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According to Xiayas previous estimate, the 20-odd days in the real world is enough to be worth three or four years in the world similar to the original works world, but when he came over with 18, he discovered that the timeline doesnt match.

Before he knew it, the time flow of the two worlds had quietly changed, therefore they were earlier than expected.

“It has still not advanced to the time when the Androids appear, so the specific time needs to be determined.

But judging from Vegeta and others Ki, which is still very weak, I am afraid we are early by not just one or two years.”

Xiaya made a rough judgment.

Of course, apart from the possibility that they came over early, the other potential reason why Vegeta and the others are all weak is that because of the lack of Trunks reminder, the Z Warriors in this world do not know the future crisis, so they did not hurry up in their training.

But this obviously doesnt stand with Vegeta.

Based on Vegetas character, after knowing that there is a Super Saiyan transformation, he has no reason not to hurry up his training.

“We should first figure out how many years are remaining until the otherMe wakes up,” 18 said seriously.

Xiaya nodded.

Now he can only plan this and said to 18, “Lets go to the Lookout first to find out how much time has passed since the Planet Namek incident.”

Planning this for the time being, the two people turned into beams of lights and soared into the air, speeding up to fly towards the Lookout, and in the blink of an eye turned into light dots which disappeared into the horizon.

Mountains and rivers kept flashing past them on both sides.

Facing the cold wind, Xiaya and 18 flew side by side.

“Lazuli, when did you first wake up How many years had passed since Dr.

Gero was killed” Xiaya asked 18 while flying.

18 knitted her eyebrows and thought for a while before saying with uncertainty, “About one or two years, Im not sure about the specific time because I had been in a deep sleep.”

Nodding slightly, Xiaya stopped asking about this, his eyes looking ahead.

They were not far from the Sacred Land of Korin, and through the outline of the mountains in the distance, they can faintly see a black vertical tower standing between the blue sky and white clouds, like a slender rope connecting the ground and the sky.

“Korin Tower is in front of us.

Lets go directly to the Lookout.”

After saying that, the two changed directions when they neared the Korin Tower and flew upwards at ninety degrees close to the tower.

Like a hurricane passing by, an illusory airstream swept by, the ripples spreading in all directions.

Then they quickly flew over the peak of Korin Tower and continued towards the Lookout.


At Korin Tower, Korin looked outside doubtfully.

Just now he seemed to have seen something flying past.

He rubbed his eyes but found nothing.

“Was that an illusion just now”

Korin licked his palm and returned inside the top of the tower in confusion.


Above the empty void, the crimson-toned hemispherical Lookout was floating in the higher-level dimension.

Old Kami and Mr.

Popo were standing at the edge of the Lookout and looking down in confusion.

At this time, two figures of a man and a woman appeared in front of them.

“Who are these two people, and what is their purpose of coming to Earth” Old Kami was wearing a surprised look.

In fact, he couldnt help but be surprised, because he couldnt see through the man and woman in front of him.

The mans aura was quite mysterious; he couldnt see through it at all.

As for the woman, she doesnt have any aura at all.

As long as it is a living being, there will more or less be some signs of life on their body.

Old Kami has lived for hundreds of years, but hasnt seen anyone without any aura.

Xiaya looked at Kamis old face, and said in a calm voice, “I want to ask, how long has it been since Kakarrot went to Planet Namek… Forget it, you just tell me how long it has been since Planet Namek was destroyed.”

Old Kamis pupils contracted slightly.

He was not clear about these peoples identity, but he still answered honestly.

“It has been a year and a half since the destruction of Planet Namek.”

“Only a year and a half” Xiaya muttered, inwardly calculating the time deviation between the two worlds.

He waited in his own world for more than 20 days, but only one and a half years have passed here.

Compared to the previous nine days corresponding to one year, the flow of time has obviously slowed down a lot.

“It seems that Zeno and the Great Priest have changed the flow of time in the entire space-time…” Xiaya raised his head, his black eyes gleaming with a sparkling luster.

