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There has never been an existence in the universe who can forever remain powerful.

Even if they are regarded as invincible for a short period of time, in the long river of time, they cant remain as an absolute existence forever.

This is probably the reason why there is no eternal protagonist in the world.

At his level, Hirudegarn in his era may have been invincible, or rather, a powerful expert as God of Destruction Beerus would not bother to appear in front of him.

But things change with the passage of time and todays situation is not comparable to the past.

“It is hard to believe that Hirudegarn is not their match.

Who are they” Tapion muttered to himself, the great sword in his hand falling to the ground.

At this time, he was completely relieved.

Hirudegarn would definitely lose, he had no doubt about this, so he turned to learn about the identities of Xiling and the others.

Every one of them is stronger than Hirudegarn.

He shook his head and thought,I have been sleeping for thousands of years.

In that time, too many changes have happened outside.

Xiaya smiled as he looked at him.

“Xiling, Myers, Lazuli, they are strong experts at the pinnacle of the universe.

No matter how strong Hirudegarn is, he can only count it as his bad luck for encountering them.

Maybe Hirudegarn is frighteningly strong in your view, but in the eyes of a real pinnacle-level expert of the universe, he is nothing.”

Tapion was dazed for a moment before saying with a wry smile, “I was ignorant in the past and underestimated the people of this world.” At the same time, he felt excited as today is probably the end of Hirudegarn.

At this moment, Hirudegarns confused eyes flashed with gloominess and determination, a hesitant look on his face.

Suddenly he laughed out loud and said, “Master, I beg you, please let me transform into Villainous Mode.

I want to restore my strength to the prime condition of the past.”

“Hirudegarns master”

Hearing Hirudegarn suddenly talking to himself, Xiaya frowned and raised his head in confusion.

“Who is he talking to” Then he asked Tapion, “You have been involved with Hirudegarn for so long, do you know if he has a master”

Tapion was dumbfounded.

“I dont know.

Hirudegarn is the legendary monster – Phantom Majin- summoned by some sorcerers on Planet Konats with dark magic.

I dont know about his exact identity!”

Hirudegarns identity before being summoned and why it was born, Tapion doesnt know at all, but judging from the current situation, there seems to be a mysterious force behind Hirudegarn.

After a while, an icy muffled voice that seemed indifferent to everything sounded in the void.

“As you wish!”

Immediately a bolt of purple lightning pierced through the void, and at the same time a blood-colored crystal flew over before both of them entered Hirudegarns body.

Supplemented by the two mysterious energies, Hirudegarn burst into crazed laughter.

At this time, his enormous body began to change, beginning to condense and become smaller, as if a young caterpillar had passed the growth period and was being reborn from its broken cocoon.

Everything in his enormous body turned into pure dark energy.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Hirudegarns enormous body began to wither and dry, leaving behind only a layer of skin that seemed to have dried up.

His entire skeleton was already charred.

At the position of his original heart, the thumping sound of a pounding heartbeat was heard and then a strong man emerged from the broken cocoon.

It was an extremely evil man, with a vicious face under his blood-red hair, big bags under his eyes, two eyes protruding outward, and his forehead had a symbol of Villainous Mode – a symbol similar to X.

“Hahaha, what a wonderful power.

Ever since I was born, I havent experienced such a feeling of brimming with power.” After the Villainous Mode transformation, Hirudegarn gained extremely powerful strength, as if everything was once again under his control.

Raising a hand and stamping his feet, a dark and domineering aura spread out like waves.

“This is the new form of Hirudegarn”

Tapions face turned pale, and the other partys Ki has already surpassed the wizard who cut him into two with his sword several thousand years ago.

Now Tapion can only pray that the parents of the little girl will be able to defeat Hirudegarn.

Unlike Tapions worry about losing, Xiaya and Xili were obviously more calm.

With extremely powerful strength, Xiaya can deal with any sudden changes without being surprised.

Besides God of Destruction Beerus and Whis in the entire Universe 7, is there anyone else that can make them frightened

Moreover Xili completely believes in the strength of her parents.

