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Latent Talent, this thing was quite magical.

If placed in the Saiyan race, it would clearly reveal the difference between bloodlines.

A High-level Warrior would naturally have better latent talent, and the same training method would result in even more possibilities of breakthroughs.

Truth be told, if they hadn’t used the Gravity Machine before, or had come into contact with Xiaya’s training method, who could have thought that Adri and others would break through 10,000 Battle Power one day

And even if they had such capability, it still wouldn’t be possible for them to have a breakthrough so early!

From this, it could be said that even though there are some Low-Level Warriors among the people being evacuated, the actual strength they could develop will no way be inferior to the original Saiyan race.

But, there is only a single flaw in it, that is probably the further breakthroughs in future.

After all, High- level Warriors were scant and it would be a long process for an excellent quality bloodline to slowly appear among the numerous Low-Level Warriors.

“Indeed, Little Ya, even though we couldn’t comprehend the theory of practicing ‘Ki’, its effects are very obvious.

If this training method is popularized, Saiyan race will surely usher in a golden period!” Brook, who has always been taciturn, calmly nodded and said, somewhat excited in his heart.

Since he found out that Xiaya and Xiling’s Battle Power had broken through 120,000 and 90,000 respectively, Brook was amazed and at the same time had especially started liking training in Ki, faintly treating it as a rare treasure which could help the Saiyans to rise to prominence.

Of course, such a magical training method could not be popularized at once.

They must carefully choose and only teach it to suitable people.

Seeing that Adri and others were in heated discussion, Xiaya and Xiling glanced at each other and saw a different kind of thing in the other’s eyes.

Although training Ki can infinitely enhance Saiyan’s inner strength, it is difficult to say to what extent it can be enhanced.

Xiaya estimates that enhancing an ordinary Saiyan’s level to 100,000 Battle Power is already going against the heavens.

For further increase, it would depend on the potential of the said individual.

However, if that said Saiayn can improve to that extent, it would already be a big stroke of luck!

100,000 Battle Power, individuals who can reach this level were extremely rare in the universe, let alone an entire race.

If all the Saiyans level can reach 100,000 Battle Power, it could definitely be counted as a pinnacle race.

Of course, Xiaya’s own target cannot be only limited to such a little Battle Power, what he wants is to breakthrough to Super Saiyan as soon as possible.

And this cannot be achieved by merely Ki training, it still needs many lucky chances and trials.

In the original work, Son Goku and Vegeta had only been able to turn into Super Saiyan after going through untold hardships.

Of course, this doesn’t include the two guys Goten and Trunks as they had obviously inherited very good genes, not struggling much to transform into Super Saiyan.

Xiaya knew that the difficulty level of transforming into a Super Saiyan is very high, but he has plenty of confidence in himself.

Moreover, since arriving in the Dragon Ball World, Xiaya has set himself the goal of not just remaining at Super Saiyan level, but also reach higher levels, just like God of Destruction, Beerus.

“Uncle Adri, I think that after some small changes, Planet Hongshan in no time can become suitable for Saiyans to live.

Then, should we migrate a batch of people first” Xiaya said seriously.

Adri nodded.

“Yes, it would be better to migrate them sooner rather than later.

Right now, Planet Vegeta’s situation is getting increasingly complicated.

I feel like King Vegeta is already beginning to get impatient and may start rebellion anytime.

So, we should take care of migrating people as soon as possible!”

“I’ll contact them after going back and try to arrange them in batches so as to migrate them to Planet Hongshan.”

Then Brook, Rebecca, Alice and others all expressed their opinions one by one and suggested that they should begin evacuation as soon as possible.

“Ok then, I will arrange for the Feidaya people to build a base here as soon as possible so as to ensure that Saiyans will be able to live there in safety when they arrive.” Xiaya continued, “Oh, that’s right, I planned to let Saiyans live on Planet Hongshan in future, while Feidaya people will move to Planet Meishan not far away.

“This is not a problem, Planet Hongshan is in good condition and is already the best option,” Adri nodded.

“Also, even though we Saiyans are a warmongering race, I hope everyone can exercise some restraint and not make troubles in our new homeland, creating a bad atmosphere.” Xiaya couldn’t help but warn them.

Regarding this, whether it was Adri or Brook both frowned.

This is actually quite a big problem.

According to Saiyans temperament, they were afraid that it would be very difficult for them to not make any trouble ah!

“We can only try to keep them under control as much as possible!” They stated their opinion.

Nodding slightly, Xiaya knew that keeping them under control is only a temporary solution, stubbornly suppressing them wouldn’t work.

But he doesn’t have any clue for now and can only first do this.

He would then again think about it in future and see if he have any solution or not!

Soon afterward, everyone again returned to Planet Vegeta.

