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Whis was clearly aware of the existence of Demigra.

As for the things Mira and Towa secretly did, he has a rough idea, but how to say, as long as there is no real threat to the safety of Universe 7, Whis will turn a blind eye to it.

Even if an evil and powerful existence appears in the universe, like Majin Buu, that wreaked havoc in the ancient times, it is just an internal event in Universe 7, which is in line with the regular course of events of Universe 7.

He is like an aloof ruler, holding authority in his hand and not getting involved in others matters.

Looking at the entire universe from another angle, even the God of Destruction Beerus is not as aloof as Whis.

After all, even if Universe 7 is destroyed, it will not affect him.

Besides, a single Demon God Demigra is nothing.

As long as Demigra from multiple space-times does not fuse, Whis normally wouldnt make a move so that it doesnt harm the Multiverse.

But Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa has already sent a message to him.

Even though he is from the neutral Angel Race, Whis still needs to go there in person.

Raising the scepter and tapping it lightly, a bright glow soared into the sky, leading Whis towards the mortal world.


Planet Mando.

The dark-grey sky gave a feeling of oppression and billowing dark clouds were everywhere in the atmosphere, churning non-stop.

Looking from outer space, there were three huge whirlpools spread out near the equator.

The huge energy storms produced caused the climate to change all over the planet.

The huge whirlpools distorted the airflow, like a giant creature swallowing the sky with an open mouth, greedily swallowing the essence of the planet.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Two figures moved back and forth between the sky and the earth.

They both were very fast, each collision producing violent explosions.

It looked as if heaven and earth had split apart, vast and mighty.

Bang! Xiayas sturdy body moved back and forth through the clouds, punching Demigra.

The sky was torn apart, forming a vacuum zone.

“A last-ditch struggle!”

Demigra smiled gracefully, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

He kept waving the scepter in his hand to block Xiayas attacks outside a mirror-like protective net.

“Saiyan, even if you have a powerful self-healing ability, this demon gods strength is still above yours.

Your consumed energy cannot be recovered in a short time!” Demigra opened his mouth and smiled before a large cloud of dark mist sprayed out towards Xiaya.

Xiaya didnt say anything and continued to dodge Demigras attacks.

Suddenly, he stepped forward, crossed through the void, penetrated the dense mist, bent his arms and swung forward with force.

“Exploding Dragon Fist!!”

The golden energy transformed into Shenrons appearance, producing exploding sounds from friction in the air.

The chaotic scene suddenly became even more raging.

Dragon Fist contained explosive power and was a type ofmeeting force with force attack technique.

The golden energy in the shape of Shenron roared, and as if it had penetrated through space, it bombarded Demigra like a hot knife through butter.

Wherever it passed, the heavens split apart and the turbulent air currents caused a surging and vast aura to rise.

“Interesting!” Demigra was surprised.

Facing the attack, when the approaching Dragon Fist was about to engulf him, the disdainful expression in Demigras eyes finally changed.

He was stunned to discover that the destructive power contained in the golden energy was not ordinary and was beyond his imagination.

It cant be treated as an ordinary attack and taken lightly! Startled, Demigra broke out into cold sweat, and hurriedly spun the scepter, placing it on his chest.

Rumble! Rumble!

The sky turned dim and the aura soared.

At the place where Demigra was standing, a light ball suddenly exploded, and the violent impact shook the air.

Even from thousands of kilometers away, you can feel the frightening destructive power contained in the world-destroying strike!

That was enough power to rend space!

After quite a long time passed, the energy of the big collision gradually subsided, and the destructiveness of the collision gradually dissipated.

The atmosphere was still cloudy, but there were sunken pits scattered all over the ground.

With Xiaya and Demigra as the center, the ground sank 1km in diameter, a frightening abyss outside of which was the destroyed region of tens of kilometers from the impact, full of densely packed cracks.

Smaller cracks appeared all over the entire planet.

Demigra raised his eyebrows, his arms a little numb.

Tiny cracks had appeared on the surface of the beautiful scepter.

If he hadnt reacted in time, and if he had still held on to his previous attitude of disregarding his opponent, then the attack just now was enough to cause him serious injuries.

“It was dangerous.

Just now, I actually felt the aura of death.

