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Outside Planet Mando, a strange dark grey colour surrounded the entire planet, as if it was sealing it, completely isolating the planet from inside and outside.

The outside was calm as usual, but the inside was in chaos just like when the world was born.

In the nothingness of the starry sky, a colorful radiance flashed and a figure in red and black appeared not far from Planet Mando.

“Planet Mando!” Waving the scepter, Whis ignored the barrier in front of him and went straight in.

“Woah, Xiaya could actually fight Demigra up till now.

His strength has once again increased by a lot.” Whis floated in the sky, watching Xiaya and Demigra fighting fiercely from a distance, and then turned his attention to Xilings side where the situation was a little better.

Xiling, Myers, and 18 were jointly attacking Mira from all sides, greatly restricting Miras power.

Although the three of them were injured and bleeding, Mira looked in much more miserable condition than them.

Xiling and Myers were panting a little, while 18 was just as before except that the clothes on her body were badly damaged.

“Androids are really a strange lifeform.

They dont feel tired at all!”

Even Whis was in admiration of 18s stamina.

It must be understood that not even a God of Destruction has endless stamina.

After a brief glance at the two battles, Whis already understood the situation on both sides.

He floated upwards slightly and arrived before Xili and Tapion.

Seeing the figure in red and black that had suddenly appeared, Xilis eyes widened as she recognized Whis and immediately ran over to him.

“Whis, please go and help my dad.

The enemy over there is very powerful!”

Whis often used to show up on Planet Hongshan looking for food.

Xili had seen him many times.

At first, she thought Whis was just a gluttonous sissy who came from another planet.

Later, she heard from her mother that their strength is the result of being taught by Whis, and understood what kind of identity Whis has.

So as soon as she saw Whis appear, Xili immediately went up and begged.

“Dont worry, lets watch for a while.

Demigra might be a good sparring partner!” Whis faintly smiled as he glanced at Xili with a calm look.

These words immediately made Xili feel much relieved, but she still watched the battle in the distance with a look of worry.

After comforting Xili, Whis turned his attention to Tapion, a bit surprised by his appearance that strikingly resembled the Supreme Kai.

“He is a warrior with the heart of a newborn baby!”

“Your name is Tapion, right Looking at you, I wonder if you are interested in assuming the position of Supreme Kai in the future” Whis asked calmly.

Tapion looked at Whis in confusion.

“Sorry, I dont know what is a Supreme Kai.

Right now I only care about exterminating these two demons from the universe.”

“It doesnt matter if you dont know, remember what I said today.

The universe needs a brave warrior like you!” Whis chuckled softly, nodded towards Xili, then disappeared and instantly appeared by Xiaya and Demigras side.

“Who is he What is his identity” Tapion asked.

Xili blinked her beautiful eyes, “I dont know anything about Whiss identity.

But, he is an important person, and my parents have been taught by him.”

“Even powerful people like your parents were taught by him” Tapions pupils shrank, and his body couldnt help but tremble.

Everything he had seen today has impacted his worldview.

He originally thought that Hirudegarn was already very powerful, but then Mira, who created Hirudegarn appeared, and then there was the even more outrageous Demon God Demigra! Now even experts like this little girls parents are being taught by the man in the red and black clothes.

Doesnt that mean that the man named Whis is much more powerful than everyone present!

Receiving such a shock again and again almost made him numb.

Then he became delighted.

“Great, with such an expert joining in, those evil guys can definitely be exterminated.” As for the Supreme Kai or something that Whis was talking about, Tapion didnt care at all, because he didnt understand the implication of what a Supreme Kai represents at all.

On the other side, the battle between Xiaya and Demigra was still going on.

Maybe because he found out that Demigra was afraid of “Annihilation”, Xiaya held some advantage for the time being.

Seeing that his attacks were unsuccessful, Demigra gradually began to get irritated.

Swoosh! With a teleportation, Xiaya opened some distance and appeared much farther away.

Then, he released the “Annihilation” in his hand.

“Damn it! This hateful technique again!” Demigras face was gloomy while swaying left and right to avoid the attack, but this passive defensive method wore down his patience.

