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After Xiaya broke through to the second level of Divine Realm, not only the color of his pupils changed, but his strength also increased a lot.

Now he can use space-time ability much more skillfully.

If Xiaya in the first level of Divine Realm had 60% of God of Destruction Beerus’ strength, then after he was promoted to the second level of Divine Realm, the disparity was reduced.

Previously Whis had thought that Xiaya could have 90% of Beerus’ strength after promoting.

But Xiaya felt that his strength had improved more than that compared to before he broke through.

Maybe it is now on par with God of Destruction Beerus.

Feeling the warm energy flowing within his body, Xiaya smiled with a relaxed and bright expression.

He is considerably head and shoulders above the others and feels like all the hardships are over and good times have come.

Anyways, he now is finally standing among the top-tier group of people.


Returning back to Supreme Kai’s Planet, only one month had passed since Xiaya entered the void to train.

On the divine planet, Supreme Kai Gowasu was still teaching Tapion, while Trainee Supreme Kai Zamasu was standing on the side and watching quietly.

His calm eyes were glowing with a deep luster, looking well-mannered, humble and polite.

Seeing Xiaya return, Gowasu ended his lesson to Tapion and walked over.

“Where is Whis” Xiaya asked.


Whis left the Sacred World of the Kai and went to the God of Destruction’s Planet to look for Rumsshi-sama.”

Rumsshi is the name of the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

He looks like an elephant.

Xiaya once heard Whis mention him.

In fact, Xiaya’s knowledge of the Dragon Ball World ended after the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, and he didn’t know the later story.

Only when he went to God of Destruction’s Planet did he learn more about the Multiverse from Whis and Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa.

Xiaya was dazed for a moment before saying, “Universe 10’s God of Destruction By the way, is your universe’ Angel named Kusu She is a very lively kid.

“Yes, Miss Kusu is the angel of Universe 10.


Xiaya knows Miss Kusu” Gowasu was not as completely ignorant of his own universe as Universe 7’s East Supreme Kai.

As an old Supreme Kai, Gowasu can be said to be from the same time period as Universe 7’s old Supreme Kai, and his work history is quite extraordinary.

“I met her before in Universe 6.”

I wonder if that loli Angel still has an unusual obsession with muscles

Recalling Kusu’s expression of regret when he said that he had no muscles, Xiaya found it very interesting.

However, with an angel’s indifference towards time, 8-9 years of time was just a snap of a finger, so she shouldn’t have changed.

Just then, a ray of light broke through the space.

Speak of the devil, Whis and the loli Angel Kusu arrived and together with them was Universe 10’s God of Destruction Rumsshi who looks like an elephant.

God of Destruction Rumsshi was walking in front, followed by the loli Angel Kusu on the side.

A combination of elephant and loli!

Holding a staff, Kusu had silver-gray hair tied in single braided side pigtails.

She was less than 120cm tall and had a blue halo floating around her neck.

Her pretty face is still fair and soft as it was years ago.



Supreme Kai Gowasu and Zamasu bowed respectfully.

Even though the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction are at the same level, in fact, strong experts are still respected.

In front of God of Destruction, Supreme Kai also needs to keep a certain degree of sincerity.

“Hmm!” God of Destruction Rumsshi nodded his head.

Then he looked at Xiaya and his eyes lit up.

His trunk swayed as he circled around Xiaya a few times.

“Hahaha, you are the God of Time that Whis mentioned Your body looks scrawny and doesn’t give the feeling of power and imposingness!” God of Destruction Rumsshi said regretfully.

For him, who advocates the superiority of body muscles to brains, Xiaya is not strong if he does not have sturdy muscles like him.

It turns out that Kusu’s pursuit of muscles was completely because she was led astray by this elephant! Xiaya scoffed in his heart, but he still maintained respect on his face.

“God of Destruction-sama is joking.

I am still in the middle of my training, so naturally I am not strong enough.”

Rumsshi nodded and patted Xiaya’s shoulder with too much force, making Xiaya snarled in pain, “So train well.

How can the God of Time not have sturdy muscles Use protein powder regularly, and you can become even stronger!”


Xiaya was speechless.

Can’t he hear what I said

I’m afraid that either this elephant’s brain was kicked by a donkey, or he has no brains at all.

Turning to look at the loli Angel on the side, Xiaya smiled and said, “Miss Kusu, we meet again.”

“You are the Saiyan that I met in Universe 6.

Wow, you look even more powerful.

How did the color of your hair change again I remember it could turn golden before.” Kusu tilted her head and thought for a while.

“Yes, thanks to Miss Kusu’s guidance back then, I was able to avoid a lot of wrong paths.”


Kusu seemed very happy that someone praised her.

At this time, Whis walked over, looked at Xiaya’s silver-white eyes in surprise, and said, “Oh, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you have already broken through to the second level of Divine Realm, and your eyes have turned silver-white.

Is it a completely new state”

“I thought that after you reach the second level of Divine Realm, you would have 90% of Beerus-sama’s strength, but it seems to be more than that! Xiaya, you are already on par with Beerus-sama.” Whis was very surprised, and the corners of his mouth could not help but rise.

Xiaya, who has reached the second level of Divine Realm, can already be a match for Beerus who does not use God of Destruction’s energy.

He has just stepped into the second level of Divine Realm, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

If he were to receive the inheritance power of the Time Realm now, wouldn’t he be as powerful as full-strength God of Destruction Beerus

Xiaya’s growth rate was really beyond Whis’ expectations.

“Huh This kid is as powerful as Beerus” God of Destruction Rumsshi asked in surprise.

He knows how powerful God of Destruction Beerus is.

Although he is not considered very powerful among the many Gods of Destruction, it is beyond his expectation that this Trainee God of Time can compete with Beerus.

Even if it is only compared to Beerus, who does not use the power of a God of Destruction, it is still surprising.

“Unexpectedly, a God of Destruction level expert has appeared in Universe 7 so quickly.

In comparison, Universe 10 is a bit lacking.”

God of Destruction Rumsshi finally used his brain.

The loli Angel Kusu rolled her lustrous eyes, and gently shook the staff in her hand.

She narrowed her eyes and pointed the crystal ball towards Xiaya.

After observing for a while, she nodded and said, “He is really very powerful.

Rumsshi-sama, if you don’t use God of Destruction’s power, you are probably comparable to him!”

“Humph, how could a person without muscles be my match.” Rumsshi swung his trunk, his eyes raised high as if dissatisfied with Kusu’s evaluation.

Kusu stuck out her tongue and quickly jumped away a short distance.

Rumsshi snorted coldly, turned towards Gowasu and said, “Supreme Kai, I am here to tell you to increase the number of life planets in the universe below, so that a few races with potential can grow up as soon as possible.

There are too few experts in Universe 10.”

“Yes, Rumsshi-sama, I will arrange it as soon as possible! I can let Zamasu and Tapion carry out this job in the mortal world with me.”

Gowasu smiled and agreed.

It was his duty to increase the number of life planets, and he could also train Zamasu and Tapion to make them grow faster.


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