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Xiaya did not expect to see God of Destruction Beerus appear at this time.

This is his second time meeting with him.

Perhaps he left too deep a mark in his impression, suddenly seeing him appear, Xiaya’s hair stood up on end and his mood violently fluctuated.

But he quickly realized that he is no longer weaker than Beerus, so why should he be afraid of him In fact, even when facing God of Destruction Champa, Xiaya was not afraid at all, but when facing Beerus, he was overreacting a little.

“The original impression was too deep, and it left behind a shadow.” Xiaya laughed self-deprecatingly, then nodded towards Beerus.

“I’ll trouble you God of Destruction.”


Noticing Xiaya’s response, Beerus’s golden eyes turned to look at Xiaya before he turned towards Mira, whose body was deeply embedded in the rock wall and said in a cold voice, “Foolish guy, because of you my dream was disrupted.

You should know that a God of Destruction’s rage is not something you can bear!”

“God of Destruction…Beerus!” Seeing Beerus appear, Mira’s countenance turned ugly, his lips moved slightly but he didn’t know what to say.

When the God of Destruction appeared in front of him, the awe-inspiring and overbearing murderous aura pressed on his heart, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Mira’s heart trembled and his face distorted as he struggled, trying to resist, but his strength was like a child in front of Beerus.

It wasn’t effective at all.

Beerus extended his palm and a purple ball of light converged in his hand; it was the Energy of Destruction.

The purple ball of light struck Mira, causing him to let out a tragic cry of pain as his entire body doubled over.

After suffering from just a little bit of the Energy of Destruction, as if his body was scorched, it emitted black smoke and a burnt smell wafted out.

“Tell me your plan; how do you plan to resurrect Demigra” Beerus asked indifferently.

“Humph!” Mira closed his mouth resolutely and did not speak.

“Stubborn!” Beerus’ face turned cold in annoyance, his golden eyes gleaming slightly.

“You better quickly tell me Demigra’s whereabouts, otherwise I won’t let you even have a chance to reincarnate!” Beerus said expressionlessly.

“Hehe, I won’t tell you the whereabouts of Demigra.

I am just a clone.

Even if you kill me, it won’t hurt me a bit!” Mira’s face was deathly pale.

After saying these words, he faced the fierce God of Destruction Beerus without any fear.

“Die!” A cold voice was spat out of Beerus’s mouth, and then his face became gloomy as an invisible pressure swept out in all directions.

Sensing the pressure from Beerus, not only Mira, but even Xiaya’s countenance suddenly changed.

He looked at Beerus solemnly and inwardly muttered, “Such an imposing aura is worthy of God of Destruction Beerus.”

Mira’s non-cooperation had already angered Beerus.

The God of Destruction has always been an uncontrollable character.

Once he is angered, not only does he not care about the overall picture, he may even destroy the entire universe.

At this time, Beerus felt as if a hot volcano was about to erupt in his heart.

“It seems like your arrogance has given you a lot of backbone, but you have done an unforgivable thing.

Now I don’t want to know the whereabouts of Demigra, you can go die!” Beerus’ golden eyes widened, his face full of indifference and ruthlessness.

He pointed his palm at Mira as a light dot flickered on his palm before forming a small purple energy ball.

It is the God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction”! Upon seeing this, Xiaya immediately knew that Beerus was planning to completely destroy Mira, and wanted to say something, but in the end he held back.

Beerus looked at Mira with a cold gaze, and pronounced the judgement in a cold voice, “Energy of Destruction!”

Suddenly, like a small satellite revolving around a purple energy ball in the middle, the Energy of Destruction capable of destroying planets erupted out with the most intense destruction effect.

Deeply embedded in the wall, Mira let out a miserable roar, not being able to resist at all….his body slowly turned into purple dust from bottom to top, and as the wind blew, his lower body disappeared into the air like bubbles.

This is Hakai, the God of Destruction’s best skill.

“Ahhhhh, it is useless even if you kill me, my original and Demigra will eventually destroy you all.”


Beerus curled his lips and increased the effect of the “Energy of Destruction”.

Mira was soon unable to speak, and only his head was left.

At this moment, something surprising happened.

Dark lightning suddenly pierced through the void, and the space-time seal set by the Supreme Kai of Time around the planet was instantly broken.

The dark lightning shot into Mira’s head, and surprisingly slowed down the spreading of the destructive energy.

“Huh” Beerus was dumbfounded when he saw this, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly with a sound of exclamation.

Huala, like ripples on the surface of water, the space slowly disappeared amid the sparkling and bright luster like dispersing fireworks, and then a person in a black divine robe stepped out of the shattered space.

“Ahh, the space-time seal has been broken!” The panicked cry of the Supreme Kai of Time rang beside his ears.

“I can see it!” Xiaya replied unhappily.

Why is she adding to the confusion Cutting off the connection with the Supreme Kai of Time, he fixed his gaze on the person wearing the black divine robe who just appeared, but their appearance startled him; silver-gray hair, loose divine robe, and there is a black halo around the neck, which looks like a dark version of an Angel.

“Black Angel!” Xiaya’s heart was full of astonishment.

Suddenly, a huge force fell on him and before his mind could react, his body trembled and a huge force had already sent his body flying away.

“So fast!” This thought flashed in his mind.

He recovered from his dazed state, but found that God of Destruction Beerus was also sent flying far away, his face having a displeased look.

Whoosh, Xiaya and God of Destruction Beerus reacted at the same time, stopping in midair.

“You are the Dark Angel Whis talked about.

Are you also involved in the matter of disrupting Universe 7” Beerus’ eyes burst out with light as he looked at the Dark Angel that had suddenly appeared.

“I am Dark Angel Via!” The Angel in the black divine robe was floating gracefully in the air as he snapped his fingers, expelling the destructive energy around Mira’s head, and calmly said, “We still have a very important role for Mira, so we can’t let you kill him.”

“He he, if you want to save him…it depends on whether this god agrees or not.

It just so happens that I want to experience how powerful a Dark Angel is! Take this!”

Beerus grinned, his golden eyes staring at the newly appeared Dark Angel seriously.

Then suddenly speeding up, a series of afterimages emerged in the void, heading towards the Dark Angel.

Seeing Beerus rushing over, the Dark Angel showed a mocking smile on his face, clenched his fist and struck Beerus.

Bang! Without any special effects, without any flashes, the purple figure of Beerus was sent flying backward and after a while, the frozen space came crashing down.

This scene made Xiaya feel a chill in his heart.

He can clearly feel how frightening a Dark Angel is.

“Damn it! Beerus is not the Dark Angel’s match either!” He remembered how God of Destruction Beerus in the original work couldn’t even withstand one attack from Whis; the situation is similar at this moment.

The only difference is that Whis was merciful, but the Dark Angel obviously attacked to kill.

“Bastard!” After suffering a defeat, Beerus flew into a rage, but he already knew that his opponent was powerful, so he did not stubbornly rush to fight with his life on the line.

Instead, he turned around and shouted towards the void while gnashing his teeth, “Whis, I know you are already here.

Why aren’t you still coming out!”.

As soon as his voice fell, the red and black figure of Whis appeared.

“Whis is here…” Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he has never fought against a Dark Angel, looking at Beerus’ state, he knew that Dark Angel’s strength is far above them, at least the fourth level of the Divine Realm like Whis.

He and the God of Destruction were not his match.


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