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After the Great Heaven Official appeared, her eyes fell on Xiaya’s body, and suddenly, a vast and pure mysterious ripple spread out, cleansing his spirit before he heard a beautiful voice that sounded like the sounds of nature.

“Saiyan Xiaya, training time, 43 years; it has been three years since you entered the Divine Realm, you are the space-time controller with the fastest training speed I have ever seen.”

“According to the rules, from now on you will be the God of Time beside Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa, and will have to shoulder the responsibility of managing all the space-times in Universe 7 with her.

You have the right to judge the people that endanger the order of space-time, and if necessary, carry out the complete obliteration in space-time!”

The Great Heaven Official spoke in a cold voice.

Complete obliteration in space-time is not only to kill the present, but also to completely kill the past and the future, so that even if the timeline changes, the killed individual will not reappear.

The ability to obliterate space-time is absolutely thorough.

It completely destroys and erases a person’s existence on the space-time level, and is a unique skill related to time.

Just like God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” which destroys a person at the spatial level, including his soul, matter and energy, without having even the chance of reincarnation.

Hearing about a God of Time’s powers for the first time, Xiaya couldn’t help but stand there in stupefaction.

Chronoa pulled the corner of Xiaya’s clothes and Xiaya reacted, and together with Chronoa, bowed towards the shockingly beautiful Great Heaven Official.

“Great Heaven Official-sama, please formally confer the title on him!” Chronoa’s sweet voice was filled with excitement.

The Great Heaven Official smiled faintly.

The faint smile was like hundreds of flowers blooming in spring, brimming with indifference and elegance.

Taking out a scroll from the sleeves of her clothes, she unfolded it slowly like an imperial decree.

The Great Heaven Official’s delicate voice was soul stirring.

“I hereby announce the decision of Time King-sama: Xiaya, the space-time controller, has unique talents and with the approval of Time King-sama, he will officially succeed the position of God of Time of Universe 7 on xxxth day of Time Calendar at 3:51 o’clock and will be bestowed space-time Judgement ability.

Henceforth, he will work together with Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa to administer judgement in Universe 7’s time-space.”

(xxxth day: 6400129600 years and 100081 days)

“From today on you are the God of Time of Universe 7.”

After the Great Heaven Official finished her announcement, a silver-gray energy passed through the hundreds of millions of miles of space-time barrier, and then entered into Xiaya’s body.

The moment Xiaya received this silver-gray energy, he felt his spirit and soul tremble suddenly.

As if he had fallen into the boundless sea of ​​space-time, the space-time energy in his body began to churn and the quality of the energy began to rapidly improve.

Every cell in his body seemed to have awakened their consciousness, continuously sucking in outside energy greedily.

The silver-gray luster travelled around his body and Xiaya narrowed his eyes as a refreshing, imposing, and happy feeling gushed into his heart.

Just then, his spirit went outside his physical body, roaming in space-time.

He seems to see the past, saw when he was born, watched himself as a toddler grow little by little, leaving Planet Vegeta and going to Planet Selma.

Then when he transformed into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God.

All his past experiences clearly appeared in his mind.

Suddenly, Xiaya found himself in a vast sea of ​​space-time, where four enormous azure blue water balls were floating.

When Xiaya was feeling confused, the four azure blue water balls glowed with glittering fluorescent light, and the bubble representing Universe 7 began to rotate.

A supreme will suddenly descended, as if looking down from a higher place, the past and future of billions of creatures seemed to be in their hands.

Rumble, a sound of thunder from ancient times reverberated in the long river of space-time.

From the four Universe 7 and countless fragmented worlds, a serene aura travelled across the entire world, forming a silver divine dragon before converging outside the dimension in the Time Nest.

Four silver Shenrons and the inextricably linked smaller dragon shadows spun around while roaring intermittently and merged with Xiaya’s consciousness.

At this moment, the door to the third level of Divine Realm rumbled open, and what entered into Xiaya’s eyes was a different sight.

Shining with sparkling lights, there were many strange scenes and everything in the world seemed to slowly split by time, but in the next second, all these sights disappeared.

Xiaya’s aura changed from the inside to the outside.

With him as the center, a mysterious and distant aura swept out.

Sensing the waves emitted from Xiaya, Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa’s eyes narrowed in joy.

The relationship between a God of Time and a Supreme Kai of Time is different from the twin relationship between a God of Destruction and a Supreme Kai.

Their lives wouldn’t be linked.

The relationship between a God of Time and a Supreme Kai of Time is more of cooperation and coordination, so the stronger the God of Time is, the happier Chronoa as the Supreme Kai of Time is.

After a while, the position of a God of Time bestowed by the Time King was officially inherited by Xiaya.

Opening his eyes, a glistening light flashed in his silver-white eyes and the aura of a True God spread out from him.

Xiaya’s appearance hasn’t changed much compared to before.

The fiery red at the tips of his hair was as clear as the sparkling burning flame, but his eyes have officially turned into silvery white, and no longer converge back to crimson as before.

As Xiaya became a God of Time, the colour of the Time Ring on his finger also changed from its previous purple to pale gold.

“This feeling is really good!” Xiaya chuckled and clenched his fists.

It was a kind of complete control, more satisfactory than before.

He could feel endless power and if he exerts his full strength, he can even topple a universe.

Now he was standing at the same heights as God of Destruction Beerus, and his spirit and body had already undergone transformation.

A God of Time, just like God of Destruction, is a True God above all.

At the same time, a skill about a God of Time’s use of a space-time power appeared in his mind: “Extinction!”

The skill “Extinction” is very similar to the “Annihilation” developed by Xiaya before, but “Extinction” is a complete skill.

It is more comprehensive than the half-finished “Annihilation” in terms of completion.

It can completely wipe out a person’s existence from the time aspect, whether it is past, present, or future.

“What an incredible and terrifying skill!” Xiaya felt a wave of suffocation.

A God of Destruction’s ability is the complete destruction in space, while a God of Time’s ability is the total obliteration in time.

Comparing the two, they both complement each other.

Regardless of whether they are strong or weak, they are both extremely tyrannical Judgement abilities.

“God of Time Xiaya, I hope that from now on you can protect the space-time of Universe 7 together with Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa, and prevent evil elements from disturbing the order of space-time!” The Great Heaven Official’s beautiful face revealed a smile, the green radiance causing the world to tremble.

“I will definitely do my best!” Xiaya took a deep breath and said loudly.

The Great Heaven Official smiled and turned her gaze to Xiaya and Chronoa, and suddenly said to Xiaya, “Within your body, I can sense the energy left by Dragon God-sama.

You must use this power properly.

You have a high potential, so there is hope for you to reach the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

I hope you can enter the fourth level of Divine Realm as soon as possible.”

After saying these words, the Great Heaven Official didn’t say anything anymore and put away the Time King’s scroll, making it disappear into thin air.

Just when Great Heaven Official was about to leave, Xiaya stopped her and asked her how to break through the fourth level of Divine Realm.

“Great Heaven Official-sama, may I ask how I can break through the fourth level of Divine Realm in the future”

The fourth level of Divine Realm is the level of Angels and Four-Star Dragon Gods, and they are both above the third level of the Divine Realm whether in strength and dimension.

Among so many Gods of Destruction in the Multiverse, few are the match of the Angels.


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