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“No, even if Goku transforms into Super Saiyan, he will not be a match to the Androids.” A cold and sweet voice sounded, and everyone looked at 18 standing next to Xiaya.

“Why do you say that” Vegeta looked angry, not because of Gokus injustice, but because she dared to underestimate Super Saiyan!

18 glanced at Vegeta out of the corner of her eyes with disdain.

“Because I am one of the Androids, but in another world, there was an Android that could defeat me with one move.

That was truly frightening.” 18 currently is probably a little more powerful than Semi-Perfect Form Cell, but not as powerful as Cells Perfect Form.

“You are also an Android!!”

Everyone was taken aback by 18s words, showing expressions of disbelief, and then quickly became relieved.

No wonder she can easily kill Friezas father.

So she is also the Android that she was just speaking about! Immediately, everyones heart trembled, and they started sweating from fear.

Even she with her strength was defeated by another Android.

It seems that the strength of Androids indeed cannot be taken very lightly.

18 snorted coldly, the conceited look on her face lifted slightly, “You should rejoice.

Since we have come to this world, you naturally dont have to worry about the Androids in this world.”

“Lazuli is right.

You dont have to worry about the Androids.

What you need to worry about is the stronger enemy that will appear in ten years.”

“There is someone more powerful than the Androids.” Krillin had a look as if he was about to cry.

Is this ever going to end The power of the Androids had already caused his heart to thump in fear.

He didnt expect that there would be enemies even more terrifying than the Androids.

The others, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Tien Shinhan, all had ugly looks on their faces.

Only Goku was looking forward to it very much.

Seeing this, Bulma wished to step forward and give him a punch.

“Hey, who is that person who is more powerful than the Androids” Goku scratched his head, looking relaxed.

“Majin Buu, who is almost unkillable.

He can resurrect immediately even if he is destroyed to his cellular state, and he also has terrifying black magic.

If you are not careful, you will be eaten by him.

It is said that in ancient times he almost destroyed the entire universe.”

“This is really scary.” Goku put away his relaxed smile, his expression showing concern.

Hearing the abnormal things about Majin Buu, even 18 couldnt help but show surprise.

She has been with Xiaya and others for a long time but this was the first time she heard of the story about Majin Buu.

Just from the description, she knows that this is definitely a troublesome opponent.

“I will let you see the transformations of Super Saiyan first, and you can feel it by comparison.” Xiaya smiled and immediately transformed into an ordinary Super Saiyan.

Of course, he suppressed his strength to the level of an ordinary Super Saiyan like Goku.

Golden flames enveloped his whole body, his eyes turned dark green and hair rose upward, just like Gokus Super Saiyan state.

“This is Super Saiyan 1.”

“Its really Super Saiyan.” Goku exclaimed excitedly, and then he also transformed into Super Saiyan.

Facing each other from a distance, two surging auras immediately swept out majestically.

Everyone could feel that the ground was continuously undulating, and they nearly had a suffocating feeling.

“So, this is a…Super Saiyan, it looks so impressive.”

“His appearance has changed.”

Feeling the terrifying aura emanated by Xiaya and Goku, and seeing that Xiaya has transformed into Super Saiyan just like Goku, they already believe most of what Xiaya has said, moreover Xiaya truly has no reason to deceive them.

But such a terrifying future scared them.

“Kakarrot, you are just in the Normal State of Super Saiyan 1, and you can continue to upgrade it…” Xiaya said with an indifferent look, and then his aura continued to rise, and soon surpassed the level of ordinary Super Saiyan, reaching Ascended Super Saiyan, and then reached Full Power Super Saiyan…

At this time, the pressure emanating to the surroundings became stronger.

Finding it difficult to resist, Piccolo and Vegeta gritted their teeth, the huge pressure causing beads of sweat to break out on their foreheads.

Woosh, silver electric light rays flashed and Xiaya had raised his energy to Super Saiyan 2.

Because it was not deliberately restrained, the silver electric arcs became entangled like silver snakes.

Suddenly, the pressure on everyone rose, and their chests felt as if a boulder was pressing down on it.

Noticing this, the corners of Xiayas mouth curled slightly, and the pressure on Krillin and others suddenly disappeared.

“This is Super Saiyan 2, which is one level higher than Super Saiyan 1.

Following the trajectory of another world, the strongest Android attained such strength.”

“So powerful.

So, the Androids are actually this strong!” Gokus expression was very solemn, and the tremendous pressure made him unable to say much.

