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Upon hearing that, Xiayas countenance turned stern and he immediately once again pulled himself together.

With a loud roar, he crazily burned the energy of Super Saiyan God, and rushed forward to fight the Final Form Demigra.

A fierce, exciting battle erupted out and the incomparable blazing aura completely blended together.

It was impossible to tell who had the upper hand at the moment.

With the pain of being hit by the enemy and the joy of successfully using his technique again and again, Xiaya became more and more courageous as the fight went on.

He was completely lost in the wild battle.

This fight is different from any previous.

This time, he experienced unprecedented difficulty and enthusiasm.

In order to win, he brought out everything his body has to offer!

But even so, his heart was still heavy, as with every move he used, it seemed to have struck a big mountain! Perhaps because his bottleneck was near, amidst the fierce battle, Xiaya felt that his realm had loosened a little bit, and the power belonging to Super Saiyan God merged into his body little by little.

“Tsk, its really reckless.” Whis smiled on seeing it, as if everything was under his control.

His purple lips were slightly raised.

“Yes, thats it, let the powers enter your body.

Dont think too much when fighting, let your body make the decision on its own, and have your body and the mind synchronize…

“Wrong! Even if you let your body decide on its own, it doesnt mean you dont need to use your brain, otherwise it is all brawn and no brains.

“You have to make every cell of your body turn into a brain, absorbing and producing energy by itself.

Demigra has already fallen into madness.

Take advantage of that and condense your mental state now.”

Whis murmured with a smile on his face.

Xiaya, who was fighting with Demigra in the distance, pricked his ears and listened carefully.

A few simple words entered his heart, and suddenly everything became clear to him at once.

Of course, Xiaya had learned about this method before, but it is very difficult to really accomplish this! However, at this moment, the battle with Demigra caused his body to muster the powers to its limit.

At this time, thinking about this problem again, understanding and practicing this method, it was like he was enlightened, and he suddenly found a way, or so to say……he could understand how to do it.

The fiercely burning red flame on Xiayas body became more fierce, and finally, as if merging with nature, Xiayas movements gradually became coordinated, and every move coincided with the laws of nature.



Amidst the soft sounds of air splitting, all the energy within three feet of Xiaya dispersed.

A faint but gentle breeze blew over and a smile appeared at the corners of Xiayas mouth.

As if having come to a realization, he immediately closed his eyes and concentrated.

When he opened his eyes again, there was nothing odd about them except for the ruby-like pupils.

The most obvious change was that the thin layer of mist-like flames around his body had disappeared.

As Xiaya had completely absorbed the powers of Super Saiyan God, he looked just like an ordinary person with red hair.

There was no strange radiance on his body.

However, the current Xiaya was the most formidable.

“I have completely absorbed the powers of Super Saiyan God.

This is Full Power Super Saiyan God No, it is even more magical than that!”

Carefully feeling the power flowing within his body, Xiaya couldnt help but want to look to the sky and utter a long, loud cry.

He knows very well that this state is different from Full Power and the “Mystical Realm” of the Super Saiyan God level.

Although there is no huge increase in power, he is now different from before.

Demigra is now already nothing in his eyes.

“Umm, completely absorb the power of the Divine Realm.

As long as you train like this, you will soon reach the second level of the Divine Realm!” A bright light flashed in Whiss eyes and he nodded in satisfaction.

Xiayas speed of progress has exceeded his imagination.

Once he sets foot in the second level of the Divine Realm, Xiaya will soon have strength comparable to 90% of the strength of God of Destruction Beerus, and such a day is not far away.

“Perhaps by the time Beerus-sama wakes up next time, Xiayas strength will have already surpassed his, then there will be a strong person who can compete with him.

Beerus-sama is sure to be very excited!” Whis was silently thinking in his heart.

Whis still didnt know, in fact, Xiaya and God of Destruction Beerus had met before on Planet Vegeta.

When Beerus sees Xiaya, he is sure to be very surprised.

“Whis, thank you very much!” Xiaya smiled and thanked Whis.

“This is the result of your own training.

If you want to thank me, just prepare more food for me next time.” Whis smiled faintly, as if it was really just an insignificant matter.

Xiaya nodded towards Whis, then fixed his gaze on Final Form Demigra.

Perhaps noticing the coldness in Xiayas eyes, Demigras heart thumped and he felt a chill over his body for no reason.

He immediately became irritated and yelled loudly.

Ding! Xiaya bent his fingers and gently moved it across the space.

As if playing a beautiful symphony, ripples appeared in the space.

Kacha, the energy blockade surrounding Planet Mando finally shattered, and like sparkling glass falling down in the void, it gradually disappeared.

Demigras body suddenly shook, and his muscles trembled with subtle distortions.

A sharp pain rushed into his heart, the impact of the spiritual backlash making him dizzy.

“Pfff!” He couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

His heart trembled and he shouted angrily, “What the hell happened Why did he become so strong!”

Demigra was in disbelief.

Xiayas strength had already surpassed the God of Time who defeated him.

“Its over.

Thats it for this body of mine.

Ahhh, I dont want to return to that dark Crack of Time!” The shout was bloody, his spirit nearing collapse.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” His heart was thumping violently.

He kept tapping his stomach with his two sharp beast claws as a gloomy smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly, Demigra disappeared, leaving behind a blurry silhouette in his place.

For a brief moment, space seemed to have become non-existent.

When he appeared again, he was already beside Xiaya and his two bulky beast claws caught Xiaya in his palm.

“Go to hell!” Demigras eyes were bulging out, clearly going all out.

Even if he was going to die, he wanted to take Xiaya along with him, otherwise he would still have to face this enemy when he was resurrected next time.


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