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“Demigra, you borrowed my hand and pushed Mira next to me, wasnt it just so I would have to awaken you completely.

Do you really think I dont know anything”

Although Mira was created by her, she doesnt like him at all, because Miras allegiance is to Demigra, and she, Towa, is just a tool to exploit.

She knows very well how strange the space-time ability is.

Even if the Demigra in a world is eliminated, as long as the timeline is changed, Demigra will be resurrected again.

Mira undoubtedly has the ability to do this, and now the Dark Angels are readying to stir chaos.

He has obtained the support of the Dark Angels, so changing the timeline is not so difficult anymore.

This is an unsolvable loop, which is already out of her control.

So Towa planned very early on to turn Demigra into an individual unaffected by the timeline.

This is very risky.

If she isnt careful, both of them will be destroyed.

But at the moment, Towa has no choice but to be like a moth drawn to a fire.

Being a space-time controller is really not an easy job.

“I still have to pretend to be friendly for the time being… These damn Dark Angels always emerge during this time!” Towa sighed sullenly.


In the boundless universe, countless civilizations are born in the cradle of the galaxies.

In the northeastern part of the South Area, a place very close to the East Area, the vast sea of ​​stars gathered together are like bright pearls dotted in the dark void of the starry sky.

Suddenly a ray of light flashed by and a large spaceship emerged.

Its silver-gray airframe was sturdy, and its thick and solid cantilevered arms clung to the surface of the spaceship like a fierce beast that had been accumulating energy for a long time in its limbs waiting to launch a fierce attack on its prey at any time.

Inside the spaceship, except for the pilots cabin and power chamber, the gravity in other places was turned on very high, especially in the training room, where the immense gravity caused weird and distorted lines to appear in the room.

The air in the training room was stiflingly hot and uncomfortable, and the gravity was turned on to 20x.

In the training room, seven or eight children who were not too old were walking unsteadily, doing physical training with difficulty.

In one corner, a lively and cute girl was sitting on the ground.

This scene was in stark contrast to that of the children working hard in their training.

Various snacks were placed beside her, which she was delivering to her mouth non-stop.

Sending a fried bean to her mouth, Xili said nonchalantly, “All of you are training too seriously.

20x gravity is not very high, its easy to endure it.”

“Big Sister, how can you say that, we are almost exhausted,” a little boy murmured in dissatisfaction.

Xili raised her delicate eyebrows, and sternly shouted, “Vicky, say one more thing and I will arrange a small room for you alone to train you properly!”

“I will shut up,” Vicky apologized quickly.

Knowing very well his cousins bad personality, he wants to avoid unnecessary trouble, which is the conclusion he has reached after the profound lessons he has experienced.

Vicky is the son of Elise and Laret, and Xilis cousin.

In fact, it is a miracle that a Saiyan at the age of Vicky can withstand 20x gravity.

It was unimaginable before, but Planet Hongshans new generation Saiyans can do it.

It can be seen from this that Planet Hongshans foundation has already developed to a certain stage.

Now these newly born children are training according to the class system.

Because Xili hasnt yet made a breakthrough to Super Saiyan 2 like her brother Xiang, she has brought out her juniors to explore outside, hoping to achieve a breakthrough through travel.

“Aura, how far is the nearest planet” Xili suddenly asked the control center of the spaceship.

“Beep! The nearest planet is Planet Tios which is three planetary days away.”

“Three days I heard that a large auction is going to be held there.

If we hurry up, we can go and take a look.” Xili connected to the Internet and inquired about Planet Tios.

Planet Tios, located in the northern part of the South Area, is a very prosperous commercial planet just like Planet Bakuf in the East Area.

Its a pity that Planet Bakuf didnt last long and was destroyed by the Meta-Cooler of Big Gete Star.

In recent years, as Planet Hongshan became more and more prosperous, few Forces in the Milky Way dared to be hostile to Planet Hongshan.

Coupled with the long-term propaganda by the Galactic Patrol Organization, Saiyans are now worthy of being a Fighting Race with a very prominent reputation.

Even the Commerce Alliance Forces do not dare to openly make things difficult for Saiyans from Planet Hongshan.

After all, Saiyans are only obsessed with seeking exciting battles.

Although they also carry out some commercial activities, the overall scale is not very large and will not affect the overall commercial situation of the Milky Way.

Therefore, they all hold the idea of avoiding unnecessary trouble.

Except for extremely evil people, there are not many people who dare to make things difficult for Saiyans.

Patting her palms, she told the Saiyans in the training room to go out to rest.

When there was only her left in the training room, Xili decisively raised the gravity setting, and 400x gravity was immediately exerted on her.

Slightly frowning, Xili pouted indifferently.

“I dont believe I cant break through to Super Saiyan 2!”


Three days later, the auction on Planet Tios.

Because it is a large-scale auction held by the commercial Planet Tios, many famous universe merchants from South Area and East Area participated.

This is a regular auction where all transactions are legal, and there will be no trading of planets with intelligent races or slave transactions.

Xili brought the seven Saiyans, including Vicky, into a private room on the second floor of the auction house.

There was literally everything in the private room including fruits and snacks.

Of course, the price was not cheap.

None of these Saiyans had participated in such a grand event before.

So they were chatting non-stop.

“In a while if you fancy anything, just buy it.

We are not short of money!” Xili waved her hand very generously, holding a few cards that she brought with her when setting out.

Each of them contained a large amount of money.

“Big Sister Xili is awesome!” The little Saiyans cheered excitedly and stared at the dazzling array of exquisite goods on the auction floor.

As the auction progressed, beautiful objects were bought away by big shots.

Xili also bought a few small things which she found interesting.

“Everyone, the next item is from Dokhala in the northern part of the South Area.

Dokhala is an enormous planet whose natural gravity is extremely strong.

Although it is still in the Barbaric Era, according to investigations, Dokhala also had a glorious civilization in the ancient past.”

The auctioneer introduced the origin of the auctioned item in detail, trying to attract everyones attention and raise the auction price.

“This object was brought out of an ancient temple on the Planet Dokhala with difficulty after the Klett Chamber of Commerce sacrificed hundreds of Elite Warriors.

It has mysterious and unfathomable abilities…”

Following a long introduction by the auctioneer spoken till his voice turned hoarse, the auction item was finally displayed.

It was a very exquisite music box.

It is hard to imagine that such an exquisite music box could appear on a planet still in the Barbaric Era.

Perhaps, as the auctioneer said, there was a glorious civilization in the ancient times of Planet Dokhala.

If Xiaya was here, he would be definitely surprised.

This Dokhala is one of the four evacuation planets that Duokela, a Feidaya person, provided him to choose.

He had also personally inspected it, and finally after careful consideration, he gave up Dokhala and chose Planet Hongshan as the Saiyans evacuation planet.


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