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120,000 Battle Power!

This means that Xiaya could already be regarded as a strong powerhouse in the universe, standing at the peak of the food chain and is one of the few super-expert capable of dominating a region.

But immediately Xiaya curbed his smile.

It still isn’t the time to be elated.

Their situation is still very grim as Frieza will attack Saiyans after one year, giving him very little time!

“It seems, I have to hurry up the search for the evacuation planet!”

As soon as this thought flashed through his mind, Xiaya’s thoughts quickly turned towards the star chart of the Milky Way Galaxy which was mentioned by Feidaya people.

“Don’t know how did the selection of planets go I will have to ask after a while.”

Turning off the Gravity Machine’s power supply, Xiaya got out.

The sky outside was pale yellow.

The harsh icy winds swept the grit flying all over the sky, hitting the Gravity Machines outer metal shells producing quiet clanking sounds, and leaving faint and shallow traces on the dark golden shell from the wind and frost erosion.

Due to the prolonged exposure to the harsh environment, the gravity machines were already buried less than one meter under yellow sands.

Checking the several Gravity Machines in succession, Xiaya found that only Xiling’s gravity machine was still giving muffled engine sounds.

“This brat is still working so hard!” Xiaya chuckled, it seems that Xiling doesn’t plan to come out until she has surpassed him.

No, this won’t do.

Xiling is still so young, and it’s her growing period, what would I do if it affected her future development Xiaya does not want Xiling, such a cute kid to have poor development in future.

Besides training is a step-by-step process, and the Ki needs to be accumulated over time, so as to ensure long-term steady progress.

Take Saiyans as an example, after every fight a Saiyan’s Battle Power wouldn’t certainly increase much, but it will surely accumulate inside but by bit.

And, when on verge of death that accumulated Ki will suddenly burst forth, causing that Saiyan to advance by leaps and bounds after the life and death experience.

On the other hand, if you haven’t accumulated enough experiences, even if you have been at death’s door many times, you will not see much improvements after you heal.

The reason is that although your potential will erupt when you are at death’s door, you will face an awkward situation where there is nothing to erupt.

In fact, earth’s training of continuous refinement of Ki also has a similar principle, just using a different method.

But both methods will reach a similar goal.

Xiling has been training in the Gravity Machine for so long, the accumulated Ki has been almost consumed, now there is a need to accumulate it once more.

Therefore, Xiaya opened the door to Xiling’s Gravity Machine and entered.

The upper layer `training room` was giving forth a dark red color, and the air was hot and suffocating.

At center, a slender young girl was drenched in sweat, walking unsteadily while doing various exercises, strenuously punching out, jumping and diving.

Her practice clothes which were made of special materials were torn to shreds from the harsh environment and were hanging down her body, baring her body.

When Xiaya neared Xiling, an enormous gravity exerted pressure on him.

“100x gravity!”

Frowning, Xiaya thought, this Xiling really doesn’t know what’s good for her.

It clearly already exceeds the burden her body can bear, and could easily hurt her body.

Shortly afterward his complexion returned to normal, and then he walked to the front of the control panel, slightly moved the gravity engine, until it turned off.


The whole room was immediately restored to its original state.

Heaving breathing, Xiling glanced at him while her sweat soaking the ends of hair were directly dripping to the floor.

Taking out a Senzu Bean and feeding it to her, Xiaya reproached with dissatisfaction.

“Didn’t I said to train in moderation You, look at you, you are barely alive.”

“Right now, my Battle Power is only 90,000.

If I don’t train like this, I will never be able to catch up with you!”

Xiling’s bright eyes looked at him with a serious expression, her face stubborn.

Xiaya was silent for a moment.

He was familiar with her ‘eager to do well in everything’ personality.

Therefore, he only extended his hand and forcefully rubbed her head, until Xiling removed his hand in dissatisfaction, only then he spoke in a gentle tone: “Later, you should use the gravity machine with me, if I don’t keep an eye on you, who knows if you will again act recklessly.”

Xiling rolled her eyes, who knows what she was thinking, her pretty face was somewhat flushed red.


She obediently lowered her head and answered.

Next, Xiaya has Xiling first take a bath.

She was bashful for a moment and glanced left and right before heading towards the bathroom.

“This girl unexpectedly knows shyness, obviously was wild before.” Flabbergasted, Xiaya shook his head, but then he remembered that Xiling’s body has slightly developed.

He realized that Xiling has already grown up, and is no longer the little girl who would stick to him all the time.

Soon afterward, Xiling came out dressed in a bathrobe, her damp beautiful hairs draped behind her.

Since she had just taken a bath, the water mist floating in the bathroom caused the girl’s young body to appear somewhat hazy.

