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“Zamasu, what are you doing”

Seeing his disciple fighting the God of Time, Gowasu, who has always been gentle, became serious and loudly berated Zamasu, and then bowed to apologize to Xiaya.

“I’m very sorry for my disciple’s lack of manners.

Zamasu, why haven’t you apologized to Mr.

Xiaya yet!”

Zamasu, who was still lying on the ground unable to move, was thinking who knows what.

After a while, he stood up under the support of Gowasu.

He lowered his head and said with a sincere expression, “I was impolite to make such an excessive request just now.

It was discourteous of me.”

“There is no need to be like that, it was just an ordinary spar.” Xiaya waved his hand, not minding it.

Yes, Xiaya doesn’t care.

Not to mention that one of them is from Universe 10 and the other is from Universe 7, they are not even in the same management system.

With Xiaya’s current achievements, the two are so far apart that it is not worthwhile to bother with a Trainee Supreme Kai.

“Zamasu, go back and continue to train your fundamentals, and calm your heart down first.” Gowasu gently nodded to Xiaya, and then spoke to Zamasu.


Zamasu held his arm and bowed before walking away silently.

“Your disciple seems to have unusual ideas!” Xiaya said lightly while looking at Zamasu’s receding back.

Gowasu also looked at Zamasu’s back and breathed a sigh of relief.

Don’t know if he caught the meaning of Xiaya’s words, but apparently Gowasu is very satisfied with Zamasu as a disciple and is defending him in every way.

“Zamasu is very talented, deals with matters courteously, and is a remarkable seedling, and he has his own beliefs in his heart.

When he was a North Kai, he managed the universe under him very well.

I hope he can become a qualified Supreme Kai.”

“What is his belief” Xiaya smiled.

Sometimes when excessively pursuing absolute justice, it is easy to get lost.

In short, Xiaya is not very optimistic about the Trainee Supreme Kai Zamasu.

Can a person who is too idealistic and rigid really become a qualified Supreme Kai Let’s wait and see.

Of course, these are the matters of Universe 10.

As an outsider, Xiaya does not want to get involved.

Then, Gowasu continued to pass Tapion the knowledge of Supreme Kai’s apprentice, while Xiaya teleported from the Supreme Kai’s Planet, and then stayed alone in the starry sky of the Sacred World of the Kai.

The Sacred World of the Kai is located in the highest dimension of the universe.

It is exactly the opposite of the God of Destruction’s Planet just like Yin and Yang of Tai Chi, and it properly maintains the operation of the entire universe.

The space in Sacred World of the Kai is very large, except for the divine planet that Supreme Kai lives on, there are many divine planets of different sizes floating in the light blue space.

Quickly or slowly, accelerating or decelerating, they move along a fixed orbit all year round, with very few collisions happening.

The entire sacred world looks like a reduced version of a universe.

The place where several divine planets converge exudes a rich and sacred aura.

This should be the center of the Sacred World of the Kai, gathering the most boundless energy essence of the sacred world.

Xiaya scanned the surroundings for a while, then teleported to an empty region with denser sacred aura.

“It should be here!”

“I have trained on the God of Destruction’s Planet for so many years, but very rarely in the Sacred World of the Kai.”

He sits cross-legged, and his red hair slightly rose, shining brightly.

As Xiaya closed his eyes for training, a mysterious and natural aura constantly emitted out with him as the center.

When the matter in the surrounding encountered this aura, they were immediately dispersed, causing the area to become empty and spacious.

Of course, it cannot be said to be really empty.

It’s impossible for a space to have absolutely nothing.

Even if it seems that there is no matter, there is actually still something.

At the place where the distorted space converged, a slightly invisible and tremendous amount of sacred energy slowly gathered.

Xiaya arrived at the center of Sacred World of the Kai because he plans to go into seclusion and break through to the second level of the Divine Realm.

Many days ago, when he completely assimilated Super Saiyan God state and transformed it into a Normal State, all obstacles leading to the second level of the Divine Realm were completely removed for him.

Next, what he lacks is just complete comprehension.

