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Although he has taken a liking to Planet Hongshan, it still requires a detailed inspection of all the planets to select the suitable planet.

Leaving Feidaya people’s base, Xiaya immediately used teleportation and proceeded towards Planet Hongshan located at the northwestern corner of the East Area.

Planet Hongshan was located in the northwestern part of the East Area and was very close to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

So, on the way, he took dozens of teleports.

Fortunately, his strength has increased by leaps and bounds and his Space Ability also has significant improvements.

So, where he needed to execute ten teleports before, now two or three times were enough.

After teleporting several times, Xiaya’s figure disappeared from the North Area and appeared in the distant East Area starfield, which was under the administration of East Kai.

In the vast pitch-black starry sky, young stars were fiercely burning.

Within a habitable region, a small dark-red planet was continuously orbiting in an unchanging elliptical path and like a dazzling bright pearl was exuding sparkling lights……

It was Planet Hongshan!

Not far away, another ice-blue planet which was several times bigger, however, was revolving around Planet Hongshan.

It was naturally the other planet of the binary star system together with Planet Hongshan——– Planet Meishan.

Although its body was large, it was less massive than Planet Hongshan.

Hence, a particular scene appeared in the universe, where a big and a small planet were revolving together and the center of mass was unexpectedly close to the small planet, a very strange scene.

The power of space wrapped around his body caused him to pause for a moment in the outer space.

However, Xiaya didn’t think much and flew towards the direction of Planet Hongshan.

Passing through the clear blue atmosphere, an endless azure ocean appeared in his eyes.

The breeze blowing on the ocean surface, ripples smoothly undulating, fishes moving in droves like a brown silk ribbon.

A giant sea beast jumped out of the ocean surface with its ferocious mouth open…..

“plop”, and dived down to the bottom of the ocean, immediately splashing monstrous waves several tens of meters high, suddenly breaking the tranquility of the ocean…

“12 times gravity, and bigger than Planet Vegeta!” Xiaya compares.

His body steadily levitates in the sky, breathing a mouthful of air from Planet Hongshan, the moist air had a fresh and clean flavor.


Suddenly accelerating, a bright light flashed like a graceful shadow and swept past, leaving a faint afterimage in the sky, instantly disappearing towards the horizon.

“Its dry land ahead.” Xiaya looked in front at the faint silhouette coming into view with a happy expression between his eyebrows.

Passing through the vast coastline and proceeding towards the mainland, the continuous mountain ranges were gradually beginning to rise and the landscape changed from hills and forests to basin, from basin to plateau, the beautiful scenery has myriads of changes.

Inside dense forests were verdant pine and cypress, lofty mountain ranges! Within a canyon, all kinds of wild animals were running around in the forest …

Floating above a towering mountain peak, a pristine landscape was spread out in front of him.

Xiaya inwardly thought in his heart: “Planet Hongshan is similar to Planet Vegeta in terms of climate and landscape.

After some transformations, Saiyan can immediately start living here.”

According to Feidaya people’s system simulation, the climate of Planet Hongshan had basically remained relatively constant all these years.

It was the result of the continuous actions of these three things; planetary rotation, binary star system and revolving around the sun.

After taking a lap around the whole planet, Xiaya was increasingly satisfied with the planet.

Looking up at the sky, he could see a bright blue planet hanging there.

With an Instant Transmission, Xiaya went to the “Planet Meishan” which was not far from Planet Hongshan.

On Planet Meishan, he saw a completely different scenery.

The ice blue color was much more prominent here, and all kinds of small creatures which were difficult to see were moving around in mountains and rivers, the oceans were dyed in blue similar to ice and snow, and even the leaves in the unending forests were leaning towards the color of ice.

The ice blue leaves in the sunlight radiated a sparkling luster as if it was a fairy tale world, shockingly beautiful.

“This scenery is really unforgettable!” Xiaya was somewhat surprised seeing the scene before him.

Soon after, he entered the human civilization of Planet Meishan and saw the humans.

