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Rumsshi looked at Supreme Kai Gowasu and nodded before the corners of his eyes swept towards the urbane-looking Zamasu and the masculine-looking Tapion.

Noticing the God of Destruction’s gaze, the two of them bowed in reverence.

“Ahaha, groom them into Supreme Kai as soon as possible.

Universe 10 needs more Supreme Kais!”

God of Destruction Rumsshi’s eyes became sharp suddenly, and a formless pressure instantly chilled their heart as he warned, “But they must be a qualified Supreme Kai who can bear the heavy responsibilities of the universe.”

“Hmm.” Supreme Kai Gowasu nodded.

“Master Rumsshi, I will definitely bear your words in mind and spread the glory of justice everywhere in the universe.” Zamasu immediately expressed his ideals seriously.

“Justice” Frowning at Zamasu, God of Destruction Rumsshi snorted and then shook his trunk indifferently.

To the high and mighty God of Destruction, mortal justice is nothing but secular ethical values.

For a race, as long as it concerns the development of their race, it can be defined as “justice”.

Such a narrow definition is not something that a God of Destruction considers.

A God of Destruction can be ruthless, while a Supreme Kai can be affectionate.

But from the perspective of the huge universe, in front of big matters, you must not be bound by the narrow concept of the secular world’s justice.

It is like a steak eater who thinks that an insect eater is vulgar and not elegant enough, which is a wrong perception.

Only by allowing the universe to run normally and for a long time is it true justice.

If you can’t even see through this, then you are not qualified to be a God of Destruction or a Supreme Kai.

From the perspective of mortals, the God of Destruction is ruthless and terrifying.

They destroy planets and exterminate living beings on the slightest pretext.

They have no humanity at all.

However, this is a God of Destruction’s job, eliminating suitable civilizations for the better lasting operation of the universe.

The God of Destruction is in charge of the destruction and annihilation of the planets that affect the operation of the universe; the Supreme Kai is in charge of creation and the creation of planets with living beings.

The two complement each other and jointly maintain the order of the universe.

As for punishing evil and promoting good, sorry, that is neither the God of Destruction’s responsibility nor the Supreme Kai’s.

This is the responsibility of mortals in the mortal world and Kais.

So when Rumsshi heard the words of upholding so-called “justice” from the Trainee Supreme Kai Zamasu, his eyes were full of disdain.

“Zamasu, don’t be rude!” Gowasu scolded.

Isn’t it ridiculous to talk about justice in front of the God of Destruction

But Zamasu didn’t seem to hear Gowasu’s words and looked straight at God of Destruction Rumsshi.

Rumsshi’s eyes flashed with gloominess but it disappeared quickly, as if it hadn’t appeared.

He burst into laughter, turned around and walked away.

“Boy, you’ve very unique ideas, but don’t let your ideas block your future path!” Rumsshi coldly left behind these words and walked out of the courtyard where the Supreme Kai was living.

The loli angel Kusu, who was moving around by Xiaya’s side, bowed to everyone and scampered to follow.

She tapped the scepter on the ground, and turned into a ray of colorful light before disappearing.

Seeing God of Destruction Rumsshi and the Angel Kusu leave, Gowasu, who was sweating all over, heaved a sigh of relief.

After all the pressure dispersed, he warned Zamasu, “Zamasu, be careful when you talk to Rumsshi-sama in the future.

Don’t be disrespectful.

Once Rumsshi-sama gets angry, the entire universe will be embroiled in chaos.”

Zamasu asked in confusion, “Teacher, is God of Destruction-sama so powerful Shouldn’t the Gods spread the glory of justice in the world”

Hearing this, Whis standing on the side shook his head.

“It depends on what you consider justice.

Narrow minded justice isn’t accepted.

A God of Destruction is responsible for the entire universe!”

His purple eyes flashed and he turned to look at Tapion beside him.

“Tapion, what do you think”

“Justice is in the hearts of the people.

I can’t say whose justice is wrong, but I think we should look at it separately.