After which, Xiaya again went to the base of Feidaya people and arranged for them to fly towards the direction of Planet Hongshan in a spaceship.

However, based on the technology standard of Feidaya people, if they want to travel from North Area to East Area, it would at least take more than two years.

It would take too much time, so as to start the construction on Planet Hongshan in advance, Xiaya had to use Instant Transmission and go ahead first, taking a group of Feidaya scientists and some equipments to Planet Hongshan.

Seeing that, with just a few teleportations, Xiaya took them to distant Planet Hongshan, those Feidaya scientists looked at Xiaya with eyes full of worship as though they were looking at Xiaya as an omnipotent god.

“Eroh, you will first construct enough houses here so as to accommodate 3,000 people along the island continent, ah, and especially prepare a food supply system!” Xiaya advised a little Feidaya scientist.

Saiyan’s appetite was very astonishing, if they didn’t make enough preparations early on, then it wouldn’t be good.

The scientist named Eroh was Duokela’s assistant.

Since Duokela has to manage the Feidaya people, he could only send his assistant to Planet Hongshan.

“Understood, Sir Xiaya!” The short-statured Feidaya person, Eroh straightened up his body and said in a loud and clear voice while his blue skin was tense.

Xiaya was very satisfied with his attitude.

After that, he saw several hundred Feidaya people each driving a huge machine and starting the construction with hustle and bustle.

If they encounter mountains, they would clear them from the road; if they encounter water, they would be erect a bridge.

Within a short period of time, a smooth and wide construction site was built, afterward, a bigger, more precision machine was started.

With a rumbling exploding sounds, the huge machine brandished its thick steel arms and pounded the ground, with each of these machine’s movements, the earth shook producing vibrations.

These Feidaya people deserved to be called natural scientists, although due to short stature, their individual strength was not high, they were able to operate this kind of appropriate and suitable machines for various circumstances.

No wonder, they were able to build two magnificent space corridors on their mother planet.

A few hours later, the color of the sky had gradually turned dark, and the prototype of a small scale base that could accommodate more than 3,000 people was almost completed.

Xiaya inspected it once to check that there was no problem and then utilized Instant Transmission to leave Planet Hongshan.

He handed over the responsibility of construction here to the Feidaya person named Eroh, trusting him to complete the mission.

Back to Planet Vegeta.

He found that Adri and others were all away from home.

Inside, there was only Xiling doing some simple basic exercises in the training room.

She seems to have listened to his words and didn’t insist on again using the Gravity Machine to train.

“Dad and everyone have gone out to contact other people!” Xiling wiped the sweat from her face, her delicate face was slightly flushed due to exercising.

Passing a wet towel over, Xiaya said: “Actually, you do not need to train so hard, you can take it easy.”

“But I don’t want to be weaker than you…” Xiling narrowed her eyes before laughing.

Xiaya smiled and pointed his finger at her head, then dragged Xiling to sit her on the sofa before gently kneading at the young girl’s neck joint with both of his hands, “Little girl, you do not have to be so anxious or it could easily injure your body! Come, I’ll give you a two handed massage!”

Indeed, a two-handed massage technique could relax a person’s mind to optimum state.

In his previous life, he was influenced by his neighbor who was an old doctor of Chinese medicine, so his hands were somewhat skilled! Following Xiaya’s massage, Xiling narrowed her eyes and felt comfortable while her joints were making crisp ‘crackling’ sounds.

After some time, Xiling was sound asleep from feeling comfortable.

“This kid, so combative!”

Gently picking her up, he went towards the bathroom while the girl’s soft body naturally sticking to his bosom.

Inside, he removed her outer clothing, and soon only a simple underwear was left.

Xiaya took a towel soaked in clean water and was ready to wipe her body, but before he could begin, he felt a pleasant feeling from Xiling’s slim body which was filled with soft and smooth curves………

“Little Xiling has already started to develop!”

Xiaya froze for a moment.

He had habitually treated Xiling as a child, so even if he had to wash her, he did not feel anything out of sorts, but now he suddenly realized that she is a girl.

For a moment, he couldn’t decide if he should continue to clean her or not, after all its a girl’s body, wouldn’t it be rude

Thinking of the kid that has been following behind him like a shadow from childhood has unconsciously grown up, a different kind of emotion couldn’t help but spring up in his heart.

“Anyway, I can’t be blamed for seeing her body…” Xiaya shook his head and picked up the wet towel before gently wiping it on the girl’s soft skin.

After washing, he again held her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom and gently covered her with bed sheets before walking out, closing the door behind him.

Xiaya did not notice that after he got out of the bedroom, Xiling’s closed eyes had suddenly opened and watched the door closing before she whined and covered her white fair-skinned little face with the bed sheets.

Only exposing her star-like eyes, continuously blinking.


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