The humans here looked almost similar to Earthlings, only their eyes and hair color were emerald green with a bean-sized crystal gem between their two eyebrows.

Xiaya felt rich life aura coming from the gem.

“It is unexpected that they could concentrate their life force in the crystal!” Slightly surprised, Xiaya didn’t expect that Planet Meishan’s humans were able to evolve their civilization in such an unusual method to survive.

It was very easy to find their vital parts as their civilizations characteristic feature was focused at one point just like a Saiyan’s tail, which were both advantageous and disadvantageous!

Sighing with emotion and throwing these thoughts to the back of his mind, Xiaya arrived at a town inhabited by Meishan people.

This was not a big town, the towering walls made from clay and stones were encircling around the ordinary and beautiful hometown.

The Meishan human race’s buildings were very old and plain; bamboo buildings, wooden houses, and also unique small buildings.

They exuded a kind of antique feeling, but the tools and instruments which were used by them gave a completely modernish feeling.

“The level of civilization is still at the age of electricity, just like the previous earth.” Watching the familiar scenery before him, made him nostalgic and everything he saw gave him a fresh experience.

After staying at the Planet Hongshan’s binary star for some time, and roughly understanding the general situation, Xiaya set out for the other three planets.

He first went to Planet Tudors, which was also located within the range of East Area.

This planet is much more primitive compared to the desolate planet.

The planet’s astrological age was relatively large, but it hasn’t produced any large civilizations yet.

As for the reason why the Planet Tudors was chosen as a candidate because except for some low-level and intermediate-level planet within the large range of its surroundings, there doesn’t exist any other large forces.

However, after having seen Planet Hongshan, Xiaya’s interest in Planet Tudors was somewhat lacking.

In the next few days he had roughly checked out Planet Kinra and Planet Dokhala but they were not much to his satisfaction.

In the end, after careful consideration, Xiaya still selected the Planet Hongshan in East Area to evacuate Saiyans.

Nighttime, Xiaya called Adri and others together and then personally took them to Planet Hongshan.

Adri and others were very quickly attracted to the view of Hongshan’s binary star and were very satisfied with the planet Xiaya chose.

“If it’s not for gravity which is slightly stronger and scenery slightly more beautiful than I would have thought that I am on Planet Vegeta” Rebecca was surprised after seeing the scenery before her; she was very pleased with the primitive landscape of the Planet Hongshan.

Adri laughed: “The distribution of forces here is also not too bad.

In addition to a few intermediate and low-level planets in the surrounding Star Area, there are not many high-level planets.

And what’s more noteworthy is that no outside forces have yet set foot on the planet.

So, this planet couldn’t be more perfect for Saiyans to live and breed here.

“I think it is mainly because it is near the center of Milky Way Galaxy while the headquarters of the Space Police are also nearby.

Because of some mysterious and secret rules and regulations, ordinary ambitious people will hesitate to come here.”

Xiaya explained with a smile.

The center area of the Milky Way Galaxy is very special and is comparatively different compared with the North, South, East and West, Four Big Areas which were several hundred Star Areas territory.

The starfield territory of the Milky Way’s center is very small, but its status is very special.

The four major Areas were individually controlled by the four direction’s Kai, while the Center Area’s small territory is directly controlled by the Grand Kai.

And the experts under the command of Grand Kai were many, the ordinary Forces didn’t have the guts to get involved here, as they don’t have sufficient strength ah!

“Oh, that’s right, Uncle Adri, how many Saiyans have you got in touch with”

Talking about proper business, Adri’s expression turned serious, and his dark face was somewhat delighted: “There are already over 3,000 Saiyans who are planning to go with us, although most of them are Low-level Warriors, with their addition, Saiyan’s bloodline will not get cut off.

With the existence of Planet Hongshan, Saiyans basically have a place to retreat to, giving Adri a big peace of mind.

Xiaya nodded: ” 3,000 Saiyans are already sufficient.

As for the latent talent and so on, we don’t need to care at all.

We have more advanced training methods and equipment,s so latent talent is not really much important.”

Hearing this, Adri and others laughed.


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