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“Its him!” The moment he saw Xiaya, Piccolo immediately recalled what happened several years ago.

It was when Gokus older brother Raditz invaded Earth.

After Gokus death, this mysterious man appeared.

At that time, Piccolo knew that the others strength was terrifying, but now it seems he is more powerful than he thought.

“Huh When did this Earthling appear Is he the Super Saiyan you mentioned” King Cold asked in surprise, turning his head to Frieza.

“No, father, that Super Saiyan is called Goku and he is not this boy.” Frieza shook his head, and then his expression changed and a piercing icy aura erupted from his body.

“Who are you You know this kings name.

I did not expect that there will be someone like you on Earth, but it is a pity that you will pay a heavy price for your stupid actions today.”

“Kill him!”

Frieza ordered the several aliens beside him.

Those aliens did not dare to hesitate, and after receiving the order, they rushed towards Xiaya, but then only the “bang-bang-bang” sound of striking was heard.

Without seeing any clear movements, dozens of shadows were sent chaotically flying in all directions like heavenly maidens scattering flowers, and fell down on their backs.

All of them lost consciousness, dying.

But Xiaya was standing in his position from beginning to end, seemingly not having moved at all.

“His strength is not bad.” King Cold was surprised, and waved his hand to have his subordinates take out the energy detector for taking readings.

“How is it, what is the data measured”

“Reporting to King Cold, no…no data can be measured…” An alien replied while trembling.

“You dont need to measure it, father.

Earthlings have a way to hide Battle Power, and detectors are useless in front of them!” Upon seeing this, Frieza explained.

“Oh, interesting.”

King Cold touched his chin, as if he had seen something of interest, but his expression was still arrogant, without any signs of worry.

Of course, this was built on his invincible powers.

In King Colds heart, he has never put the Earthlings in his eyes.

Even the Super Saiyan mentioned by Frieza just attracted his attention.

“Piccolo, that person beat back Friezas subordinates.

Did you see how he attacked” Krillin moved closer to Piccolo and asked in a low voice.

Piccolo stared ahead fixedly as he shook his head: “No, I couldnt see his movements.”

“Even you couldnt see it” Krillin was extremely surprised and his eyes were about to bulge out.

With Piccolos strength, he can fight against Frieza in his second form.

If even he couldnt see it, doesnt it mean that the mysterious man is much stronger than Piccolo

Krillin was surprised and he was suddenly somewhat looking forward to it.

At the same time, he had a question, when did such an expert appear on Earth He actually didnt even know!

“This guy is definitely not an Earthling.

His qi is different from an Earthling!” Vegeta had his eyes fixed on Xiaya after he appeared.

Maybe he is also a Saiyan, Vegeta could somewhat sense his peoples aura.

On the other hand, after seeing Xiayas attack, 18 indifferently brushed back her hair, and walked over to a stone which was standing erect and sat down, and propped her chin as if watching a play.

A clear breeze caused the hair on both sides to sway as 18 said in a cold voice, “Hey, Im done looking at Friezas appearance, quickly get rid of them.”

“Sure.” Xiaya turned around and responded before walking towards Frieza, his movements were relaxed and he hadnt put up any defense.

“I hadnt intended to take action, but there is still some time before Kakarrot returns.

If I let you act recklessly on Earth, the Earth may be destroyed because of this.

This is not in line with my purpose, so its better for you to die.”

Hearing his words, Frieza narrowed his eyes as if he had heard a big joke.

He is not as tall as Xiaya, so when he speaks, he can only raise his head and say coldly, “Ho ho ho, you are really arrogant.

All those who dare to talk like this to this king have already reported to the Underworld.

Alas, he has, after all, been living on Earth which is only a small low-level planet and has never seen the magnificence of the outside world.”

Frieza shook his head as the corners of his mouth curled up, and said contentedly, “To tell you the truth, if I want to kill you, I only need to move a finger.”

“Oh, is that so”

His smiling face calmed down, and Xiaya raised his eyebrows.

