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“The Universe Commerce Alliance has gone against Planet Hongshan more than once.

We must not let them off this time.

I suggest to directly lead a team and thoroughly annihilate the Universe Commerce Alliance, this cancer.” Adri furiously said at the meeting.

The involvement of Planet Hongshan with the Commerce Alliance can be said to be from many years ago.

At that time, Planet Hongshan was just a fledgling and had to endure a lot of things.

But this time, they dared to put their hands on his grandson and cause Vicky’s death, which was the last straw for Adri.

Bardock was also gloomy and seemed to agree with Adri’s plan.

After all, Vicky was also his daughter’s son.

His attitude towards the Commerce Alliance was to kill until they are completely uprooted.

“It’s just that the people of the Universe Commerce Alliance are hidden quite deeply.

We still don’t know who is behind them.

It is impossible to investigate it just by relying solely on the Galactic Patrol Organization.”

Rebecca raised a much more realistic question.

The Commerce Alliance organization is spread throughout Universe 7, and is composed of many mysterious large Forces.

How many experts do they have and where are the personnel If they don’t know, how can they eradicate them

“The Universe Commerce Alliance should be somewhat related to the people of Demon Realm.

Perhaps the Demon Realm is one of the branches of the Commerce Alliance.

For the time being, we don’t have to think about uprooting them completely.

Let’s do it one at a time.

We should first clean up the Commerce Alliance Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy.” Lise, the former member of Adri Squad, spoke.

From a practical point of view, the main area of the Saiyan’s current activities is still the Milky Way Galaxy, and going further out seemed to be a long way away, so they don’t need to completely clean up the Commerce Alliance, only need to destroy the Commerce Alliance Forces in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The destruction of these Forces can be quickly done with Planet Hongshan’s current depth of Super Saiyans and Saiyan Gods.

“Then it’s decided.

A few Special Battle Squads will form a team and separately go to the four major Galactic Regions.

Oh, by the way, have the people from the Galactic Patrol organization cooperate.”

After finalizing the plan, they started talking about other matters.

At this moment, Xiaya appeared in front of everyone.

They gathered around, but seeing Xiaya’s silver eyes, they were all dumbfounded.

Xiaya had red hair and red eyes before.

How did his eyes become silver after going out

“Xiaya, what’s with your eyes”

“I just made a breakthrough.

After entering the second level of the Divine Realm, the color of my pupils changed.

I think they look quite beautiful now,” Xiaya explained.

“They indeed are quite beautiful, but the silvery colour makes them look terrifying.” Adri carefully observed Xiaya’s eyes and spoke with emotion.

The disparity between Xiaya and their strength was getting bigger and bigger.

Now as long as Xiaya mobilizes his aura, the energy released would make them feel as if they are in the icy polar region and they would tremble from inside to outside.

“Were you talking about the Commerce Alliance just now”

“Yes!” Adri was dazed for a moment before he explained the situation.

“If we are going to attack, eliminate them completely once and for all, otherwise there will be no end to the troubles in the future.

We can’t always guard against them all day long.” His eyes flashed with a cold light, and a domineering aura erupted out from Xiaya, raising a whirlwind in the quiet living room.

Rebecca said, “We also want to do that, but we don’t know the internal situation of the Commerce Alliance and their division of Forces.” If they can, of course they want to settle this matter once and for all.

“Leave this to me, I will think of a way to find out about them,” Xiaya said confidently.

Now there is no one in the universe that can stop him.

Universe 7 is not like other powerful universes.

Apart from him, there should be no other God of Destruction-level experts.

As for the matter of uprooting the Universe Commerce Alliance, he should be able to obtain some useful information after talking to Whis about it.

Since Xiaya is personally getting involved, everything is set.

“After I go back, I will give an order to mobilize.

Apart from the squads carrying out daily missions, who will stay behind, all the other warriors will join the fight to eliminate the Commerce Alliance.”

“The warriors selected must be Super Warriors or above.”

Super Warriors must have 100,000 or more Battle Power.

There are many such warriors now present on Planet Hongshan and can be pulled over to form several huge teams.

Adri and Bardock had a serious discussion.

