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“We went training outside, so we were not on Planet Hongshan,” Xiling said as she walked into the kitchen to help Bulma prepare lunch.

Bulma was surprised and said, “I have heard about it.

You guys are already so powerful, but still keep training.

It seems that theres not much hope for Goku to surpass you guys.

You Saiyans are simply training maniacs.

Goku and Vegeta are also busy with training everyday.”

Xiling looked at her with a smile and did not say anything.

Its true that Saiyans are obsessed with training, but its rare to find someone like Goku and Vegeta who forget to eat and sleep.

If it was normal circumstances, Goku still has the hope of surpassing Xiling and the others if he diligently trains, but Xiling and Myers are not idle; especially after training under Whis for so many years, they had far surpassed Goku in everything.

In addition, with Xiayas guidance from the side, their training has been smooth sailing.

About half an hour later, Goku and Gohan returned from training.

Their clothes were in tatters and it looked like they had just gone through a fierce battle.

Beside them, there were two slightly more than one-year-old children floating, and they were playing with each other.

They could fly at such a young age! Xiaya was surprised.

“These two children are the youngest children of you and Kakarrot So they are twins.” Xiling carefully looked at the two young children and a smile appeared on her face, as if she had seen the shadows of Xiang and Xili when they were young.

“The older brother is called Goten, and the younger sister is called Bulla.”

Bulma lovingly embraced the children in her arms.

As soon as the two infants entered the arms of their mother, they immediately calmed down and opened their eyes to observe their surroundings curiously.

Goten has black hair and energetic eyes.

He has a striking resemblance to Goku when he was young while Bulla is very lively and has light purple hair like Bulma.

Xiaya looked at Goten in surprise, and muttered, “Heavens, the Saiyans bloodline finally overcame the Bulma familys bloodline.

His hair turned out to be black, which is quite rare.”

“Xiaya, what do you mean by that”

Bulma put her hands on her hips and pretended to be angry.

Xiaya said, “But what I said is right.

Look at Gohan, Trunks, and Bulla.

Doesnt the color of their hair follow your familys Only the little guy Goten has black hair.”

Bulma thought for a moment.

It seemed true.

At this time, Goku walked over eagerly, as if he wanted to swap pointers with Xiaya.

Xiaya quickly evaded him, “Kakarrot, Im afraid its not appropriate to fight me, my strength has already greatly surpassed yours.”

Goku said seriously, “Even so, I still want to fight with you.

Ive recently thought of a more powerful transformation, but unfortunately I still cant achieve it with my current strength.

Gohan and Vegetas strength is not enough to stimulate me to break through, so I think I might be able to break through if I fight you a few times.”

He has already thought of Super Saiyan 3 transformation so soon

Xiayas eyes turned; he already knew that Goku most likely wanted to break through Super Saiyan 3.

From Xiayas current point of view, Super Saiyan 3 is undoubtedly a wrong transformation direction, but for Goku, it can also bring him powerful strength.

Goku has not been trained in the realm, so there is no way to directly skip the Super Saiyan 3 stage and break into the Mystical Realm like Xiling and Myers.

Limited by his outlook, Goku can only continue along the path of Super Saiyan 2; he will first reach Super Saiyan 3 and then correct his mistake and reach a higher level.

However, Xiaya does not want to waste time on training Goku.

Some experiences that Goku experiences personally will leave a deeper impression.

Tactfully rejecting Gokus invitation to fight, he left Goku there alone, sighing.

Xiaya arrived at Gohans side and nodded slightly when he saw Gohan.

After this kid broke through Super Saiyan 2 together with Xiang, he has obviously become stronger.

“Not bad, youve basically mastered Super Saiyan 2s powers.

The next step is to temper the strength of your body.

Because the Super Saiyan 2 transformation is much more overbearing than Super Saiyan 1, it requires a sturdier body to bear that power.”

For Goku and others who havent grasped the Realm, Full Power Super Saiyan 2 is impossible to achieve, so the road to becoming stronger is much more overbearing and rough.

This path is not as stable as the one Xiaya and the others are walking on.

The path will only get narrower and narrower as they continue to walk on it, after all, the physical body cannot be strengthened infinitely.

Gohan listened seriously to Xiayas teachings.

He has been to Planet Hongshan many times, so he knows that the person in front of him is much more powerful than his father.

“Xiaya, you cant favor one over another, please give me pointers too!” Goku hopped over again.

Xiaya rolled his eyes and angrily said to Goku, “You should think about your own training.

The path you take is the most suitable one for you.

After all, you are not the other person.”

“What you said makes sense.” Goku scratched his head in agreement, but could feel that there was something wrong with this sentence.

Myers covered her mouth and chuckled softly, and said in a low voice, “Xiaya, youve completely duped him with your words and Kakarrot has been reeled in!”

Xiaya lightly squeezed her slender waist and said with a straight face, “Where am I duping him, Kakarrots path is different from ours.”

“Yes, yes, what you said makes sense.”

Myers rolled her beautiful eyes at him and ran out.

In the room, only Goku and Xiaya were left chatting.

Time passed, and it was lunch soon.

Xiling, Bulma, and Myers had prepared a lot of food.

When all the delicious food was served, the dining room was suddenly filled with an appetizing fragrance.

They wolfed down the food with great relish like hungry ghosts reborn, and soon the food that piled up into a mountain was wiped out.

“Haha, Im full.” Goku patted his stomach and leaned against the chair.

He ate the portion of at least 20 people by himself.

If he didnt have ample funds and salary from Martial Arts Capital, eating like this, even a wealthy person would become poor from eating.

“The food on Earth is indeed much more delicious.”

Xiaya also agrees.

Although Planet Hongshans cooking techniques have fully assimilated Earths culinary skills, there is still some disparity in the ingredients.

At this time, Goten and Bulla were also eating very happily, floating in mid-air like bees and flying in a V-shape.

But accidents always happen at such times.

Bang, the two kids bumped into each other, their small mouths turned flat, and they began to cry loudly.

Bulma hurriedly walked over and hugged the children in her arms to comfort them, “Its all right, dont cry, dont cry.”

After comforting them for a while, Goten and Bulla once again begin laughing.

“Huh The aura just now seemed a little different!”

Xiayas keen eyes turned tense slightly.

Looking at Myers and the others, he found that they also had a surprised expression on their faces.

Then he shouted to Bulma, “Bulma, bring the children over and show them to me.”

“Whats wrong” Bulma was a little puzzled, but passed the children over.

“Its Bulla!” Xiaya said in a deep voice, “Bulma, when Bullas mood fluctuates, does she become especially cruel and even loses her mind”


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