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Xiling was very angry.

Her daughter was bullied by someone, and the other party also ridiculed her for calling her parents.

Whats wrong with calling for her parents In her opinion, if the child is not a match for the opponent, she, as the parent, of course has to come forward.

This is not playing around between children.

At this moment, Xilings desire to protect her baby suddenly went up.

“Who are you” Hirudegarn was a little surprised when he saw Xiling and the others suddenly appear.

Because of his huge size, Saiyans look like ants in his eyes.

Xiling said with a cold look on her face, “I am the childs mother!”

“Mom, Vicky and others were all killed by this monster!” As if she had found a target to cry to about her grief, Xili couldnt suppress her emotions and started crying loudly, tears streaming down her face.

“What, Vicky and the others are dead”

Hearing this news, Xiaya, Xiling and Myers were all dumbfounded, but immediately their expressions became gloomy.

Suddenly, a bone-chilling murderous aura spread over the sky and land, as if the world was returning to the ice age.

The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped to freezing point.

Planet Mando trembled and it was firmly locked by immense energy.

The target Hirudegarn, who was in the center, felt the murderous aura from Xiaya and the others, and his eyeballs couldnt help but bulge out.

Obviously, the situation had exceeded his expectations.

“This little girls parents dont seem to be ordinary people!” Hirudegarns nerves tensed, he was feeling a little nervous.

He didnt expect to find that after he woke up, the outside world seemed to have undergone tremendous changes.

These experts in front of him were not much weaker than him.

If this were in his time, it would have been an unimaginable matter.

Xilings face was gloomy and covered with iciness.

Those cold eyes were like a sharp sword wishing to penetrate him.

Vicky is the son of Elise and Laret, and Laret is the younger brother of Xiling.

In other words, Vicky is her nephew.

Vicky was actually killed by the monster in front of her, which made her very angry.

She said gloomily, “Well, well, well, it seems that today I cant let you die easily.

I must make you regret existing in the world.”

“Are you the parents of this child Be careful, Hirudegarn is very powerful.” Although he doesnt know how the childs parents came here from outside the planet, Tapion kindly reminded them.

“Dont worry, no matter how strong he is, he will have to pay the price today,” Xiling said coldly, and then passed Xili to Xiayas arms.

“You guys dont get involved; let me teach him a good lesson.”

“Teach him a good lesson!” Myers said fiercely, clenching her fist.

“Hirudegarns powers are stronger than an ordinary Super Saiyan 3.

Be careful.”

After advising her, Xiaya retreated to the side while carrying Xili.

When he saw Tapion and Hirudegarn, Xiaya had already roughly guessed the ins and outs of the matter.

Xili and the others must have encountered Tapion, after which Hirudegarn broke out of the seal.

Because they couldnt defeat Hirudegarn, they suffered casualties.

“But even if Hirudegarn is powerful, he shouldnt be more powerful than Super Saiyan 3, and wont be a match for Xiling, who has reached the Mystical State.” He knows well how powerful his wife, who is second only to a powerful Divine Realm powerhouse, is and she is not someone that a trash like Hirudegarn can match.

So, Xiaya has no objection to Xilings decision to teach Hirudegarn a lesson by herself.

On the contrary, Tapion was feeling anxious.

Just how strong Hirudegarn is, it is already deeply engraved in his bones.

How could he watch her throw away her life in vain, so he drew out his great sword and went over to stand in front of Xiling.

“Dont underestimate Hirudegarn, you can only hope to win if everyone fights together.”

Xiling frowned.

“Get out of the way.

Maybe that guy is frightening in your eyes, but for us, he is just a slightly bigger target!”

“No, you dont know how frightening Hirudegarn is.

He is definitely not someone you can challenge alone!”

Seeing his stubborn refusal to withdraw, Xiling didnt get angry and stretched out her finger and touched it to the blade of Tapions great sword.

Then, under Tapions surprised gaze, the fingers bent slightly and with a ding sound, a tremendous counter-shock force passed through the great sword, causing him to fly away uncontrollably.

Xiling snorted coldly.

She was already showing mercy to this person who seemed to be trying to help her.

On the contrary, Tapion was shocked by the counter-shock force that passed through the great sword.

“This woman… actually has such overbearing powers!” Just now, he couldnt resist at all, and was easily sent flying to the side by her.

Looking at Hirudegarn with an indifferent look in her eyes, a whirlwind suddenly rose under Xilings feet, pushing her body into the air.

When she arrived in front of Hirudegarns head, a ruthless punch was smashed out, hitting Hirudegarns forehead.

Bang! The tremendous upward force caused a vacuum to form in the plane.

A gust of wind whistled, and Hirudegarns huge body rose off the ground and was sent flying diagonally like a cannonball.

His two arms dragged across the ground, sliding out for thousands of meters.

Two deep gullies formed, flipping over fresh soil.