Demigra threw away the scepter, and suddenly took a step forward.

Xiu, a flash of lightning pierced through the air.

The fists enveloped in brutal energy rapidly fell towards Xiaya, the chaotic and devastating energy surrounding him from both sides.

As soon as the beam of light stopped, there were countless sharp blades that attacked Xiaya ruthlessly.

Xiayas expression became solemn, and he was about to dodge it.

But suddenly, a thin scepter went past in front of Xiaya and all the attacks of Demigra turned illusory and disappeared, the thunderous momentum dissipating into thin air.

“Whis, why are you here” Xiaya exclaimed in surprise when he saw the person who had arrived.

“You have made quite a bit of progress, maybe you will soon be promoted to the second level of Divine Realm.” Whis said calmly.

In fact, Xiayas current Divine Realm state has already reached or even surpassed most of the other Divine Realm experts at the initial stage of second-level.

One can well imagine how formidable Xiaya will be when he reaches the second-level Divine Realm.

After Whis appeared, the atmosphere became strange.

Demigra looked at Whis as he thought for a long time, and finally his expression changed drastically.

“Ah, you are the Angel of Universe 7.

Isnt it said that Angels remain neutral and dont interfere with anything in the universe” Demigra was somewhat mad.

After seeing the Angel guarding Universe 7 appear, his heart thumped and a bad feeling appeared in his heart.

Whiss eyes were serene.

“I really dont interfere, but it was the Supreme Kai of Times request, so Im here.”

“Its that hateful girl again!”

Demigra gritted his teeth with hatred at the Supreme Kai of Time.

If it were not for that girl, he would not have been sealed in the Crack of Time for 75 million years, and even now, it is still not a complete resurrection.

“Demigra, have 75 million years of time made you forget the fear from that time If you continue like this, you will be the first person to be wiped out when Beerus-sama wakes up,” Whis said with a smile, his violet eyes staring at Demigra.

Demigra clearly recalled the horror of God of Destruction Beerus.

His expression was fearful, and he couldnt help but shiver.

The self-proclaimed Demon God was a little flustered at the moment.

“Damn it, the timing of the resurrection is wrong.

If only I had resurrected in my Full Form, or integrated with theme from multiple worlds.

Why would I be afraid of some God of Destruction and Angel!”

However, the reality is cruel.

At this moment, Demigra does not have the strength to challenge Whis.

“According to the rules, you Angels cant interfere.

These are the duties of a God of Destruction.

As long as a God of Destruction doesnt interfere, even if it is the end of the universe, as long as it has not been completely destroyed, you cant interfere.” Seeing that God of Destruction Beerus hadnt appeared for a long time, Demigra again became courageous.

He knows the rules of the Angel race, so he tried to sound him out.

But he was lucky as Whis did not plan to interfere.

“Xiaya, Ill leave Demigra to you.

I will give you guidance from the side.

You should know that a Demon God is also a good training partner.

A life and death battle may allow you to make a breakthrough.” Whis shrugged and then went to the side with a smile.

“All right, leave it to me!” Xiaya patted his chest.

Having Whis guidance from the side, he suddenly became extremely confident.

Demigra was about to explode with anger.

What are these two people treating him as A training partner He is the Demon God Demigra! His face became even more dark, and his blood-red eyes shone with cold light, as if wanting to swallow Xiaya and Whis whole.

“Good, good, good, you two…” Demigra yelled angrily.

The fighting here temporarily subsided which finally attracted the attention of Xiling and the others.

Seeing Whis figure from far away, a happy expression appeared on their faces, but Miras face turned gloomy as he gritted his teeth.

“Angel Whis still got involved!”

He resurrected Demigra and even planned to use Demigra to wipe out these Saiyans.

He precisely calculated the circumstances under which Whis would not take action, but the Angel of Universe 7 still appeared.

Even with thousands of calculations, Mira didnt calculate that Whis valued Xiaya so much.

Even if Whis did not personally take action, it will still bring too much pressure on him and Demigra.


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