With a chuckle, Xiaya continued to increase his strength and reached Super Saiyan 3.

His hairstyle and demeanor changed.

His expression had become more cold, and his aura rose by several times.

“This is Super Saiyan 3.

You can barely fight Majin Buu when you reach this state.”

After a brief transformation, Xiaya immediately returned to Normal State.

With how fragile Earth is, maintaining the Super Saiyan 3 state for too long would easily disturb the planets atmospheric workings and cause unnecessary damage.

“Even with Super Saiyan 3, I can only barely fight him”

“Yes, if you want to defeat Majin Buu, you must practice Super Saiyan 3 to a certain level.

There is no hope of winning with the Basic-level Super Saiyan 3 state.” It should be said that Basic-level Super Saiyan 3 can already resist Majin Buu, but the scariest thing about Majin Buu is his strange magic that is hard to guard against and super learning ability.

To deal with Majin Buu, you need enough energy to completely suppress him.

“It will be quite difficult to do.

You just said that it will only take ten years before Majin Buu appears” Even with Gokus cheerful personality, he knows that the future will be full of ups and downs.

The strength displayed by Xiaya gave him a feeling of facing lofty heights, but unable to climb.

“You have ten years.

Take advantage of this time to train hard.

I believe you can reach the strength to defeat Majin Buu.”

Telling them all this is what Xiaya decided after seeing the direction this world was going in.

After all, once he and 18 took away this worlds 18, and since Trunks and Cell didnt time travel from another world, the training path of Goku and others is bound to be a lot less difficult, so when facing Majin Buu, they will definitely die.

“Yeah, I have to train hard.” Goku muttered to himself, and the next second, a fiery flame lit in his eyes.

Xiaya stared blankly for a moment, then laughed.

Thats the Goku he knows.

Moreover, Vegeta and Piccolo also began to ponder in their hearts that although the Android crisis in three years will be resolved by these two people, for the bigger crisis in ten years, it will depend on them.

“What a terrifying future.” Krillin wailed.

Thinking about it, a feeling of dejection and powerlessness welled in his heart.

There is nothing more terrifying than knowing that an enemy which cannot be defeated will appear.

The only thing that they were glad about is that they know when the opponent will appear.

“That… was your full strength just now” Goku squeezed over and asked in a low voice, his intuition was telling him that Xiaya didnt use his full strength.

Xiaya glanced at Goku, “No, there are still two transformations above Super Saiyan 3, that is the highest level I have reached so far.” Mystical Realm and Super Saiyan God are both different transformations from Super Saiyan 3.

He believes that he will become stronger.

“Wahhh, there are actually two transformations above Super Saiyan 3.

You are amazing!”

Goku rarely admires others, but at this time he was really filled with admiration towards Xiaya.

He looks as young as him, but while he is still in the Normal State of Super Saiyan 1, Xiaya has already developed five transformations of Super Saiyan.


Flying amongst the barely discernible soft clouds, Xiaya and 18 went straight towards the Arctic Circle.

It had already been a while since they bid farewell to Goku and others.

“Xiaya, why did you tell them so much Majin Buu hasnt appeared in our world yet, why are you so sure that Majin Buu will appear”

I cant just tell her that Ive read the original work, can I Xiaya changed the topic and said, “That is what I saw in the world in the Dragon Realm and the trajectory is basically not wrong.

Moreover I have a feeling that the future of this world may have some unknown intersection with our world.”

“The future of this world” 18 spoke softly before shaking her head and setting aside these unverifiable speculations.

At this time, her beautiful eyes noticed the undulating mountain in front which was very close to the location of Dr.

Geros research institute.

In the snow-covered hilly forest, the mountains undulate like waves.

Because of having another parallel world as reference, they soon found the place in the northern glaciers where Dr.

Geros research institute should be.

Quietly landing on a steep path, 18 arched her beautiful eyebrows.


Geros research institute should have been here, but why isnt it here!” As soon as 18 landed, she shouted somewhat unhappily.

“Maybe its too early, Dr.

Gero has not moved over the research institute yet.” Xiaya guessed.

18s mood was bad.

“It is possible.

What should we do now Should we look for it nearby I think Dr.

Geros other research institute must be nearby.”

Transporting and building a research institute is a very large project, especially in this extremely cold place.

The frozen soil would make the implementation of the construction project more difficult.


Gero, an old man with weak physical strength and looking as if he would die soon, even with a Hoi-Poi Capsule, it is not easy to build a research institute alone.

So Dr.

Geros current research institute is probably not far from here.


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