After changing clothes, Xiling feeling fresh approached and Xiaya put one of his hand on her shoulder in a natural manner, and his other hand hugged her waist, feeling an exquisite soft touch on his bosom.

He immediately utilized teleportation, returning to the home on Planet Vegeta.

After eating lunch with Adri couple and chatting with them about the recent situation in Planet Vegeta, Xiaya then used Space Ability and went to Feidaya people’s base by himself.

After more than one year has passed, Duokela had already selected suitable planets.

Feidaya people’s spaceship, inside the master control room.

“Sir Xiaya, after a year of analysis by Feidaya scientists, we have concluded that a total of four planets meet the evacuation requirements,” said Duokela, pointing at the Milky Way Galaxy’s star chart on the big screen.

On a large screen of tens of meters length and width, a large-scale star chart of the Milky Way Galaxy was projected on it.

At the four spiraling and winding gigantic cantilevers, there were four particularly distinct red bright spots.

They were naturally the research results of the Feidaya scientists of the more than one year.

“These four planets are Planet Kinra in the West Area, Planet Dokhala in the South Area, and Planet Hongshan as well as Planet Tudors in the East Area!”

“Give me a brief introduction about these planets situation!” Xiaya said seriously.


Duokela gave a bow and went on to introduce: “The first is Planet Kinra, a medium-sized planet located at the border of the West Area.

It has a 34% dry land area and there is a low-level civilization called Xi Lu race living there, civilization level NOT HIGH … ”

Then, the star chart on the screen changed to a light blue planet, which is the Planet Kinra that Duokela just introduced.

“Planet Dokhala, a giant planet to the north of the South Area, it is about 80 times larger than Planet Vegeta.

There are no obvious signs of civilization on it and it is still an uncivilized area.”

“Planet Hongshan, it is located in the northwestern part of the East Area and is near the center of Milky Way Galaxy.

Moreover, it is a rarely seen planet having a binary star system*1.

It is a young star which jointly forms a binary star system with a planet called Meishan and together with it revolves around their center… ”

[TN: *1 A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common barycenter]

“Planet Tudors, a planet in the southern part of the East Area …”

Xiaya listened attentively.

The number of planets in the universe was vast and endless, like a plate of star sand.

As for the planets in the North Area, they alone were far beyond count, let alone the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

These four planets were something that Feidaya people had researched in this more than one year, selecting from the vast sea of stars, collecting and considering various factors, they could be considered to be the best among the best.

Xiaya was very satisfied with these four planets.

As the planets to which Saiyans can evacuate, they couldn’t be more appropriate.

Moreover, there were only a rare few other Forces which have influence in their surrounding star areas.

They were the most suitable places for the Saiyans to live and build up their strength.

After taking the distance into consideration, Xiaya was much more interested in Planet Dokhala in the South Area and Planet Hongshan in the East Area, the two planets were closest to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Duokela, give a brief introduction of the key points of Planet Hongshan!” Xiaya said after thinking for a moment.


As the big screen changed, a dark-red planet appeared in the center of the big screen, looking very much similar to the Planet Selma which he had once visited, the color similarly beautiful and enchanting.

On an orbit not far from Planet Hongshan, another ice-blue planet appeared, the binary star to Planet Hongshan——Meishan.

Duokela introduced: “Planet Hongshan is a dark-red, small-size planet with a diameter of 6,768 km and a sea area occupying approx 67%.

In the remaining 33%, a part of them is occupied by polar glaciers while the suitable area for living is only 21%.

It is a primitive planet which has an absence of civilization.

“Oddly enough, Planet Hongshan, though small in size, has more than 12 times the standard gravity of what ordinary planets should have! Therefore, despite its small size, it can pull and revolve together with Meishan planet which is several times larger.

“Oh, that’s right!” After speaking till here, Duokela paused.

“Although there are no traces of civilization on Planet Hongshan, there is a human race on Planet Meishan called Meishan race.

Their height of adults is approximately 1.7m and lifespan is approximately 100 years.”

“General evaluation says it belongs to a low-level planet!”

“It’s very much like Earth!” Xiaya looked in surprise and inwardly pondered in his heart.

Speaking of these four planets, they were all very suitable as a place for evacuation as they have no large-scale Forces in their surroundings.

But after listening to Duokela’s description, Xiaya was still more interested in Planet Hongshan.

Not only because of the geographical location of Planet Hongshan but more importantly, because of the composition of Planet Hongshan.

If Saiyans evacuate to Planet Hongshan, not only will it be possible to get a Primitive life planet, but there is also a planet with human civilization planet not far away, which may be of help to some extent in Saiyan’s growth.


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