Hirudegarn shook his head and roared loudly, then he shot out huge fireballs.

Xilings face flashed with a cold light.

Her palms acted like a knife and deflected all the fireballs to other places.

“Ki Blade!”

Numerous sparkling energy waves condensed into blade-shapes.

Blades as thin as cicada wings occupied the entire field of vision.

With Xiling as the center, the Ki Blades were like raindrops falling from the sky, descending towards Hirudegarn.

Suddenly, bright and colorful light rays illuminated the entire sky.

“Huh, what the hell is that thing” Looking at the bright and colourful flashes that had appeared suddenly, Hirudegarns face couldnt help but become dazed, but soon signs of danger appeared in his heart.

He must dodge it! The signs of danger pricked Hirudegarns nerves.

Puchi, Puchi!

Hundreds of Ki Blades drew illusory trajectories in the air.

At this moment, even space itself seems to have been crushed.

Puff pff, blood splattered out which was followed by a painful cry.

The splashed blood kept dripping from Hirudegarns body.

His enormous body size was like a huge target.

“Ahhh!!!” Hirudegarn howled in pain.

It felt as if his whole body was cut into countless pieces by a sharp blade.

“What is this Hirudegarn is no match for her” Seeing Hirudegarn wailing under Xilings hands, Tapion felt like he was dreaming, looking foolishly at the Hirudegarn in the distance who was howling in pain.

Is this still the Hirudegarn from his memories When did such an expert appear in the universe Hirudegarn could only allow himself to be trampled!

“She really injured Hirudegarn!”

Tapions eyes flashed brightly, thinking in excitement, “Maybe I can get a conclusion to my destiny today.” He looked at Xiaya, Myers, and 18, who were watching quietly on the side, and he couldnt help but turn apprehensive.

Seeing no traces of surprise on their faces, could it be that they are also great experts

An expert like this, there are three more

Tapion suddenly had such an absurd thought, and said with a wry smile, “I must be thinking too much.

It is already fortunate that there is someone more powerful than Hirudegarn.

How can there be three more!”

“Ahhh, what is going on” Hirudegarn roared.

His roar was filled with pain as well as brutality.

His enormous body had become the shortcoming that restricted him the most in using his potential fully.

His opponents attack was too weird.

Xilings nimble movement speed exceeded Hirudegarns reaction capability.

He got injured before he could clearly see how his opponent made the move.

This feeling of being attacked one-sidedly is too difficult to bear.

“Humph, mother, hit him hard and get revenge for Vicky!” Xili clenched her teeth and shouted hatefully.

“So thats all the strength this big guy has.

But, you cant let him off so easily.” Myers narrowed her eyes, the corners of her mouth curling into a sneer, and then floated over to Xilings side while loosening up her wrists.

“Lets trample on him together and avenge Vicky!”

“Okay!” Spitting out one word coldly, Xiling stepped forward, and a body seperated from her illusory shadow.

One illusory and one real, but both with offensive power.

The two bodies formed a triangle with Myers to block Hirudegarn firmly.

Whoosh! Myers moved, leaving behind a blurry afterimage and flew over to Hirudegarn in just one second, then her body slightly floated down, and with a bang sound, her legs bent and kicked against Hirudegarns chin.

Myerss attacks have always been concentrated to a point.

Unlike Xilings pursuit of beauty in her moves, Myers attacks have always been the most direct, punching the flesh.

She has brutal violence in her bones.

The bones of the chin snapped as if it had broken.

Hirudegarns eyes revealed unwillingness as he let out a roar filled with anguish and rage.

“Ahhhh!!!” Hirudegarns face suddenly showed panic as he was sent flying from the huge impact force.

In another direction, Xiling was already there waiting.

She then also ruthlessly pounded Hirudegarn like a sandbag.

With “bang, bang” sounds of being beaten viciously, Hirudegarn was knocked around back and forth in three directions.

“Let me join too!” 18, who had been paying attention for a long time, also felt itchy, and appeared right next to Myers, replacing her in punching.

Hirudegarn didnt get enough time to recover from his dazed state, and he was beaten till his eyes turned blurry and his brain mushy.

Shortly afterwards, a loud bang sound was heard.

18 laughed crazily.

She cupped one of her fists in the other hand and ruthlessly pounded it on Hirudegarns head.

With a crack sound, Hirudegarns bloodshot eyes protruded outwards.

His two fierce-looking horns had broken, and the armor-like leather all over his body was filled with cracks.

His broken body was covered with fine cracks and blood flowed from the wounds.

There was not a single place intact.

“Ahhh, damn itttt!” Hirudegarn looked badly battered, his bloodshot eyes gleaming with cold light.

The eyes that looked at Xiling, Myers, and 18 were full of fear.

Since he was born, he has rarely been injured so badly.

Now, he was a little scared.


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