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“Not good, Hirudegarns body is too strong, and my slash cant penetrate it!” Xili yelled.

Hirudegarns body was too hard.

When the energy attack hit his body, it was as if it had hit an iron plate and was blocked on the surface.

Tapion immediately blew the flute, weakening Hirudegarns energy.


Hirudegarns sturdy arms attacked, and the whole land was suddenly divided into several sections.

Xili and Tapion fled away in a sorry state.

At this moment, countless dark orange chains extended out from Hirudegarns body.

These chains stretched out to the wild beasts on Planet Mando, like a living viper and then the chains rolled up, and Hirudegarn swallowed all the beasts no matter how powerful they were.

The wild beasts on Planet Mando possess strong vitality, which can quickly replenish Hirudegarns insufficient energy.

With the continuous replenishment of energy, Hirudegarn gradually recovered to his strongest state.

His enormous body changed, two huge horns stretched out from his head, purple armor extended out from both of his shoulders, and his speed and attack range became even more powerful.

“Hirudegarn in complete state is no longer someone we can deal with.

Quickly retreat!” Tapions expression changed greatly, and he grabbed Xilis hand, preparing to evacuate.

“Dont even think about leaving!”

Hirudegarn, who has returned to his peak state, has strength close to the peak of Super Saiyan 3, and even Majin Buu isnt his match.

His attack was naturally strong, and he almost destroyed the entire mountain range with a single wave of his hand.

“Ahhh!” Xili let out a scream and was sent flying backwards with blood spitting out of her mouth.

There is too much disparity between Xili and Hirudegarns levels.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that Xili was sent flying, Tapions expression turned gloomy, and he angrily took out the sword on his back and launched a swift attack towards Hirudegarn.

But Hirudegarns strength far surpassed his.

Even though Tapion exerted his full strength, he was not his match, and soon he fell down on the ground with serious injuries.

“Hey, there are a few little ants there too!” Hirudegarns wide field of vision found the trail of Vicky and the others.

The corners of his mouth curled slightly, and feeling the powerful vitality emanating from them made Hirudegarn displeased.

Xilis countenance drastically changed, and she shouted angrily, “These idiots, why didnt they stay a little farther away!”

She wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Hirudegarn jumped and arrived in front of Vicky and the others, then licked his lips with a sinister expression.

Vicky and the others seemed to have been frightened by Hirudegarns enormous body, and just stood there foolishly, too afraid to move.

Their immature minds caused them to not know what to do.

“Damn it!”

Xili became nervous.

“Fire Balls!” Numerous energy waves flew towards Vicky and others, the huge fireballs instantly swallowing them.


Saying so in an angry voice, Xili gritted her teeth and rose into the sky.

Immediately, her valiant aura began to rise… She looked at the place where Vicky and others had disappeared in grief and anger, and her whole body flashed with sparkling light rays.

Under extreme anger, Xili broke the shackles and transformed into Super Saiyan 2!

“Hahaha, her energy has gotten stronger.

Then, she will be even more delicious when swallowed.” Hirudegarn laughed happily.

“This little girl… but even if she becomes stronger, she is not Hirudegarns match.” Tapion did not look optimistic.

Although he was shocked at how powerful the little girl is, there is still a world of difference compared to the formidable Hirudegarn.

The disparity between them is too big.

Xili opened her indifferent eyes and slowly moved forward step by step, the hair on her forehead spiking upward.

“I will avenge Vicky and the others!”

“Tsk, tsk.

Its a pity that you are not my match.

A fair and soft little girl surely tastes delicious.”

Xilis expression was dull, and she suddenly began to cry.

She took out a communicator and pressed a button on it.

“My parents will defeat you.”

“Hahaha…A little girl is just a little girl after all.

She went looking for her parents as soon as she couldnt win.

Its a pity that no one in this world is my match.” As if having heard a very funny joke, Hirudegarns huge body trembled, his rough and loud voice echoing.


Xili looked at him coldly.

She regretted it very much.

If she called her parents in the first place, Vicky and the others might not have died.


Planet Hongshan, above a vast ocean.

Xiling, Myers, and 18, who were in their strongest state, were training in pairs.

The strengths of the three were about the same.

Once the fight escalated, Planet Hongshans core began to rotate crazily, and a stream of golden energy continued to spread from the core of the planet, maintaining the overall stability of the planet.

Three blurry figures entangled together.

They were fighting in pairs.

Sometimes when dealing with one of them, they have to face a sudden attack by the other.

Such a chaotic fight is very rare, especially when the three of them are evenly matched.

It directly reflects the effect of their training.

18s blue eyes glanced at Xiling next to her, and also watched Myerss movements from the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly, the wind above the sea howled, and the huge waves were almost hundreds of meters high.

After passing through the waves, 18 fought fiercely with Xiling.

At this time, Myers also joined in, nimbly attacking the two of them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three of them fought as a group, and no one could do anything to the other.

In fact, 18 was a little weaker than Xiling and Myers, but they were no match for the Androids unlimited energy and stamina.

After a slight disadvantage at the beginning of the battle, she quickly pulled the disparity between Xiling and Myers closer.

On the billowing sea, there were afterimages, fist images, and palm images everywhere.

The three of them had a very good training session.

“Lets stop here for today.”

Pulling at her loosely hanging clothes, 18 tidied up her hair.

Her light blue dress had several large holes in it because of the fight and her fair skin was exposed from the torn clothes.

Even the clothes developed by the Feidaya people with the latest technology can hardly withstand the impact of powerful energy attacks.

“Okay, lets train again next time.” Xiling smiled, her hair also in a mess.

The three people flew over to the remote island in the distance and put on a new set of clothes, and then on the other side of the island, they met Xiaya, who was floating in mid-air, with his eyes closed and in meditation.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!” The communicator on Xilings wrist beeped, and then the communicator of Myers and Xiaya also beeped.

Seeing this, Xilings face sank.

“Its an emergency signal from Xili.

They are in danger.”

“Lets go.

Lets go quickly!”

Xiaya opened his eyes, his black eyes flashing with cold light.

To be able to make Xili send out a distress signal, she must have encountered a situation that she cannot resolve.

Xilis strength is at Full Power Super Saiyan.

With her prideful nature, if it were not that she is at a dead end, she would not ask them for help.

The situation must be very serious.

“Ill also go with you!” 18 said with a calm look on her face.

Xiaya stared at her for a moment and nodded, and then used the space-time ability to envelop the four of them.

He closed his eyes to find Xilis Ki, and then the four of them immediately teleported to her side.

From receiving the distress signal to teleporting, only three seconds passed.


“Hahaha…A little girl is just a little girl after all.

She went looking for her parents as soon as she couldnt win.

Its a pity that no one in this world is my match.”

Such words entered Xiaya and others ears.

Xiaya frowned, a little displeased.

Xiling was even more concerned about the safety of her daughter, and stood directly between Xili and Hirudegarn.

Her face had a cold look as it revealed a strong murderous intent.

“Whats wrong with looking for a parent You are the ugly monster who bullied my daughter”


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