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The outside of the space-time corridor is connected to the territory of the Demon Realm, and the middle was cut off by Towa’s space-time ability.

Without Towa’s permission, no other living being of the Demon Realm can enter the space-time corridor and even Towa’s nominal big brother, King of Demon Realm Dabura, is not allowed

Walking on the barren ground of the Demon Realm, a dark red blood moon was hanging in the sky and the howling sounds of beasts could be heard, giving people a gloomy and terrifying feeling.

At this moment, a fierce beast with sharp teeth sprang out from the path built with skulls, blocking Towa’s path with an omnious glint in its eyes and roared at her.

Laughing mockingly, Towa was about to take action, but suddenly a cold ray flashed in the air and hot blood sprayed out.

An alien creature with a long head knelt down in front of Towa.

“Madam Towa, King Dabura invites you to come over!”

“Oh My big brother is looking for me for something, is it Babidi’s idea again” The purple eyes flashed with cold light as Towa looked with contempt.

To the space-time controllers, who can communicate with “Oneself” of other worlds, there are not many secrets about the parallel universes.

That Dabura is quite a disappointment.

Even though he is the king of the Demon Realm, he hangs around with Babidi all day long, planning this and that to resurrect some Majin Buu, but even if Majin Buu is resurrected, then what His strength is similar to the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly who was sent to Planet Hongshan by her back then.

With such strength, he is still vainly hoping to rule the world

Towa, who has come into contact with a higher level of power, has long been used to seeing this level of expert and her words contained a lot of disdain.

“Uh, Lord Dabura and Lord Babidi are waiting for you, you see…”

“I won’t go, tell them to stop irritating me,” Towa said sternly and with a wave, she used the space-time ability and sent it flying like trash.

“Babidi, that overconfident fellow, does he really think that my title of ‘sorcerer’ is for nothing” Then she sighed softly.

Now is the critical moment of her plan, she does not have the time to provoke them for the time being.


Time flies, and half a year has passed in the blink of an eye.

The fight of extermination against the Universe Commerce Alliance, which was in full swing, was gradually coming to an end.

In the process of the extermination, the smoke of battle had permeated planet after planet.

Because there were many super experts in the Universe Commerce Alliance who had surpassed Cooler’s level, all high level Saiyans were able to enjoy the pleasure of fighting.

Of course, casualties are inevitable, and Saiyans also do not feel regret for being killed on the battlefield.

The final battle took place at the Commerce Alliance’s Headquarters.

The leader was a Super Perfect Cell-level expert, but as Xili, Meifei and others took action, more than a dozen planets along with the Universe Commerce Alliance headquarters became the history of Universe 7.

After witnessing the fierce battle that destroyed planets, all the Saiyans were still not satisfied, lamenting who knows when such a battle would come again.

With the collapse of the Universe Commerce Alliance, Universe 7 entered a rare peaceful period.

At the same time, the name of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans was no longer limited to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Nearly every top-level civilization in the universe knew that in the far away Milky Way Galaxy, there is such a powerful race.

Planet Vedav, in a terrifying abyss.

The gloomy light rays were blocked by the thick clouds and they only allowed a few light rays to pass through.

Mira’s grim face was permeated with coldness, and his blood-red eyes gleamed with a brutal and cold glint.

Around him, there were hundreds of blood-red space-time crystals and every crystal was condensed from the souls and grievances of a planet.


With a loud shout, gorgeous and dazzling rays of light illuminated the entire abyss.

Thousands of dazzling ruby-like space-time crystals spun rapidly, flickering with bright red light rays and then approached each other in threes or fours, finally fusing into 112 huge crystals.

A dark glint flashed in his eyes and he suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, 112 blood-red crystals, each of them is a fusion of at least ten planets’ living beings and their grievances, and is enough to summon powerful demonized warriors.

Planet Hongshan, Saiyan, and the gods.

I will give back the pain you gave me by a hundredfold.

Soon the entirety of Universe 7 will enter a bloody era!”

Mira snapped his fingers, and a terrifying and fierce-looking spatial crack appeared around the 112 blood crystals.

A soul-trembling evil aura gushed out from the other side of the crack, and the entire abyss trembled.

Soon, the crystals had absorbed enough evil energy and began to soften and deform, quickly turning into 112 humanoid monsters.

Each of them had an “X” symbol on their foreheads, which was a sign of Supervillain Mode*.

(Before I used Villainous Mode but it is Supervillain Mode, a successor to Villainous Mode)

“Awaken, demons from ancient times.

The battle we’ve been waiting for a long time is about to begin.” Mira raised his arms and shouted, announcing the arrival of the demons sealed in ancient times.

After a pause, Mira pointed towards the ten aliens with black horns on their heads in the front row and said, “Chilled, you lead your race and march towards the East Area.

There lives the old enemy of your Frost Demon race- Saiyans!”


Hearing this sensitive word, Supervillain Mode Chilled let out a low beast-like roar.

This Chilled is the ancestor of the Frost Demon race who was killed by Bardock in ancient times.

The people standing next to Chilled are successive generation members of the extremely evil Frost Demon race.

Although the Bardock of the current space-time did not time travel, history has copied this battle from the initial space-time.

“Vampires, your target is Yardratian in the North Area.”

“Demon Ora, your target is the dead warriors of the Underworld.”

“Demon Beast Yege, your target is in the Demon Realm…”

Mira assigned them missions one by one.



The 112 Supervillain Mode demons shouted loudly.

Mira had summoned the most evil people in history.

After learning about the target that they were about to destroy, their blood-red eyes flashed and they erupted out into bloodthirsty laughter.

After the 112 demons disappeared, Mira smiled evilly when a shadowy figure appeared beside him, wearing a costume similar to an Angel’s with a black halo around his neck.

He was clearly the taboo existence that Whis and the others had long dreaded- a Dark Angel.

“Mira, you know that these guys alone can’t bring chaos to Universe 7.” The dark angel said indifferently.

Mira snorted coldly and said: “Of course I know, but I need even more darkness.

This is an essential step to accomplish the resurrection of Demigra.

Moreover, aren’t you Dark Angels also aiming for this”

“No, no, no, we are not the same as you.

However,  we are temporarily cooperating for a common aim.

You should know that even a Demigra of multiple space-times is not our boss’ match.” The Dark Angel chuckled and immediately turned into a wisp of black smoke before disappearing.

“Humph, is his boss Lancis•Original Sin”

Mira indifferently lowered his head.

No one knew what he was plotting.

He didn’t know how powerful Demigra of multiple space-time is, since he had never appeared before.


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