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“This star chart is from several hundred years ago.

As we never had any plan to leave the mother planet, the star chart has always been stored in the main database of the smart computer… …” Duokela explained, when he remembered his mother planet, his mood turned despondent.

  “Anyway, as the trajectories of stars would usually only have little changes, this star chart should still be of use as a reference.”        When Xiaya heard this somewhat unexpected information, it was as if a traveler wandering in the desert for several days without food and water had suddenly found an oasis, this thought immediately came to his mind.

  “Duokela, I want you to immediately arrange for a group to investigate them and when you have found something, immediately notify me.

I would myself go and inspect all those places.”   “Yes!”   After discussing some things with Duokela, Xiaya left the temporary base of the Feidaya people, and of course, what also left together with him were the seven huge Gravity Machines.

       In order to carry these seven machines, Xiaya had to almost use everything he has.

But in the end, he still has to use 1 or 2 hours to transfer these machines from the Feidaya people’s base to the desolate planet near Planet Vegeta.

       Planet Vegeta, the night was slowly approaching.

  Xiaya asked Adri to call over all of the Adri Squad’s members.

  “Little Ya, why did you call us”       The door opened, and Palladi’s shouted in a loud voice.

And then Brook, Alice, Lise, and others entered.

  As he knows that Xiaya has matured into an adult, Brook had long ago stopped treating Xiaya as a child, and calmly asked: “Little Ya, did you called us for some important matter”        Xiaya lightly smiled and greeted everyone, before nodding his head:  “Yes, there is a really important matter.

Before, I had asked Feidaya people to make something which is now completed.

I want to take you to see it, you will certainly like it after seeing it.”     “Is it the Gravity Machine you mentioned before” Lise asked with confusion, guessing the answer at once.

     “Can that Gravity Machine really improve our Battle Power”        Brook frowned, they weren’t able to improve their Battle Power for many years.

But recently, seeing Adri and Rebecca’s Battle Power slowly climb up, they felt envious for a long time.

       “Definitely!” Xiaya gave a brilliant smile, revealing two rows of white teeth: “But you should also be prepared, the sudden increase in your Battle Power will surely arouse unnecessary attention.”      “That’s all right, we just want to try it out and see if it can really increase our Battle Power or not.

It wouldn’t be too late to use it again after we leave Planet Vegeta.”        Xiaya nodded and gestured for everyone to hold the hand, preparing to launch Instant Transmission.

Adri Squad members had all experienced teleportation several times before and were naturally familiar, thus accordingly finished making a circle.

       The next second, Instant Transmission was launched.

    …        The desolate planet.

     The whole sky was permeated with yellow sands, and the climate was abnormal.

       The desolate planet’s climate was very much like the pale yellow planet at which the Feidaya people’s temporary base was located, both having a very nasty climate.

Only the desolate planet’s climate is more extreme and the temperature is also lower.

       Lifting their head, Adri and others used their hands to cover the front of their foreheads, and saw the scene before them with a shocked expression.

     In front of them, they saw seven towering buildings standing tall like a range of mountains, exuding a dark golden radiance.

Eight thick steel claws like huge powerful arms were deeply penetrated underneath the ground, embedding the seven imposing machines above the ground.

  Within the yellow sands, this scene appeared very tyrannical.

       “Xiaya, are these the Gravity Machines you brought back” Covering her mouth from astonishment, Xiling ran to the front of a Gravity Machine and stroked the thick support columns, which were very large and two meters in diameter with her little hands.

  Xiaya looked at their surprised expression, and then explained the technical parameters of the Gravity Machine.

  “Little Ya, there is no use in explaining, it would be better to let us experience it personally!”       “OK!”        One of the Gravity Machine tagged with a number “2” opened, then Adri and others entered inside after Xiaya.

The area inside was really vast.

Even if several people simultaneously trains inside, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  “Uncle Adri, I will first set 15x gravity!”   As soon as he spoke, Xiaya set the parameters on gravity machine.

Suddenly, a huge downward force acted on the body.

  Adri and others complexion slightly changed but they didn’t say anything, as 15x gravity was not much of a burden for them.

Soon they got used to it, then Brook spoke in a deep voice: “Keep increasing the gravity!”   Xiaya also did not say much and continued to increase the gravity.

Along with the gradual inc rease in gravity, Adri and others complexion turned increasingly pale, and their bodies began to slightly tremble.

  “Now, it’s 25x gravity!”   Xiaya already understood that 25x gravity was the limit that Adri and others can endure, so he didn’t increase it further.