She had heard long ago that her parents were already the most powerful existences in the multiverse.

“Hirudegarns Ki has increased by a lot! It has almost surpassed Xilings strength.

Moreover there are other people behind him!” Xiaya rolled his eyes as he kept thinking about the situation in front of him.

In short, Villainous Mode Hirudegarn is not at all formidable.

Once Xiling and the others team up, he can be eliminated, and if Xiaya himself takes action, he can finish him off in minutes.

But what Xiaya found to be troublesome are the people behind Hirudegarn.

The unknown is often more terrifying.

The primary origin of Hirudegarn cant even be explained by Tapion, so thats something to consider.

He rolled his eyes, light flashing in his eyes, and he quietly spread out his space-time ability.

Suddenly, Xiaya spoke in a muffled voice, “Found it!”

Immediately the space-time ability rippled out toward the void.

At this time, ripples appeared in the calm space, and then it broke apart like a glass.

Behind the falling space fragments, blood-red chaotic flows of space-time were revealed.

Xiaya condensed the space-time ability into claws and grabbed it suddenly.

The vast and powerful energy instantly created illusory waves in the chaotic flows of space-time.

A red figure appeared in front of everyone.

“Sure enough, its you, Mira.

Youve been creating troubles from behind all this time!” Xiaya, who once saw the portraits of Mira and Towa at Supreme Kai of Time Chronoas place, recognized the identity of the person in front of him at a glance.

Speaking of it, this is the first time Xiaya has met him.


Mira put his hands in his pockets and expressionlessly looked at Xiaya and others.

“Xiaya, who is he” At this time, Xiling, Myers, and 18 were already standing together with Xiaya.

This person who had suddenly emerged from the crack in the space made them feel some pressure.

“He is one of the two space-time controllers of the Demon Realm, Mira! I think many of the strange things we encountered before were plotted by him from behind the scenes.” Xiaya calmly observed Mira.

He had just now already observed that Mira is very strong, but it is only his strength that has reached the limit of the Mystical State, and he has not yet set foot in the Divine Realm level.

Xiling and others were shocked when they heard this.

They had heard Xiaya talk about the situation in the Demon Realm, but they didnt expect that the person in front of them whose entire body was red and had a light blue face was one of the two controllers of the Demon Realm.

“Master!” Villainous Mode Hirudegarn greeted Mira respectfully.

Nodding lightly, Mira still looked at everyone with cold eyes and indifferent expressions.

Xiaya was a little curious.

Does Mira still have some hidden cards in his hands

Mira spoke, “Saiyan Xiaya, to be honest, your growth is really beyond my expectation.

If it werent for the protection of the Angel of Universe 7, I wouldnt have allowed you to grow to where you are now.

However, today, even if I provoke the Angel of this universe, I definitely wont let you be so unrestrained anymore.”

“But with your strength, you are no longer my match.”

“Hehe, I went to so much trouble to make Hirudegarn appear again and carry out Villainous Mode.

Why do you think I did that” Mira said calmly, as if he didnt intend to take action himself.

“Just by relying on his strength”

Xiaya shook his head disdainfully.

Even if it is the Villainous Mode Hirudegarn, there is no need for him to take action.

Xiling and others could get rid of him by teaming up.

At the same time, he became vigilant.

The controller from Demon Realm wouldnt have done such a foolhardy thing, so maybe he is still planning something behind his back.

“Hirudegarn is certainly not your match, but what about Demigra” Mira arrived in front of Hirudegarn and said suddenly.

This time not only Xiaya, but even Villainous Mode Hirudegarn was shocked.

He tremblingly asked, “Master, what are you talking about”

Mira stared at Hirudegarn coldly.

“What do you think is the purpose of Phantom Majins existence Why did I make you in ancient times… because you are the carrier of Demigras resurrection!”

After saying that, Mira placed his hand on Villainous Mode Hirudegarns head and a mysterious energy wave emitted out.

Affected by these waves, Villainous Mode Hirudegarn groaned in pain, and the X mark on his forehead emitted a purple light…


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