demigra of multiple space-times needs a large number of sacrifices, which is very likely to attract the attention of Gods of Destruction and Angels.

Help me to block them at that time.”

“No problem, it is all within the scope of cooperation.”

“In fact, the best method is to kill all the Supreme Kais of the 12 universes, but if we do this, it will have too great of an effect.

It is likely to attract the attention of the Great Priest or Zeno and even cause a backlash…”

Mira felt troubled.

If he can, of course he wants to kill all the Supreme Kais at once, so that all the influence of Gods of Destruction and Angels can be eliminated, but he doesn’t know how the Great Priest and Zeno will react to it.

So he doesn’t dare to gamble and can only obediently proceed according to the plan.

“The preparations will take a while.”

“When the Demigra of multiple space-times is resurrected, there will be nothing to fear.

No matter if it is Gods of Destruction or Angels, they wouldn’t be able to stop me.” Mira’s expression turned sinister, his eyes flashing with a dim light.

He glanced at the Dark Angel from the corners of his eyes and suddenly sneered.


Time flies.

A few months passed…

In the God of Destruction’s world, there was lightning flashing and thunder rumbling.

Nearly a hundred isolated planets were floating quietly, changing orbits following certain laws to build a perfect system.

At the center of a rhombus-shaped star, an enormous ancient tree was growing like a huge potted plant, the huge branches of the ancient tree extending out into the colorful foggy sea.

Under the sunlight, an ancient temple was shining with a sparkling but simple luster.

On the ground, a purple long-eared creature was dozing while listlessly holding a fishing rod, not even knowing that the plumbline had already been bitten by a fish.

Suddenly, a distortion appeared in the sky and Xiaya stepped out of a space tunnel.

Seeing God of Destruction Beerus dozing off with his head lowered, Xiaya gave him a push.

“Ah, Xiaya, you are back!” Beerus yawned and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

Then he pulled up the hook, and a small fish jumped into the plastic bucket.

“Whis, grill this fish for me…”

“Beerus-sama, I will be there at once.” Whis’s voice came from far away.

“Oh, Xiaya, you’re back.

Congratulations for becoming Universe 7’s God of Time.

Take care of me in the future.” Seeing Xiaya, Whis was surprised and a smile appeared on his calm face.

After Xiaya had become the God of Time of Universe 7, at least in their space-time, Zeno would not randomly destroy Universe 7.

“Of course.

Are Xiling and the others training on Creating God Star again”

“Yes, they have been there for a while.”

“I hope the three of them will gain something.”

Xiaya smiled faintly.

At this time, he saw a small glass vessel floating next to Whis with a strange blue creature sticking its head out of it.

“Oracle Fish!” It’s name appeared in Xiaya’s mind.

“Beerus-sama, can you not eat fish, eat something else!” The Oracle Fish poked her head out.

Beerus tsked, took a look at the Oracle Fish, and dumped the fish in the plastic bucket back into the lake.

“Oracle Fish, quickly predict something for me.”

“Hmm!” The prophet fish responded.

Whis explained to Xiaya next to him, “The Oracle Fish is a good friend of Beerus-sama.

It can predict a lot of things about the future, but its character… is very unreliable.”

Xiaya glanced at Whis; he however knew that Whis often went out to eat delicious food together with the Oracle Fish and hid it from Beerus.

“Well, um, Beerus-sama, in seven years, you will meet a ‘strong opponent’ whose name is Super… Super…” The Oracle Fish stuttered and could not finish.

“My opponent, what’s his name” Beerus’ eyes turned sharp, and there was a cold glint in his eyes.

“Super…what is it, I forgot.”

The Oracle Fish put her head into the glass vessel and poked her head out again, her mung bean-sized eyes turned towards Whis.

“Whis, shall we go make some delicious food”

“Hey, tell me the prediction first!” Blue veins stood out on Beerus’ forehead, and he crushed the fishing rod in his hand.

“I forgot.”


Xiaya looked in amusement at the God of Destruction Beerus and the Oracle Fish glaring at each other, but he was thinking about what the Oracle Fish had just said.

The “strong opponent” mentioned by her should be Goku who transformed into Super Saiyan God, right

Seven years later, that is, four years after the Majin Buu Saga, he should be 51 years old at that time.

He remembered Beerus’s mention in the original work that he had slept for 39 years.

At that time, it had been exactly 39 years since Planet Vegeta was destroyed.

So, the time should be right.

However, in Xiaya’s view, the Super Saiyan God cannot become God of Destruction Beerus’s “strong opponent” no matter what and at best can be an opponent who can help kill time.

Ignoring Beerus and the Oracle Fish’s antics, Whis prepared cooking utensils.

“Xiaya, I’ll let you have a taste of my skills that I have learned in the past few years.

Planet Hongshan’s cooking skills are really profound…” After saying that, Whis put the scepter aside, took out a lot of ingredients as if performing a magic trick, and started cooking while humming a tune.

Soon, a wonderful fragrance came out, Beerus sniffed, put aside the Oracle Fish, and waited anxiously by the side.

After eating heartily, Beerus patted his stomach contentedly and said with a burp, “I’m going back to sleep this time, so don’t wake me up no matter what happens.”

“Beerus-sama, you are getting lazy again, don’t forget your job.”

“So troublesome!” Beerus roared, and then flew towards the temple at the top of the ancient tree as Whis watched on.

That’s where he sleeps, and unless something chaotic happens in the universe, he won’t wake up easily.

“Beerus-sama, all he does is eat and sleep.

He is too lazy.

Look at Champa-sama, he never sleeps.” Thinking of God of Destruction Champa under the teachings of Vados, Whis felt that his teachings were a failure when he compared the two brothers.

“It’s not that Champa doesn’t want to sleep, rather he doesn’t dare to!”

Xiaya thought mockingly.

Vados’s methods were really much stricter than Whis.

“Hey, are you interested in letting Xiling and the others succeed as the new God of Destruction after Beerus-sama dies I think they are definitely qualified.”

“I don’t know what to say to that!”

“Whis, Beerus is not dead yet and you are already planning for the next God of Destruction so early, is that really alright” Is Beerus going to be cursed to death running into such an Attendant

Whis laughed and said, “Isn’t that going to happen sooner or later I have to plan early on.”


Whis has always been like this, as if he doesn’t care about anything, but he does Angel’s duty quite well.

It should be said that if there wasn’t a hardworking Angel like Whis, and Universe 7 just had to rely on Beerus and the useless East Supreme Kai, who knows what kind of mess it would be in.


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