“What eyes are this!” The old Kami looked shocked, and the moment he looked face to face with Xiaya, he seemed to have seen the boundless and deep universe.

A natural power suppressed the old Kami so he could not move.

“This black-haired youth must be a high-level god, and not just an ordinary high-level.”

Xiaya didnt care about Kamis thoughts; he turned his gaze to 18 and sighed, “Lazuli, it seems that well have to wait on Earth for a long time.”

In the original work, Trunks appeared about a year and 260 days later after the destruction of Planet Namek, a little less than two years.

Currently, only one and a half years have passed since the destruction of Planet Namek, which means that Goku is still wandering around in the universe.

As for whether he has learned Instant Transmission in Planet Yardrat, he doesnt know.

After all, Goku in Trunks world hadnt learned Instant Transmission.

Moreover even if Goku returns to Earth, it is only a precursor to the emergence of the Androids, and the specific time will be a few years later.

“It doesnt matter.

Since there is a time difference between the two sides, I can use this time to increase my strength.” 18 said unconcernedly.

“Fine, lets find a place to stay in the mortal world first.”

Seeing that 18 didnt have any complaints, Xiaya made a decision, glancing at the old Kami who was sweating all over.

Knowing that old Kami had sensed the dimension of his Divine Realm, he waved goodbye to Kami and then they both left the Lookout.

After passing through the clouds, they flew towards a certain city in the mortal world.

“It was really…frightening.

I havent felt such a pressure even from the King of Hells body.

He is definitely a very exalted god.

The King of Hell isnt even as High-level as him.” Old Kami thought with a pale face.

“Kami, who were they Does it not matter that they are staying on Earth” Mr.

Popo asked in worry, his round eyes like copper coins.

Old Kami calmed down, his forehead full of wrinkles creasing slightly, but he immediately relaxed, “It doesnt matter, since he should be some unknown god.

Moreover, he is not an ordinary god.

He should have a caring heart.

There is no need to worry that he will bring some harm to Earth.”

Gods, they are usually aloof and full of kindness.

All living beings in the mortal world are their people.

But old Kami didnt know that there is another kind of god in the universe called a God of Destruction.

In their eyes, every living being in the world is as insignificant as a pebble without consciousness, and can even be destroyed at will.

Standing at the highest level of the universe, only maintaining the regular operations of the universe is the biggest principle.

Any living being that hinders the existence of the universe can be destroyed equally!

If Old Kami knew, he would probably be uneasy.

Sometimes ignorance is also a blessing.


Popo silently stood on the side, and had no objection to the old Kamis words.

As an attendant of Kami, he does everything according to Kamis wishes.


After leaving the Lookout, Xiaya and 18 headed north and soon approached the Arctic Circle.


Geros research institute was probably also in this area.

The north wind was chilly, and there was heavy snowfall.

The cold mountain ranges in the north were covered with pure white snow.

Covered in silver and white snow, a place called Muscle Tower is where Xiaya and 18 landed.

“I like the environment here very much.” 18 landed on a rocky hill, and while holding on to the stone wall, she looked at the brightly lit place in the distance where there was a small village.

“Then lets stay here for now.” Xiaya said casually.

As they are not in a hurry, and there is no place to stay, since 18 is very fond of the scenery here, it is better to stay here.

“Yes!” 18 replied in a cold voice and jumped down the rocky mountain, and then the two of them walked towards the small mountain village on foot.

“Oh my, you two are wearing so few clothes on such a snowy day.

Its easy to catch a cold.” A red-haired woman who appeared to be twenty-five or twenty-six years old came out of the pine forest holding a shotgun and saw Xiaya and 18 in thin clothes, and hurriedly took out two large cotton-padded jackets from the backpack.

“Thank you, but we are not feeling cold.”

“Why are you wearing so little on such a snowy day and not feeling cold Oh, I know, you both must be martial artists.

I know martial artists are not afraid of heat and cold.” This naturally familiar woman struck her palm and believed that she had found the answer.


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