Really unforgivable!” His cold and gloomy eyes revealed an undisguised murderous aura.

His indifferent voice seemed to have come from purgatory—the voice was dripping with blood.

Demigra narrowed his eyes.

Then, he stamped his feet, leaving behind a few afterimages in the void, and instantly arrived in front of Xiaya.

Bang! It was a powerful punch.

Blood flowed out of the corners of Xiayas mouth, and he could feel the numbness in his arms.

His body was like a cannonball that had slid out of the barrel at high speed, brushing past the ground and flying out quickly.

When Demigras move succeeded, he didnt relax and pursued Xiaya, the two light rays remaining almost parallel and then he put strength in his legs, raised them and kicked Xiayas body.

Rumble! With a loud rumbling sound, the ground cracked again and rocks the size of mountains exploded and were sent flying everywhere like popcorn.

Xiaya was trapped thousands of meters underground.

“Humph, you are really like a cockroach!” Looking at the big dark hole below with a sinister look, Demigra opened his hand, preparing to attack.

But at this moment–


An angry voice came from below the ground and surging energy shot out.

A bright white beam soared into the sky, swallowing Demigra.

Below, Xiaya, panting heavily, slowly floated out from the dark hole.

At this time, his energy was quite a bit weaker than before, and there was some weariness on his face.

After all, Demigra is much stronger than him.

The momentary advantage was only obtained from the powerful self-healing ability of the Super Saiyan God.

Prolonged confrontation will inevitably cause him to fall into a disadvantageous position.

“All in all, I cant recklessly fight against Demigra.

Stubbornly carrying it on will only hurt both sides, and in the end I will definitely be the one to lose first.”

Having such a clear understanding, Xiaya couldnt help but sigh.

Since Demigra had just awakened, he still couldnt exert his full strength, making the two of them equally matched.

But if the fight continues, the situation he is facing will get worse and worse.

With the continuous consumption of energy and the gradual increase in injuries, his situation will become more and more hopeless.

“If I can make a breakthrough, or completely assimilate the Super Saiyan God realm, there may be some hope.

But such thinking is too easy.”

Shaking his head, even he felt that his imagination was running wild.

The thoughts in his mind whirled.

Xiaya cheered up and a whirlwind emerged from the soles of his feet, supporting him to quickly catch up with Demigra.

Seeing that his opponent was struck by Tri-Beam, he took advantage and attacked a few times with full strength.

“Bastard!” Demigra was furious, there were multiple wounds on his body and limbs.

He no longer has his elegant demeanor from before, there was only burning rage in Demigras eyes.

“I should take advantage of this and increase the attacks.” Xiaya sneered and launched energy waves.

Swish, swish, swish! Countless fierce and powerful attacks rushed over, and brutally fell on Demigras body.

Numerous huge suns immediately rose in the sky and like stars falling from the sky, the dazzling radiance brightly illuminated the sky.

The strong wind whistled in his ears, but Demigra broke away from his passive state, and without a pause, the two people once again started fighting.


The space-time water ball once again appeared, and the target was locked onto Demigras body.

“What is this Ahhh!!!”

At this time, Demigra finally knew how powerful this technique was.

Even God of Destruction Champa was caught off guard and nearly suffered a big loss! Demigra was naturally weaker than Champa.

So, Demigra suffered a tragedy.

The endless and brutal powers of space-time Annihilation erupted out instantly, swallowing his body.

Demigras face turned pale and his spirit suddenly became tense, “Ahhhhh!!” Demigra ultimately gave up on the situation of his arm and used the magic on his scepter which allowed him to break free from the attack range of “Annihilation”.

“Hateful guy, besides looking beautiful, this technique actually has such frightening destructive powers!”

Demigras spirit was shaken, and he became even more brutal, and finally a hint of fear appeared in his eyes when looking at Xiaya.

When Xiaya used this technique to block his Energy Ball before, he only thought that it was quite good.

Now that he has really experienced how frightening this technique is, he knows how powerful it is.

Xiayas eyes turned, and it seemed that he had found Demigras weakness.

“It turns out that Demigra is afraid of the space-time power ofAnnihilation!” Xiaya thought to himself, preparing to test it with Annihilation again.

Thinking of that, another silver-gray water ball appeared in his palm…


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