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“Oh, you are the kid from back then I didn’t expect you to grow up so big.

I won’t blame you this time for the sake of Xiaya’s delicious food, but if I hear any disrespectful words from you again next time, don’t blame me if I throw a Energy of Destruction on you.” Beerus held a wooden stick in his mouth as he threw a glance at Myers, his golden eyes full of murderous intentions.

“Hmm…” Myers suddenly felt a chill enveloping her and nodded hurriedly.

“Xiaya, he is God of Destruction Beerus” Xiling walked over to Xiaya’s side and asked.

To her surprise, God of Destruction actually looked like this.

“Yes, he is the God of Destruction; he has a temperamental personality, so you should pay attention when speaking.”

Xiaya nodded, and then told her that he is going to fight with Beerus and asked Xiling and Myers to stand with 18.

He took a few steps forward, and stood in front of Beerus.

“Are you ready”

Beerus rolled his tongue and swallowed the ice cream in his hand, delightedly savouring the aftertaste for a while with his eyes narrowed, then his golden eyes looked at Xiaya and a vast and clear energy storm rushed down like a huge wave.

“Boy, I’m done eating.

Now it’s time to experience how powerful you are.

I haven’t moved about for many years, my bones have almost gotten stiff.” After saying that, Beerus did a warm up, his joints making a cracking sound.

Then, with both hands behind his back, his body slowly floated up, looking leisurely.

“Beerus-sama, please advise me!” Xiaya said earnestly, although he was inwardly cursing Beerus in his mind.

Even though Beerus had just fought against the Dark Angel, he is saying that he hadn’t moved about for many years, but after thinking about it carefully, it really seems that Beerus didn’t have much chance to use his full strength in the fight just now.

“Well, attack with your everything.

I want to know if you, who Whis evaluates as a genius, is worthy of your reputation!” Beerus’s expression became stern, and instantly the majesty of a God of Destruction spread out, the strong pressure causing the temperature of the entire planet to drop by dozens of degrees.

“I won’t disappoint you.” Xiaya smiled drily and floated to the same height as Beerus.

The two stood high up in the sky, looking at each other.

The powerful pressure collided, creating friction sounds.

The atmosphere began to churn, as if two huge air masses were pressing against each other, splitting the sky into two halves.

Below, Xiling felt a pressure weighing down on her by their auras as she said in astonishment, “It is just the collision of the auras, but it has caused such a change in the sky of the God of Destruction’s Planet.

If it was in the mortal world, perhaps the planet would have exploded.”

“Yeah, they are so powerful.” Myers nodded in agreement; her eyes looking at Beerus were full of awe.

I was so daring in the past, my younger self actually dared to say that God of Destruction Beerus is a strange creature.

It was really thanks to Xiaya that I didn’t die! At the same time, she was excited as she thought how her husband is strong enough to fight against a peak-level expert like God of Destruction and a feeling of pride appeared in her heart. I really had good foresight!

18 didn’t express her opinion, but seeing light flickering in her blue eyes, there was surely something in her heart.

“Beerus-sama, receive my move!”

Shouting in excitement, Xiaya suddenly retreated backwards by several hundred meters like an arrow, and then arched his back and swooped down.

Boom! A sonic boom appeared where the air was stepped on, the violent movement causing vacuum zones to form in the air.

Xiaya accelerated further and pierced through the space before appearing in front of Beerus.

Beerus’ eyes lit up, his golden pupils shining with excitement.

He calmly extended his palm and pushed it forward.


The palm collided with the fist.

After the undramatic exchange, the air froze for a few seconds before making a cracking sound.

When it comes to the battle between the gods, a lot of movements are basic, simple and clear, and there are no unnecessary or overly fancy movements.

Both Xiaya and Beerus have been trained by Whis, and understand this principle.

They have a high level and have already seen many things.

Therefore, their movements were straightforward.

The contest of strength and speed was extremely enjoyable for Xiling and Myers standing below even though they couldn’t clearly see them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fierce battle went back and forth, and both Xiaya and Beerus were using their full strength.

There were no flashing lights, nor were there any gorgeous moves.

Both sides were quite restrained and maintained a tacit understanding, so their fight was quite simple.

As Xiaya and Beerus exchanged blows with each other, one move after another, a situation didn’t appear where anyone had an upper hand, nor was there a situation where one of them gave the other a critical blow.

They both appeared to be at ease and were enjoying the battle.

“Beerus, receive my move!”

Xiaya shouted again, and figures appeared one after another in front of Beerus.

It couldn’t be seen which of them was real.

Beerus grinned, and his slender tail flung out in mid-air, drawing an arc in mid-air and he dodged Xiaya’s attack, then he turned around; taking advantage of the situation, he launched a counter-attack at Xiaya! Bang! Xiaya crossed his arms to block Beerus’ fist.

The violent impact caused his arm to feel a numbing pain, but he also took advantage of the opportunity to kick out towards Beerus.

“Good, kid!” Beerus retreated dozens of meters and shouted excitedly, a delighted look in his eyes.

Ever since he had become a God of Destruction, he has rarely been so excited.

Then he again attacked and began fighting with Xiaya.

For a while, they fought high in the sky before going deep underground, their figures showing everywhere on the planet.

“Wonderful, wonderful! Xiaya, you are qualified to call my name directly, let’s continue fighting!”

“I’m greatly honored!” Xiaya’s eyes shone and he responded with a laugh.

The fight with Beerus also gave him a different experience.

The exchange between experts can often lead to unexpected insights, and one can find their shortcomings more quickly.

Beerus was enjoying the battle with him, and it’s the same for Xiaya.

Every time he attacks, every time he defends, he is tempering himself to enter the high-end combat mode.

Xiaya’s body was like swift lightning, dashing around on the vast God of Destruction’s Planet.

He suddenly sped up his attacks, boldly launching successive combinations of attacks.


“They both are moving so fast that I can’t even see it clearly.” Sweat oozed out from Xiling’s forehead and her eyes kept moving around, but Xiaya and Beerus were moving too fast, and she could only faintly see some afterimages.

“The two of them should be evenly matched.” Myers could only just rely on guesswork.

Because there was no aura emitted by a God, when their eyes couldn’t see clearly, they could only guess.

18 bit her lips, staring at her surroundings seriously, but except for ring-shaped craters, there was nothing else that could be seen in her view.

“It seems that our training is still not enough.

If we want to keep up with their pace, we must at least reach the first level of the Divine Realm.”


The fierce battle lasted for most of the day.

The chaotic energy in the air began to subside as Xiaya and Beerus collapsed into the huge crater while panting, exhausted.

Around them, there were countless large and small craters, and the land covered by a green grassland had become full of bumps and hollows and riddled with holes.

“This was fun.

Kid, you are very strong; you can even fight equally against me.” Beerus spoke while gasping for breath, lying on the ground with both his hands spread out.

“It’s because, Beerus, you did not use the power of a God of Destruction.” After this battle, the relationship between Xiaya and Beerus had become closer and they even called each other in an equal manner.

Equality is based on strength.

“Hmph, you are also very powerful.

When you become the real God of Time in the future, you will also be on an equal footing with me.”

Beerus waved his hand indifferently.

In his normal state, he can be like this.

When he inherits the divine position in the future, his increase in power will be even greater.

Therefore, in Beerus’ eyes, Xiaya can talk to him on an equal footing.


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