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In the western part of the South Area, Planet Kudos.

In a control center, which was flashing with colourful brilliance, Penari was directing his subordinates to examine the data transmitted from various places.

As the person in charge of the Universe Commerce Alliance stationed in the western part of the South Area, he is regarded as a big shot, successful and famous.

170,000 Battle Power allows him to enjoy the most extravagant and luxurious life in this starry sky like a local tyrant.

Gently shaking the wine glass in his hand, Penari was full of spirit.

Just when he was in an incomparably joyful mood, the void flashed suddenly and seven uniformly dressed figures appeared.

The dark red Battle Armor with black border made these seven people look imposing and competent.

As they showed up confidently without hiding their aura, Penari reacted instinctively.

He raised his head to look at the people who had arrived as he stood up and said, “Who are you people What is the purpose of your visit here”

“He is Penari, the person in charge of the Universe Commerce Alliance stationed in the South Area.

His Battle Power is 173,000 and is quite a troublesome person.” The leader of the seven people ignored Penari’s reaction as he looked at the digital image in his hand and said expressionlessly.

“A mere 170,000 Battle Power is nothing!” Another tall man said contemptuously while rolling his wrists.

“It’s indeed nothing, but it is considered quite good in this starfield.”

“Lydia, don’t talk too much and quickly complete the mission!” The leader glared at them.

Lydia quickly shut up and stared at Penari with a cold look in her eyes, as if looking at her prey.

Her black eyes flashing with a burst of cold light.

It was Penari’s first time encountering such a scene where he is being completely ignored, his face becoming darker and darker.

His eyebrows wiggled as he gritted his teeth and shouted in a stern voice, “You are really courting death since you know that this is the Commerce Alliance’s base and you still dare to be so impudent.

I advise you to leave immediately, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude.”

Penari spoke angrily, but his reason kept him restrained.

He could become the head of a region, so he was naturally not bad at adapting.

He knew that the seven people in front of him were unusual and had to be dealt with carefully.

“I wonder how you intend to be rude to us” Lydia asked in reply.

“Enough, don’t talk nonsense, we are here for the Commerce Alliance.

So can you die!”

Without any warning, the seven unfamiliar people attacked at the same time, the illusory afterimages instantly scattering out everywhere in his field of view.

Lightning flickered, and in Penari’s eyes, everything at this moment seemed to have frozen and before he could react, a tremendous amount of strength penetrated his body.

As if Mount Tai was pressing down, a huge force pushed him horizontally, causing his body to fly out uncontrollably.

“Pff!” Blood splattered out and Penari fell into collapsed ruins.

Blood came out of his mouth, and he looked at them with a dull look in his eyes.

“I have never met you before…why are you attacking me”

He was injured seriously and not even able to resist at all.

At this moment, Penari’s mind trembled; his face looked pale and cold sweat was rolling down from it.

He already knew that he was not the match of these people in front of him, but he was an expert with 170,000 Battle Power.

Even in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, there were not many people at this level! More importantly, he has always acted cautiously and has never offended these people in front of him.

“We are the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan! You can only blame your Commerce Alliance for offending our leader again and again.

Anyone related with the Universe Commerce Alliance is going to be wiped out.”

“Commerce Alliance” Penari listlessly listened with a pained expression on his face, his consciousness beginning to fade…because he is a member of the Commerce Alliance The glory of his former days flashed before his eyes.

He admits that he has done a lot of evil usually, but he has never thought that there will come such a day.

With his pale face frozen, his eyes gradually lost the luster of life!

“The mission is complete, Penari has been killed!”

“Destroy this base, and then let’s go to the next destination!”

The leader Shaque indifferently looked at Penari’s corpse.

A bright energy ball rose from his hand, and then hit the planet.

A loud rumbling noise spread out to all parts of the world.

The base of the Universe Commerce Alliance exploded amidst the raging and devastating energy, and turned into ruins.

“Anastasia, where is the next target”

A slender woman with slightly curly hair checked the communicator and said coldly, “Southwestern part of the South Area, Planet Katar!”

Nodding, the seven people boarded the silver-gray aircraft and rushed directly to the next destination, Planet Katar.

In the whole Milky Way Galaxy, such large and small battles broke out.

Because the Universe Commerce Alliance is in control of many planets, considering how to deploy the personnels, a special battle Squad needs to be responsible for battles in several star regions.

Running around like this is very tiring, but who told Saiyans to be battle maniacs They always enjoy such missions and never get tired of it.

The only thing that they felt regretful of was that the opponent’s strength was too weak, and the strong experts like Penari are already among the best.

Many Commerce Alliance leaders had strength around 100,000, which didn’t give them the pleasure of fighting.


In a starfield countless light-years away, Adri was watching the scenes outside through the observation deck of the spaceship.

