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“I say, Dr.

Gero, cant you even recognize the Androids that you made yourself” The corners of 18s mouth curled slightly as she looked at Dr.

Gero with a smile.


Gero was stunned when he heard her words, then his countenance changed wildly and he said in astonishment, “You are 18, Impossible… You are clearly still in the hibernation cabin, moreover how could there be two 18 in the world…”

Speaking of this, Dr.

Geros voice stopped abruptly and an incredulous expression appeared on his face.

Being a first-rate scientist allowed him to quickly realize the truth.

Although he was not doing research in the field of space-time, he somewhat understands the relevant knowledge.

He knows that there are other scientists in the world doing research in this field.

“You are 18 from another world Impossible, is there really such incredible technology in the future”

Clapping her hands lightly, 18s fair face showed a smile.

“Yes, I am 18 from another world, so…you better go die!”

Indifferent and without a trace of emotion, 18 extended her hand towards Dr.

Geros chest with a cold look on her face.

A sparkling and bright light shone from her fingertips and a tiny light ray flashed.

Blood splashed out and Dr.

Geros chest was penetrated.

“Bastard, you ungrateful woman.

I should have known better than to create you… But do you think this is over No, just wait, I have already createdit.

None of you will be its match…” Dr.

Gero accused with blood all over him, his eyes dimming gradually.

“Do you mean Cell Sorry, but it is not my match!”

The blue eyes flashed with cold light.

18 squatted in front of Dr.

Gero and put her thin scallion-like fingers on his wrinkled forehead.

Not able to absorb Android 17 and 18, Cell will always remain in the most primitive stage.

18 isnt afraid, and she will soon become Super 18.

“You…how did you know Right, you came from another world…” Dr.

Geros eyes lost their spirit, and his last hope was shattered.

“Goodbye!” Coldly pronouncing the judgment on him, the sharp energy ray flickered a few times and penetrated Dr.

Geros brain.

18 suddenly felt her body become relaxed, as if everything had been settled.

Xiaya put his hand on her shoulder.


Gero is dead, you should now go and merge with the 18 of this world.”

“Hmm!” 18 nodded softly.

She was also a decisive person.

After feeling downcast for a brief duration, she quickly restrained her emotions.

She sized up her surroundings with a frown, but she didnt find any traces of Dr.

Geros so-called Cell.

“Perhaps Dr.

Gero has more than one research institute.

If he has already started researching Cell, it must be somewhere else.”

“Its okay, Cell isnt anything to be afraid of.”

In the original work, Dr.

Gero only finished Cells design and Basic-level cultivation job, and the rest was the result of self-improvement and optimization by the supercomputer.

However, Dr.

Gero in this world is really amazing.

In just a few hours, he could finish gathering Friezas cells and imagine the design plan of Cell.

His talent is quite evident.

Of course, it is also because this idea has been in ​​Dr.

Geros mind for a long time.

However, the current Xiaya doesnt care about Cell.

Even if the Cell in this world survives, so what Who knows how many years it will take him until he becomes an individual who can walk freely

The Cell in Trunks world robbed the time machine from Trunks when Trunks was 23 years old.

At the moment, Trunks still hasnt been born, and there are at least 26 years before Cell appears, which is not a small time span.

To be honest, after 26 years, would Goku still be afraid of the Imperfect Cell with the mere Battle Power of an ordinary Super Saiyan

If Cell really appears, it is destined to be a tragedy for him.

Thinking about him coming out excitedly and filled with ambition, only to find a lot of Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and even stronger experts around…The scene is too beautiful.

Xiaya was feeling some sympathy for Cell.

He told his thoughts to 18 in simple words, to which 18 also showed a bright smile.

Returning to the research room on the first floor, and seeing the three heavy hibernation cabins, Xiayas eyes narrowed and his space-time ability carelessly picked up the hibernation cabins of Android 17, 18, and 16 and took them all away.

Roughly inspecting the condition of the three hibernation cabins, he nodded towards 18.


A wave of surging energy dispersed out, and Dr.

Geros laboratory was blown to pieces in an instant, and all the data was destroyed.

The glacier that had been standing for thousands of years collapsed with a loud rumble at this moment, and everything turned into ruins, buried in snow and ice.

Taking the three hibernation cabins, they flew for several minutes and left the frigid region of the Arctic Circle and landed in a mountain range.

At this moment, the entire sky turned dark, as if night had suddenly descended, and a mysterious pressure spread out from far away on the other side of the planet.

“The sky has gotten dark.

Goku has already gathered all the seven Dragon Balls” 18 said in surprise.

Xiaya smiled faintly, his lips curling into a smile.

“Kakarrot acted quite fast.” It has not been long since he reminded him to gather the Dragon Balls and wish for a healthy body, but it was implemented so soon.

“Forget it, there is no need to be concerned about them.” Shenron was gone as quickly as it appeared.

After a few minutes, the sky once again reverted to blue.

“Lazuli, do you want to directly merge with 18 or…”

“I want to wake her up first!” 18 said immediately.

Xiaya was stunned for a while, but did not object.

“If she disagrees with the fusion, things will be a little troublesome.” Of course, he was not worried that the other 18 would go out of control, after all, their strength is higher than hers.

18s fair face showed a sweet smile.

“There will be no problem.

She is also me, our thoughts are the same.

Moreover the direction this world is moving towards is very similar to ours, so her personality will not be as bad as the Androids in Trunks world.”

“Fine, then hurry up with it.” With a faint smile, Xiaya nodded.

He respects 18s thoughts.

Lightly pressing a button on the Androids hibernation cabin, the door opened, and Android 18 in the hibernation device opened her eyes with a blank expression and looked at her other self who appeared in front of her in surprise.

When she was wondering if there was something wrong with her eyes, 18 spoke, “Hello, me of another world!”

“Who are you, and why do you look exactly like me What the hell is going on” Android 18 asked absentmindedly.

18 pulled Android 18 out from the hibernation cabin.

Regarding the chat between the two 18, Xiaya doesnt mind listening to it for a while, but as a gentleman, he still stepped back a little to leave room for them.

The two 18 kept talking, and Xiaya noticed that while talking, the other 18 was looking at him from time to time with some doubts and curiosity on her face.

To Android 18, the so-called other world and the shockingly powerful man mentioned byher‘ from another world were completely strange to her.

“These are Potara Earrings.

After wearing them, we can merge.” 18 took out a pair of crystalline transparent earrings.

“We will not be able to separate afterwards” Android 18 took the earrings.

“These are specially processed by the divine dragon, and their function is even more powerful.

We are the same person.

Once we merge, we will be unable to separate.” 18 was earnestly speaking, her blue eyes firmly staring at her other self.


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