If you have a duty, you should give priority to complete that duty.

Everyone should first handle matters under their own jurisdiction before considering other things!” Tapion said with a serious look on his face.

He has a loving heart that embraces the world, otherwise he would not be willing to be sealed in the music box for thousands of years in order to check on Hirudegarn.

Facing big matters, Tapion has grasped the degree of seriousness.

Gowasu couldn’t help but nod after hearing him and said with satisfaction, “Tapion’s words make a lot of sense.”

“Zamasu, you will become a Supreme Kai in the future.

You must first carry out the Supreme Kai’s work well.

It is a big matter as it is related to the stable working of the entire universe! Do this well before doing what you want.

After all, your responsibilities are different.

Don’t bring the ideas from the Kai’s period to the present!”

“I understand, teacher!” Zamasu deeply lowered his head and responded seriously.

At this time, Whis chuckled and bid his farewell to the group of Gowasu, Zamasu, and Tapion and offered a few words to Tapion, so that he could follow Gowasu to train and become a qualified Supreme Kai as soon as possible!

“I’ll follow your instructions!” Tapion said solemnly.

“Then, goodbye everyone!” A ray of colorful light shone like fireworks, wrapping around Whis and Xiaya before it left the Sacred World of the Kai.

On the way back, the deep space tunnel with gorgeous and bright-colors on both sides was like a fantasy.

It looked like a wormhole in a science fiction novel.

Whis asked Xiaya, “What do you think of the Trainee Supreme Kai”

Xiaya was stunned before shaking his head.

“Zamasu’s thinking is too naive.

He still doesn’t understand his own position.

In contrast, Tapion is much more mature!”

“Indeed, maybe Tapion can become a qualified Supreme Kai even earlier.

When Universe 7 has two Supreme Kais, Beerus-sama will feel much relieved.” Whis chuckled and didn’t speak anymore.

In fact, there will be three Supreme Kais at that time.

If you count the old Supreme Kai in the Z Sword… Xiaya thought.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Whis always ignores the old Supreme Kai in the Z Sword.

The old Supreme Kai was personally sealed in the Z Sword by the God of Destruction Beerus.


In the starry sky with a dark red hue, suddenly, a rapid flash of light penetrated the void.

“Xiaya, I’m going back to the God of Destruction’s Planet first.

If there is time, you can tell Xiling and the others to come and train.

By the way, there is also that strange Android.

Her strength is also very good, so let her come too.”

Whis was in a good mood.

In that case, Universe 7 will have both a Trainee God of Destruction and a Trainee Supreme Kai.

“I will tell them.” Xiaya responded with a smile.

In fact, he was quite surprised that Whis was allowing Lazuli to train together.

But thinking that Lazuli is no less powerful than Xiling and Myers, he was a bit relieved.

“Well, you have to work harder yourself.

The Divine Realm with silver eyes should be regarded as a new form.

I think there are still many areas worth developing later on…”

Saying a few more words to Xiaya, Whis coolly disappeared into the starry sky.

Looking in the direction where Whis left with a faint smile, Xiaya lifted up his spirits.

His thoughts moved slightly, and Instant Transmission was launched.

He quickly teleported from the starry sky to the faraway Planet Hongshan.

Planet Hongshan, it was still as before.

Vicky and others have also been resurrected with the power of the Dragon Balls.

When Xiaya came back, Adri, Rebecca, Bardock, Elise, Laret and others were discussing how to avenge Vicky and the others.

Vicky has always been the apple of everyone’s eyes, and the people behind him are all senior members of Planet Hongshan.

If anyone harms even one of his hair, they will suffer earth-shattering revenge almost immediately.

In fact, the strongest group of people of Planet Hongshan were gathered together.

Although Hirudegarn, the culprit responsible for Vicky’s death, has already been killed and Mira has run away while seriously injured, there is still a hidden Force that hasn’t been disintegrated, such as the people of the Commerce Alliance…

It’s time to settle the account.


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