So when he heard that Whis is going to bring Tapion to Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 10, Xiaya, who had been to other worlds’ Sacred Worlds of the Kai, immediately chose the location of his seclusion in Universe 10.

Xiaya closed his eyes and meditated.

Ignoring the abundant energy flowing around his body, he calmed his heart completely.

Step by step, he sorted out and summarized everything he had learned bit by bit in his mind, and then entered Image Training, continuously analyzing, reorganizing, and then integrating all this knowledge.

In the process of slowly sorting out, Xiaya saw through the many mistakes he made in the past, and then began to refine them.

With the continuous improvement of his realm, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth gradually turned into a smile, as if he was savouring the excellent wines he had collected for many years, and a feeling of satisfaction emerged in his heart.

The state of intoxication went on for a long time.

Suddenly, his spirit shook and Xiaya’s whole body trembled, his brows furrowing slightly.

His face broke out into sparkling sweat, and his entire body soon became wet.

“Am I going to break through soon” Xiaya muttered to himself before chuckling.

At the same time, a magical and hidden power gushed out from his heart.

It was the silver-gray space-time ability.

As Xiaya was about to break through to the second level of Divine Realm, the space-time ability that has followed him for decades began to stir restlessly.

With the stirring of space-time ability, two other streams of golden energy and red energy also gushed out.

That is the power of the Dragon God and the divine power of the Super Saiyan God.

The three mixed together to form three distinct energy sources which then slowly flowed along the meridians of his entire body without interfering with each other, and gradually strengthened Xiaya’s body.

At this moment, every cell of Xiaya has been fully replenished, and from inside to outside, he broke away from the mortal level.

If you compare your body to a container, you naturally want methods to have it contain even more things.

Before, even after he had assimilated the Super Saiyan God realm, Xiaya’s physical strength growth had still been limited, and he could still feel that his body had a limit on how much it could contain.

At most, he could contain energy that is several times the strength of the body.

Any more and his body could explode.

It may be related to the body’s strength and the energy’s strength.

In other words, in the case that his physical strength does not improve, how much more he can break through and how much more energy he can withstand… It has long been limited.

In the GT world, Super Saiyan 3 advanced to Super Saiyan 4 and there is no need to comprehend any realm.

They can directly break through the life level with violent means, and increase the amount of the energy that the body can withstand.

It was not obvious in Super Saiyan God before, but when advancing to the second level of Divine Realm, the relationship between body and spirit, as well as energy becomes particularly important, and fortunately the space-time ability, Dragon God’s power, and the divine power in his body can improve his physical strength greatly.

As Xiaya’s physical strength increased, his spirit gradually roamed in the ocean of realm, gradually losing himself in it while the abundant mysterious energy surrounding him entered his body, replenishing his energy.

Time slowly passed, and finally one day, Xiaya let out a cry of joy.

“The second level of the Divine Realm.

I finally broke through!”

Xiaya’s voice was filled with joy.

When he opened his eyes, the unique red eyes of the Super Saiyan God had turned silvery white! Except for his hairstyle and hair which was still red, his aura completely surpassed the level of Super Saiyan God.

Red hair and silver eyes, that is the brand-new appearance after advancement of the Divine Realm, and not the Super Saiyan Blue state that Goku broke through after abandoning the Super Saiyan God realm.

He formed a layer of watery mist, which reflected his appearance like a mirror.

Xiaya touched his chin, looking very happy.

“Silver eyes, they look pretty cool.

I wonder how much my strength has increased”

And he lightly punched in the void.

Crack, Rumble!

A horrifying storm, as if splitting apart heaven and earth, was produced from nothingness.

The brutal and devastating powers suddenly swept across a large area of ​​the void, and then piled up like waves.

The divine planets orbiting in the distance were affected by this and separated from their orbits.

“A big improvement compared to before!”

“But these divine planets have also been disrupted.”

Scratching his head, he was feeling a little vexed.

Xiaya glanced at the divine planets that were gradually deviating from their orbits and could only smile bitterly.

He teleported in front of them and then extended both hands to push them back to their original orbit.

All this process was very cumbersome, but with the help of space-time ability, it was quickly completed.


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