Looking at his pitch-black eyes, Frieza became frightened.

But immediately he snorted angrily.

Frieza wouldnt admit that he had really felt a chill just now.

The next second, his face became cold and gloomy as water and the air around him suddenly made a rustling sound.

An earth-shaking terrifying aura spread out from Frieza, the cold and sinister aura caused the world to shake.

Everyone present except Xiaya, 18 and King Cold were oppressed by this aura, feeling dizzy and breaking out into cold sweat.

“Such frightening aura.

So, Frieza is this strong!” Yamcha and other people who hadnt seen Frieza take action with their own eyes finally knew how terrifying Frieza is.

Their eyes widened and bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down.

“Goku has actually fought such a monster…”

“We have been training for so long, but we cant even withstand Friezas aura.” Everyones countenance changed, and their voices sounded extremely gloomy.

Vegetas face was cold, feeling somewhat dejected in his heart, “Damn it, Frieza is even more powerful than he was on Planet Namek.”

Is such a powerful enemy really something he can defeat Frieza during that time on Planet Namek had left him feeling helpless, but the current Frieza is even more terrifying than at that time! Even though I have become several times stronger over these years, its still far from enough!

Vegeta was greatly shocked and full of frustration.

At this time, he swept his gaze towards Xiaya, and his body shook.

He was shocked to find that under Friezas earth-shaking aura, the mysterious young man still had a faint smile on his face! Friezas aura seems to be useless towards him.

Has his strength reached such a level that he can withstand Frieza

Vegeta thought in disbelief.

“Its really a shame that Kakarrot didnt kill you on Planet Namek, but this is also because of fate.

It shows that you werent meant to die at that time, but now youve come over to Earth and run into me.

It seems that youve turned down the good intentions from God time, so let me send you to the Underworld.”

Xiaya narrowed his eyes and said, then he suddenly attacked.

Friezas face became stiff, and his pupils shrunk.

He shockingly found that he had lost sight of Xiaya.

Bang, with a muffled sound, a tremendous impact passed through his chest.

Friezas eyes rolled over, the severe pain almost causing him to faint.


A trickle of blood flowed down from the corners of Friezas mouth.

His face turned ferocious as he let out a loud roar, his eyes bloodshot.

But this time Xiaya didnt plan to let him off, and appeared again close to Friezas body, a huge fist almost occupying his entire field of vision.

So fast!

At this time, the thoughts of regret flashed in Friezas heart for some reason.


But before Frieza could speak, a hard steel-like fist struck his head, and the powerful punch instantly erupted out.

Although Xiaya stopped his fist in time, the punch still continued to advance.

His head was fragile as if a big stick had struck a watermelon, it was blown to pieces and white and purple liquid splattered all over the ground.

His head exploded with one attack.

Frieza was killed just like that by Xiaya with one punch.

For a moment, the place fell into silence.

Everyone was in disbelief of everything that had happened before them.

The arrogant and cruel universe emperor Frieza was killed with just one punch This is not a street fight, using iron clubs and wine bottles to attack each other! This is a real battle!

They found it so simple, and even ridiculous because they still hadnt reached that level.

But this scene deeply shocked their hearts.

Expert, he is definitely an unprecedented expert.

Everyone reacted after a brief moment of absent-mindedness.

They looked at the thick bloodstains splattered all over the ground and the body without a head whose limbs were still trembling uncontrollably under the reflexes of nerve movement.

“Frieza was killed just like this” Krillin muttered to himself.

Suddenly he felt a bit of dryness in his throat and his pupils shrank.

He felt a chill in his heart, but at the same time, he felt extremely excited.

“Yes, Frieza is dead!”

“He is the emperor of the universe, but he was actually killed by a single punch.

What a frightening power it must have…” Yamchas face turned pale, his whole body extremely tense.

Vegeta tightly clenched his fist, his constantly trembling arms exposing his inner struggle.

He had always been very unyielding, but when encountering absolute power, there was still fear and awe of the unknown strong experts in his heart.

“If I can have such strength…”


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