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The next day.

The sun rose in the east and all living beings woke up.

They all got up early in the morning, washed up, then packed their luggage after eating breakfast.

They put all the extra things into the Hoi-Poi Capsule, locked the door of the villa, and ordered the Saiyans around to look after the villa.

“Have you brought the key to the villa on Earth”

They have a villa on a peninsula not far from Kame House which is usually looked after by Tights or employees of Capsule Corporation.

“Ive got it.” Launch, wearing a cool apron, took out a bunch of keys from a bag.

Xiaya nodded in acknowledgement, looked at everyones smiling faces, then used Instant Transmission to teleport to Earth.

Earth, a villa facing the island.

Here, it is like spring all year round.

The climate is pleasant and beautiful flowers bloom all year.

The brightly coloured flowers were clustered on the mountainside and there was a gurgling stream.

Living here was quite comfortable and refreshing.

Because it faces the sea, when the sea breeze blows, the sparkling ocean which stretches as far as the eyes can see appears beautiful.

At that time, Xiaya chose the villa here because of the scenery.

Opening the door, even though they havent been here in a long time, the room didnt have a speck of dust inside.

In addition to Capsule Corporations employees coming to tidy it up from time to time, there were also a few round automatic robots in the room whose contribution cannot be neglected.

They were powered on, so they will automatically tidy it up and will find their own charging device when they are out of power.

“Fortunately, the time difference between the two planets is not big, otherwise it would have been annoying.”

Not sleeping and resting is nothing to Xiaya, but the time difference is just right, which saves a lot of trouble.

Resting in the room for a while, he learned about some of the recent events on Earth from TV, and then turned towards 18, who was helping Launch with housework.

“Lazuli, there are still a few days before Krillins wedding.

You can go look for 16 and 17 and have a get-together with them while also telling them about Krillins wedding.” As for whether they will come to the wedding, thats their business.

He guessed that they probably wont come.

“Okay, I will be back by dinner.”

“Dont worry, its okay to stay a few more days.”

“No, its fine if I just go have a look at them, there is no need to stay there overnight,” 18 put down the utensils in her hand and said seriously.

Xiaya was stunned for a while, and then smiled and waved to her.

This little girl, he is obviously her twin brother, why is she so indifferent to her younger brother 17

At this time, the TV was broadcasting the episodes of various martial arts tournaments from previous years and the curious 18 took a few more looks.

“By the way, the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth just ended a year ago.

The next one will be in two years.

I heard that the champion will receive a lot of award money” 18 said while seemingly lost in thought, feeling a little regretful.

She seems to have some interest in the award money.

Xiaya looked at her and suddenly remembered that 18 in the original work had an unusual pursuit towards money, so he took out a few cards from his pocket and distributed them to Xiling, Myers, 18, Launch and Meifei.

“This is from the shares of Capsule Corporation.

You can use it however you want.”

“Give it to me.” Meifei took the card and ran away with a smile while Launch smiled and put the card away.

Only 18 looked indifferent, and did not reach out to take it.

“If I didnt earn it by myself, I am not used to spending it.”

Her attitude is quite prideful, Xiaya inwardly felt that it was amusing.

So, he forced the card into her hand.

“This is your reward for guarding Planet Hongshan for so long!”

18 was dumbfounded for a while, then took the card from Xiaya and put it away silently.

“Ill go look for 17 and 16 now, but I think they most likely will not come to the wedding,” 18 said in a soft voice, and then soared into the sky and streaked across the void like an arrow, and soon turned into a light spot and disappeared in the distance.

“Isnt Lazulis character a little tiresome” Xiaya turned around and asked.

“What do you mean” Blue-haired Launch didnt quite understand.

“She is a tsundere…” At this moment, Myers walked over while dragging her slippers, handed over some snacks, and started eating.

“Xiaya, I am going to go and see Bulma with Myers, are you coming” Xiling cleaned up the room and walked over while quite naturally snatching away snacks from Myers.

“Lets go together.”

After saying that, he said a few words to Launch and then flew away in the direction of Gokus house.

Holding the cleaning tools, Launch waved towards the direction where Xiaya and the others had left outside the villa.

Suddenly, she sneezed and her hair turned golden.

The blonde-haired Launchs expression became fierce, and she threw away the tools in her hand and said in a nasty tone, “Tch, again making me clean.

Im not a maid.”

She rolled her black eyes and was about to sneak away.

At this moment, Meifei walked over with a grin and circled her a few times.

“Fierce Aunt Launch, if you run away, you will get in trouble when Dad comes back!”

The blonde-haired Launchs expression turned stiff, and suddenly felt dejected, her whole body felt weak.

“This is really eight-lifetimes of bad luck!”


Mount Paozu, Gokus home.

When Xiaya and others arrived, they were surprised to find that the view below Mount Paozu had completely changed.

On both sides of the mountain blocked by towering mountains and precipitous ridges, a vast flat land was artificially excavated as big as a village, and the buildings on it were all built in ancient style.

The buildings were martial arts centers each with open-air arenas inside.

“Whats going on with these martial arts centers under the mountain” Xiling asked after seeing Bulma.

“These martial arts centers were built after the Martial Arts Capital consulted Goku.

Those martial artists who came down from the Korin Tower serve as instructors.

Currently, Goku is the chief instructor there!”

“How could Kakarrot accept such an arrangement It will affect his own training.” Xiaya frowned.

Bulma said, “Its not like that.

In the martial arts centers, the instructors are usually in charge of teaching.

Goku only sets aside one day a month to give them pointers, and the rest of the time is for his own training.”

“So this is the case.

Martial Arts Capital actually used their brain.”

“Hee hee, you dont know that several cities near Mount Paozu have now merged to form Goku City, and there are also Krillin City and Yamcha City… There are a total of nine such cities on Earth, and the level of prosperity is more or less the same as the four huge metropolises in the north, south, east, west.”

When she mentioned the changes that happened on Earth in the last few years, Bulma was very happy.

Right now, Goku can be regarded as successful and famous.

As the chief instructor and honorary mayor of Goku City, and with the dividends from Capsule Corporation, his family was living very comfortably.

Xiaya was speechless.

Goku with his single-celled brain has been living quite well!

“Anyway, you guys are finally here on Earth.

I went to Planet Hongshan with Goku several times and never saw you.

I thought this time you would miss Krillins wedding!”


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