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“Only about one thousand” Xiaya frowned slightly, dissatisfied with the amount.

Saiyan’s have a total population of more than 1 million.

But only about thousand people believed them

Rebecca explained: “In order not attract King Vegeta’s attention, we had to narrow down our range of contacts, and these people are all the people we have chosen from within our circle of acquaintances.”

Xiaya suddenly realized, indeed, the planet evacuation has not even been arranged yet, it is not really easy to publicise Frieza’s wicked intentions, or else they would very likely face complete wipeout.

That’s why the thousand Saiyan’s selected were mostly Adri and others acquaintances which are their former comrades and have fought side by side.

“There’s also one more thing, recently the people on King Vegeta’s side were being deployed more and more often.

I fear that it is a sign that we have to speed up our search for the suitable planet.”

Adri frowned, as he doesn’t know the exact time when King Vegeta would revolt, he was feeling the time left for them to leave was decreasing day by day.

In comparison, Xiaya was much less anxious, as he was aware that Frieza would attack Planet Vegeta when Vegeta is around five years old.

So, within a short period of time, there would be no revolt from King Vegeta’s side, which would leave them with two and a half years time.

The next day, Xiaya and Xiling were staying at home stabilizing their foundation, doing the most basic exercises every day.

In the meantime, Adri’s student Myers had visited their house to find Adri two-three times.

Of course, every time she came, her attitude towards Xiaya and Xiling was not at all friendly, and arrogance suffused her small face.

But what cause Xiaya to be deeply moved was that the latent talent of this Myers kid was really outstanding, at just two and a half years old, her Battle Power had already reached 440, much higher than when he had come out of the training camp.

No wonder this brat despise them.

Just like this, every day passed.

Until one day, Feidaya people sent a message from the faraway pale-yellow planet, Gravity training machine was finally completed.

Upon receiving the message from Feidaya people, Xiaya immediately used Instant Transmission to rush to the faraway, pale-yellow planet.

After several teleportations, Xiaya’s figure appeared inside the Feidaya people’s temporary base.

“Duokela, did you have me come to take a look at the Gravity training machine” The door to the main control room opened, and the travel-weary Xiaya walked over to Duokela.

“Sir Xiaya!”

Duokela didn’t expect that Sir Xiaya would abruptly appear before him in such a short time after receiving the message.

For a moment, he was full of reverence towards Xiaya’s magical ability to appear and disappear mysteriously.

Regarding the Gravity Machine, Duokela revealed a proud expression on his face.

It was the result of several months research by the Feidaya scientists.

“Please come with me, Sir Xiaya!” Respectfully bowing, Duokela leads the way and guided Xiaya to where the Gravity Machine was placed.

The two passed through a long, transparent winding corridor filled with the atmosphere of science and technology and quickly arrived at an enormous Assembly Workshop about a hundred meters tall.

In the enormous workshop, there were seven neatly placed large hemispherical Gravity training machines.

The Gravity Machines were large in size, and their whole body was shining with a dark gold metallic luster.

Their heights were nearing the roof of the Assembly Workshop; the seven Gravity Machines were like seven towering hills placed together, emanating an oppressive feeling.

Duokela pointed at the seven Gravity Machines and proudly said: “These Gravity training machines have the diameter of 100m and were 90m high.

And according to your request, the gravity could be adjusted to a maximum value of 500 times normal gravity.

Also, the pressure can be adjusted to 1000 times standard pressure, and the temperature can be adjusted within plus or minus 80 degrees.

“In addition, to make it convenient for training, a small space was allocated for a separate washroom, dining room and living room! Furthermore, there are also 100 miniature robots specialized in providing assistance for training which can change the speed and attack density according to the needs of the user! ”

“Umm, good job, I am very satisfied with these Gravity Machines!”

Listening to Duokela’s introducing it so familiarly, Xiaya watched Duokela with appreciation while both of his eyes shone brighter and brighter, he was excited to go in and experience it personally.

“Thanks for Sir Xiaya’s praise!”

Extremely flattered, Duokela bowed, his cyan skin turning slightly rosy from excitement.

“Step back for now, I want to experience the effects of the Gravity Machine!”

“Yes!” After hearing the command, Duokela respectfully stepped outside.

Xiaya nodded slightly.

After Duokela left, he took a few steps and arrived before the Gravity training machine.

Looking up, he found that these gravity training machines were really very huge.

Standing so close, the towering majestic feeling was even more prominent.

In front of the huge Gravity Machines, Xiaya’s figure was tiny like an ant, an obvious contrast.

Xiaya pondered and came before the Gravity Machine tagged with a huge “1” character.

Inside, he saw 8 huge and thick steel columns which were more than 2m long, and they were spread out in all the four directions and fixed to the ground, stabilizing the entire huge machine.

Pressing the button at the entrance, a light “buzz” could be heard, following which a perpendicular disc-like structure came down from the machine.

Xiaya stood on the hovering disc and entered inside the Gravity training machine.

The inside of the machine was exceedingly vast.

It was divided into two layers, the lower layer was not much big, mainly divided into three parts; washroom, dining room and living room.

While the upper layer was the real training room.

The huge space has a diameter of 100m and height of 80m so that the training room looked like a huge fighting ring.

The ground was covered with shallow lines similar to flagstones, and the walls and ground were smelted from special materials surpassing even the strongest alloy and could even withstand an exceedingly strong and dense energy bombardment.

He walked before a control panel on the side and set the parameters of the training room according to the numbers marked above.

He first inputted the number “15” in the gravity column.

In an instant, the number got confirmed, and the training room buzzed with a sound, then a tremendous downward force pressed down on his body.

“Hmm, it is indeed 15 times the gravity!” Feeling the effects, Xiaya slightly nodded with certainty.

Now the gravity in the entire training room had reached 15 times the normal gravity, it felt just like when he had trained with the weighted clothes on Lookout on Earth.

Then, one by one, he set the parameters of temperature and pressure.

After experiencing the effects of the Gravity training machine, he was very satisfied.

To some extent, the Gravity training machine made by Feidaya people had exceeded in many areas from his original requirements.

Although they took several months to make it, this was all worth it.

After exiting the gravity machine, Xiaya went to look for Duokela.


“Mhm, Duokela, I am very satisfied with the Gravity Room made by you people.

Oh, there is also something I want to tell you!” Without being stingy, he praised them with few words before his face turned stern.

“Sir Xiaya, please tell!”

Duokela straightened up, leaning forward to listen respectfully.

“At present, Frieza’s influence had completely covered all of the North Area, and added with King Cold and Cooler’s assistance on the side, our situation here is not too favorable! So I want you to use every method at your disposal to find a suitable planet for living.”

“Of course, it should be far away from the influence of Frieza Clan as much as possible!” Xiaya expression was very serious when he said this.

Right now, he still isn’t able to directly fight Frieza head-on and can only avoid the spearhead temporarily as his strength was still lacking very much.

“Sir Xiaya, actually we have a complete star chart of Milky Way Galaxy which we had traded from the Tuffle race.

Maybe, we can find a suitable planet for us through it!” Duokela suddenly spoke.

“Tuffle race, weren’t they destroyed” Xiaya asked in surprise.

Tuffle race had once lived with Saiyan’s on Planet Vegeta but they were destroyed in the past at the hands of the Saiyans.


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