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He knows that the first and second level of Divine Realm are the breakthroughs in power and realm.

Only the third level is similar to the inheritance of a god’s position, just like God of Destruction Beerus.

His own fighting strength exceeds that of an ordinary second level of the Divine Realm, but the most powerful is the destructive ability that Energy of Destruction can bring to him.

It has already been some time since he advanced to the second level of the Divine Realm, so it seems natural that he is going to inherit the position of a God now.

“Then Chronoa, send me the address of the Time Nest.” Xiaya was a little excited as he spoke.

“I’ll send it to you now!” The holographic image of Chronoa flickered and a purple light ray was transmitted to Xiaya’s Time Ring.

“I’ve sent you the address, just use your space-time ability and you can arrive at the Time Nest where I am.”

“Come here as soon as possible.

You can’t let the senior wait for long.”

The holographic image of the Supreme Kai of Time disappeared after saying this sentence.

At this time, everyone gathered around.

Xiling and Myers’ bright eyes kept glancing at the purple ring on Xiaya’s hand.

“Did the Supreme Kai of Time say thay Xiaya is going to be promoted to official Time Enforcer” Xiling’s delicate face was full of smiles, her face suffused with a red blush.

“Time Enforcer, isn’t that the third level of Divine Realm, just like the God of Destruction” Myers opened her cute little mouth.

18’s gaze stayed on Xiaya for a while before she whispered, “Congratulations, Xiaya.”

“You’re about to reach the third level of the Divine Realm so soon.

When you come back, we can fight again.

At that time, it will be an all-out battle!” God of Destruction Beerus also ran over and said while touching his chin, very interested.

“Beerus-sama, weren’t you going to sleep”

“A God of Destruction and a God of Time cannot fight arbitrarily,” Whis warned.

The Gods of Destruction under Zeno and the Gods of Time under the Time King are both highest-level gods.

Because of rules, they cannot start a fight arbitrarily and not only Gods of Destruction and Gods of Time, even between Gods of Destruction, there can be no arbitrary battles.

“Tch!” Beerus curled his lips.

He hates this type of incessant restrictions.

Xiaya chuckled.

“I’m also a little surprised to be promoted to the official Time Enforcer so quickly, but what I’m more curious about is who the important person that Chronoa was talking about is”

In the Zeno system, there is a division of the Great Priest, Priests (Angel), God of Destruction, and Supreme Kai.

It may not be much different under the Time Realm.

However, in the Time Realm, the authority of Angels and a God of Destruction is unified, and they aren’t separated, so there is only the distinction between a God of Time and a Supreme Kai of Time.

“I think the person who is qualified to confer a title upon God of Time is definitely not ordinary.

Maybe it’s that senior… Anyway, Xiaya, you should quickly go to the Supreme Kai of Time’s place!” Whis softly muttered and his tone was extremely serious when talking about that important person.

“Okay! I’ll go right away.” Xiaya responded.

“I will be going to Chronoa’s place, you all wait for me to come back.”

Saying a few words to Xiling and the others, Xiaya nodded to Whis and Beerus, and then activated the space-time ability for the address sent by Chronoa.

Then, under everyone’s eyes, Xiaya’s figure turned into a beam of light amidst the dense fog.


Penetrating through the membrane of the Multiverse, Xiaya’s body appeared in the void of the space-time sea.

Looking at the illusory sights from afar, Xiaya followed the directions given by the Supreme Kai of Time while constantly changing his trajectory as if it was a special route.

Suddenly, a shining passage appeared in front of him.

Xiaya was startled.

He didn’t expect that there would be such a mysterious passage in the sea of ​​space-time.

Plunging into the passage, Xiaya entered a space outside the dimensional layer, and a bright and unique library was floating in the distance.

The Time Nest is like a small island floating in space-time, covered with a layer of transparent bubble which surrounds the entire island.

Xiaya passed through the bubble and saw Chronoa waiting in the square for a long time.

“Xiaya, you are here, quickly come with me!” Seeing Xiaya appear, Chronoa immediately pulled his hand and said cheerfully.

“Where are we going”

“Of course it is inside the Time Nest that I am guarding.

That senior will arrive soon, we can’t be lacking in manners.” Chronoa explained to him while dragging Xiaya towards the Time Nest.

“Tell me, who is that important person”

“It’s the Great Heaven Official.

She is in charge of the God of Time in all space-times, and is the leader of all Heaven Officials.” Speaking of the Great Heaven Official, Chronoa’s face showed a look of reverence.

“Great Heaven Official” Xiaya muttered.

He has never heard of the Great Heaven Official, but he often hears Whis mention Great Priest, maybe they are two similar types of deities.

The Great Priest rules all the Angels while the Great Heaven Official rules all the Gods of Time (Time Enforcers).

They are both extraordinarily important people.

Passing through the long and narrow passageway, Xiaya and Chronoa arrived inside the Time Nest, where hundreds of thousands of books were crammed together, looking like a hill.

But what’s magical is that there are no bookshelves in the Time Nest, and all the books were floating in the air based on some kind of law.

“Every book here records the entire history of a planet with living beings.

Because I am in charge of all parallel universes in Universe 7, the books here mainly have records of Universe 7.”

Chronoa explained as she tapped the golden Potara Earring on her ear.

Both the Supreme Kai and Supreme Kai of Time of Universe 7 have golden Potara Earrings.

Xiaya nodded, roughly understanding.

The Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa should be the Supreme Kai in charge of all of Universe 7’s parallel universes and fragmented worlds.

Unlike the Supreme Kai of the Multiverse, Chronoa is on the space-time level.

She is not in charge of the specific operations in the universe, instead she records all the history in time.

And once he becomes the God of Time (Time Enforcer), he will be on the same side as Chronoa and become the God of Time of Universe 7.

The two talked as they walked, and soon reached the innermost level of the Time Nest.

This place was a wide hall.

All the books here were separated by more than ten meters.

Looking up, the golden books were stacked magnificently like a beautiful house.

The roof of the hall was engraved with exquisite and beautiful designs, looking pleasing to the eye.

The place wasn’t messy at all.

“Wait for the Heaven Official-sama to come, and remember to have proper etiquette.” Chronoa warned him repeatedly.

“Hmm.” Xiaya faintly smiled and nodded, a little expectant in his heart.

He wondered what kind of person is the Great Heaven Official.

Just when Xiaya was having his thoughts wander, a colorful glow shone inside the bright and unique Time Nest.

The colourful glow divided into two, forming a bright vortex passageway, and an emerald-green figure gradually emerged in the void.

A tall and beautiful woman slowly walked out of the passageway.

The Great Heaven Official is a woman

Xiaya was startled.

Green robe, beautiful turquoise hair, and a pair of turquoise eyes like lake water.

With every frown and smile, space-time seemed to be trembling.

“So this is the Great Heaven Official!” Xiaya stared at the Great Heaven Official.

Xiaya has seen a lot of beautiful women before.

Xiling, Myers, 18, Launch, each of them was extremely beautiful, but when he saw the Great Heaven Official, Xiaya’s heart trembled.

She has a kind of beauty that is perfect and is above all and which shouldn’t appear in the mortal world.


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