Thousands of warships were firing, blue and white energy cannons pierced through the universe, and spaceships exploded now and then.

“After destroying this battle squad, all Commerce Alliance Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy would be eradicated!”

There are not many galaxy-level experts, and the military force controlled by the Commerce Alliance wasn’t able to resist Planet Hongshan.

In more than ten days, with the help of the new technological powers of the Feidaya people, the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan were like locusts passing through the border, slowly eliminating all the Forces of the Commerce Alliance.

But there are several large bases which have strong experts with over one million strength overseeing them.

For this reason Adri and others had no choice but to personally go into battle.

“Next is outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

The situation there is not familiar to us, moreover the distance between galaxies is too far.

We can only rely on Xiling and others’ Instant Transmission ability through which the speed of elimination will be reduced a lot.”

Rebecca was wearing a superior-quality Battle Armor as she looked at the deep starry sky in the distance.

“I heard from the Kai that there are many terrifying guys outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

Some guys are not less terrifying than the Frost Demons.

I want to quickly fight against them.” Palladi leaned back on his seat, his hands hugging the back of his head, looking carefree.

In fact, there were many veteran experts in the Milky Way Galaxy, but after Xiaya led the rise of Planet Hongshan, those veterans and their Forces collapsed one after another, and the Commerce Alliance’s subordinate Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy were lowered to a very serious level.

“Come on Palladi.

You aren’t even a match for Super Saiyan Bardock with your Saiyan God strength.

At that time, don’t get humiliated!” Alice covered her mouth and said mockingly.

Nowadays, the top brass of Planet Hongshan are generally able to temporarily attain Saiyan God state via a cheap trick.

Their strength is comparable to an ordinary Super Saiyan, which is a solid foundation for a race.

Palladi shouted in dissatisfaction, “Don’t say that, I’m still quite powerful…”


Different from the situation in the outside world which was like a raging fire, somewhere in the depth of the Demon Realm.

In Towa’s space-time corridor, the huge palace had no signs of any habitation.

Since Mira was injured by Xiling and others and went to hide in a spatial crack, there were fewer people in the huge palace.

Towa was half leaning on the throne with her chin propped on one hand, looking at the scenes showing in the void with a faint smile on her face.

After a while, Towa stood up from the throne and walked to the depths of the palace following the winding corridor, the sound of her steps gradually getting far away.

The winding corridor was like a labyrinth, and one can quickly lose sight of the path that they came from, or to say that under the peculiar effect of magic, people unconsciously forget about the place they had once walked by.

She stopped in front of a white jade door.

After Towa pushed the door open and walked in, the door made of white jade closed with a loud bang.

It was a room full of modern aura, completely decked in silvery white, giving a sci-fi feeling.

Experimental materials of all sizes were piled up everywhere in the room.

On the table, there were research notebooks full of written data.

The buzzing sounds of the engines were low like a mosquito’s humming.

If you don’t listen carefully, you can’t hear it.

Towa was standing in front of a purple incubation chamber which has a black-red larvae about the size of a thumb floating in a purple solution.

If you look closely, you can see that it was the embryonic form of a human body.

Towa had a rather gentle expression on her face as she gently stroked the glass wall of the incubation chamber.

“That Mira thought that I was studying life forms to create some strange lifeform, and even thought that he was the one who created the so-called ‘Feilu’.

What an idiot! How can the laws of the universe tolerate that kind of unnatural life form…Only the purest individual is the essence of life.”

“Grow up well, I really didn’t want to use you one day, but now it seems that I have no choice but to do it.

I hope that the ‘me’ in the other worlds can carry out the plan successfully.

Hmph, Mira resurrected Demigra without my permission.

Fortunately, he was eliminated in time.

Now I wonder where I should go and hide…”

Thinking of Demigra, Towa’s mood worsened.

“Speaking of which, who would have thought that Mira’s purpose of making Hirudegarn in the ancient times was to use it to carry Demigra’s resurrected consciousness.

It is obvious that he… eh”

Suddenly remembering something, Towa had a clever idea, and a teasing smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

She thought to herself, “It’s not very safe here.

I should move as soon as possible!”

The larval lifeform in front of her can be said to be the hard work of Towa’s entire life.

It is related to the success or failure of her plan.

In order not to attract the attention of other people from the outside world as well as the Supreme Kai of Time, she even only carried out this experiment in the current space-time.

The ‘her’ from other space-times has the role of attracting others’ attention.

Realizing that the space-time courtyard is not a safe place, Towa moved the slender magic wand in her hand, and a whirlwind was produced.

After that, a dazzling cyan light erupted out and after a short period of blindness, everything in the room was transferred away.

Locking the white jade door, Towa walked out of the palace with a sneer.


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