After all, besides him and Xiling, only Adri among the others have a high Battle Power, and even it hasn’t passed 10000 points!   After Xiaya removed the gravity, Brook took a deep breath, his body still trembling slightly.

  “Really, I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t tried it, I feel that once I could adapt to 25x gravity, my Battle Power will certainly be able to exceed 10,000!” Adri was shocked, it seems that this Gravity Machine is really a magical device which can assist in training ah!   “Uncle Adri, you should first train at 25x gravity, and wait until we leave Planet Vegeta then you can train at a higher gravity.”   “Sure.”   On Planet Vegeta, Saiyan’s which have 10,000 Battle Power were very rare, but it’s not that they don’t exist.

Even if a High-level warrior like Adri break through 10,000 Battle Power, it would at most create a stir and wouldn’t cause King Vegeta to feel threatened.

  Looking at Xiling who was eager to give it a try, the little girl had an innocent expression on her face, Xiaya just smiled and said: “Xiling, you can just do as you wish.

However, remember to train in moderation.

Don’t train at a too much high gravity all at once, and be careful or your growth may be affected.”   “I know!” Finished listening, Xiling eyes shone, and then she happily ran over to play.

  “Then, everyone should also train.

There are daily necessities in the lower layer of the training room, they could be used for some time.”   Soon after, everyone chose their own Gravity Machine while Xiaya himself entered the Gravity Room “No.

1”, and began to train.

  In the original work, when Son Goku was on his way to Planet Namek, he was able to adapt at 100x gravity in just a short period of six days, and his Battle Power had broken through to 90,000!   He had squeezed out his potential in a crazy manner.

Even though he had almost died a few times during the training, Xiaya was not as insane as Son Goku.

As he has plenty of time, he planned a systematic training schedule for himself.

  “First, begin with 35x gravity, and set the pressure to 10x!”   However, even though he had carefully planned, when this kind of powerful gravity really acted on his body, Xiaya knew he had miscalculated.

The bones all over his body made “ka ka” sound, his body was as if it was filled with lead, his movements suddenly became sluggish.

  “But … I can still endure!”   His two eyes revealing an unswerving determined look, Xiaya bit his teeth and preserved.

Then he started training, he first started with simple push-ups, and began running, little by little adapting to the 35x gravity environment.

  …   Time flies.

  A few months later …   More than a month after Xiaya entered the gravity machine, Adri and others had adapted to 25x gravity and then started training with the help of the Training Robots while also doing sparring exercises.

And two months later, after fighting, getting wounded, fighting, and again getting wounded process, they were finally able to exploit their Saiyan potential and break through to 10000 Battle Power.

  For those who were already close to 10000 Battle Power, even though this small breakthrough was not much, but considering that their Battle Power was stagnant for a long time, this boost was very valuable, as if a door has been opened.

  After that they no longer trained, and began to stabilize their current Battle Power.

  If they continue to train, it was very likely that they would cause King Vegeta to be suspicious, which they were not willing to see.

  As time went by, Xiaya had adapted to 35x gravity.

So he made some small adjustments, rested for a few days and then once again charged toward 40x gravity.

  At the same time, the Training Robots were also added to his training process.

From one, five, ten, they were slowly doubled.

Soon all the 100 Training robots were activated in the room.

  One year later, at a plain on the desolate planet, seven towering objects which were technologically advanced were neatly arranged in a row.

  The blowing wind had added a layer of thick yellow sand on their dark golden outer shells.

  In one of the gravity machine, the gravity value was set at 120x and the pressure was set at 30x.

Due to the harsh environment, the entire room appeared an oppressive dark red.

In this unusually harsh environment, a teenager with black hair was fiercely waving his arms, diving, moving, and unceasingly doing the basic training moves.

Following the body’s strenuous exercise, crystal clear sweat like a drizzle seeped out.

  Xiu–   With the gravity machine shutting down, the entire room immediately returned to normal and the door leading to the lower layer opened.

Carrying a wet towel, Xiaya then went out.

  In the bathtub, he took a hot bath, and the fatigue from his whole body was swept away.

  The effect of the Gravity machine was obvious, Xiaya had spent more than a year to adapt at 120x gravity.

Although he was not as abnormal and fast as Son Goku, he was also able to thoroughly remold his body.

  “120,000 Battle Power!”   Feeling his body flowing with abundant power, Xiaya’s mouth curved in a faint smile.

  Chapter 60  *120,000 Battle Power*


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