As the high-level personnel of Planet Hongshan, they cannot allow serious damage to happen to the Saiyan race due to lapses in decision-making.

Xiaya smiled and greeted Rebecca, Lise and the others before heading to look for Xiling and others.

In the void not far from Planet Hongshan, Xiaya found them fighting in the void space.

Various kinds of scattered and unbridled energy raised storms, disturbing the surrounding planets, causing them to tremble.

Softly raising his hand, the fighting aura of the three people was crushed and disappeared.

Xiaya smiled as he stepped forward and put his hand on Xiling’s waist.

Then he activated the space-time ability and brought everyone back to the villa on Planet Hongshan.

“Xiaya, you have become so powerful.

Just now, we couldn’t even resist a little.

Hey, your eyes…” Myers chattered non-stop while Xiling and 18 stood quietly by the side and listened.

At this time, they noticed that the color of Xiaya’s eyes had changed.

Gently pressing his eyes, the silvery light flickered, and they again turned into the crimson colour of Super Saiyan God.

“If they are like this, then they will be the same as before.”

“This is the new form after Super Saiyan God” Xiling asked.

Xiaya thought for a moment before saying, “It should be.”

Goku and Vegeta, after breaking through Super Saiyan God, were in the Super Saiyan Blue form.

Of course, this is related to the fact they gave up on the Super Saiyan God realm in their anxiousness for quick results and underwent a incomplete transformation.

In fact, if Super Saiyan God is defined as the first level of the Divine Realm, then the Super Saiyan Blue transformation should be considered as the second level of the pseudo-Divine Realm.

Although the realm and power is not perfect, looking at the transformation form, it indeed should be regarded as the second level of the Divine Realm.

However, if the character “pseudo” is added, in terms of strength, the Super Saiyan Blue form is completely incomparable to Xiaya’s current transformation of silver eyes.

At this time, Xiaya remembered what Whis had told him and he informed Xiling and others about heading over to God of Destruction’s Planet for training when they are free.

Xiling tugged her beautiful black hair with her fingers and shook her head, not intending to go to God of Destruction’s Planet immediately.

“I want to strengthen my foundation for a while, and wait until I have strengthened it enough, then I’ll break through at once.”

“It’s correct of you to think like that.

Good preparation is the key to success, the most important thing is to strengthen your foundation.

After all, it hasn’t been long since you just broke through to the Mystical State.

It is impossible to break through the barrier of the Divine Realm in a short time.

So, it is time to strengthen your foundation.” Xiaya agreed to Xiling and the others’ plans.

“Whis has also allowed Lazuli to come over for training, what do you think”

He looked at 18 and she nodded, and said in a cold voice, “I’ve heard that the Creating God Star is very effective in developing the body’s potential.

I can’t comprehend the realm, but I still hope to give it a look.”

“Then I will first take Lazuli over and also ask Whis about the Universe Commerce Alliance.”

He smiled and made the arrangements.

Next day, Xiaya brought 18 and went to the God of Destruction’s Planet.

After bringing her to Whis, Xiaya asked about the Universe Commerce Alliance.

“Whis, tell me about the Universe Commerce Alliance.”

“The Universe Commerce Alliance… It is an interest-oriented dark alliance.

Beerus-sama has long been displeased with them, but because it would take a lot of time to destroy them, and he felt that they would not affect the overall situation, he let them exist all this time.

Since you want to destroy them, I will tell you about their stronghold.”

Whis said it lightly, as if the Commerce Alliance was just a small, insignificant thing in his eyes.

And it is indeed true.

In Whis’s eyes, who has been alive since time immemorial, there has never been a lack of ambitious people in the universe.

After annihilating one Commerce Alliance, another similar organization will soon appear.

In any case, as long as it doesn’t affect the running of the universe, he doesn’t care about these trivial matters.

Xiaya looked at Whis, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The famous Universe Commerce Alliance was really nothing in front of Whis.

It caused his mind to tremble.

If he puts himself in their position and thinks about it, maybe such is the mentality of a God of Destruction, Whis and the others.

The more transcendent their position, the more aloof is their view! Otherwise, if they cared about all these complicated and trivial matters, wouldn’t they be annoyed to death


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