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“You have been receiving pointers from Whis, so you should also understand Whiss fighting style.

Although attacking is the best defense, when you are at a disadvantage, you cant blindly attack the enemy when fighting.

Proper defense is more important.” Xiaya spoke leisurely.

Its okay if it is one-on-one combat, but if it is one-against-many, then defense is especially important.

Meilings training is quite comprehensive, but when she encounters enemies of different levels, she still needs to make certain changes.

Wide-area attacks look very domineering and refreshing, but when she encounters a very powerful enemy, she will inevitably be like a “rabbit” falling into the opponents hands.

What Meiling needs to do next is to change some things.

After the battle ended, 18 and Meifei approached them.

18 sighed and said, “You both are really powerful; I couldnt even clearly see how you fought.”

18s strength has surpassed Zangya, which is equivalent to surpassing an ordinary Super Saiyan, moreover because of unlimited stamina and energy, she can even compete against a Full Power Super Saiyan if it is an attrition fight.

Looking at this, the Androids potential is really blessed by nature.

Xiaya looked at 18s beautiful face before his eyes moved away.

Remembering what he had promised her before, Xiaya said, “Lazuli, I think I have found a method to make you stronger quickly.”

“Really What method” 18 was quite interested in it.

She is now very keen about the improvement of her strength, especially after seeing Xiaya and Xiling continue to grow stronger.

“Listen to me.” Xiaya looked at the impatient 18 and smiled.

“The world I went to this time was like Trunks world which had just developed up to the Planet Namek storyline.

Next, according to history, Android 17 and 18 will also appear in that world which will be an opportunity for you to become stronger!”


18 was somewhat doubtful.

What is the relationship betweenher in another world and her becoming stronger

“This is about the Galactic World (GT) that I have mentioned before.

In that world, after Earths 17 and Hells 17 fused, he became Super 17, whose strength can rival Super Saiyan 4!

“And Super Saiyan 4 is equivalent to the first level of the Divine Realm!”

Xiaya looked at 18 with clear eyes, but what he said surprised everyone present.

Xiaya only talked to them about his training in the Dragon Realm and achieving Super Saiyan God before, but did not tell them in detail about what happened in the Galactic World.

18 raised her beautiful eyebrows.

“You mean to let me fuse with the “me” from another world, but I dont know how the 17s of that world fused.”

“I have already thought of this.

Supreme Kai has something called Potara Earrings.

After wearing it, it can allow two different people to fuse together for a short time, and if gods wear it, they will be completely fused and cannot be separated.

You and the other worlds 18 are the same individuals from different worlds, and your personalities are somewhat different.

If we request Shenron to make Potara Earrings with more powerful functions, you can most likely achieve your goal of becoming stronger.”

If the two 18s fuse, because they are both 18, after the fusion, she will be Super 18, but in the end, how strong can she become and whether she can reach the level of Super 17, Xiaya himself is not sure.

After all, the laws of the GT world may not apply to the current world.

Moreover, the emergence of Super 17 in the GT world is most likely just a special case.

“Potara Earrings…” After listening to him, 18s eyes glowed and her lips slightly opened and closed, flashing with a sparkling luster.

“Xiaya, quickly give me Potara Earrings.”

18 brushed back her beautiful blonde hair, her expression somewhat excited.

She believes that if she could become stronger, 18 from the other world would also agree.

After all, they both are the same person and know each others hearts.

“When you go back, you can get the Crystal Dragon Balls from Launch.

They are usually placed on the floating island.

I will take this opportunity to strengthen the Crystal Dragon Balls ability, so that the divine dragons power will be stronger.” Previously, the Crystal Dragon Balls were created by Xiaya with the ability granted by Super Shenron.

Now it has been granted by Dragon God Zalama, so he has the ability to make the Crystal Dragon Balls stronger.

“Hmm!” 18 nodded contentedly.

Meiling looked at 18 in surprise and said, “Even if you really merge into Super 18, dont think you will be immediately able to catch up with us.”

“I dont know, but I will definitely be stronger than now.

Maybe I can really catch up with you!” 18 shook her head and winked at Meiling.

“So powerful!” Meiling looked on with wide eyes.

Next to her, Xiaya inwardly shook his head.

Its certain that there will be improvement, but it would obviously be difficult to reach the Mystical State.

After that, they did not stay any longer on the desolate planet, and immediately teleported back to Planet Hongshan.

When the half-hour time limit arrived, Meiling again split into Xiling and Myers.

At this time, 18 had already brought the seven fist-sized transparent Crystal Dragon Balls from the floating island.

Putting the Crystal Dragon Balls on a table, 18 pretended to be calm as she said, “You can now upgrade the Dragon Balls.”

Xiaya looked at 18 whose voice was slightly trembling.

Why is she nervous He nodded and said, “Upgrading the Dragon Balls is an energy-consuming project.

You all move back a little!” At that time when he had remade the Black Star Dragon Balls, it almost killed him.

Hearing his words, Xiling and the other girls moved back to the corner of the living room, their beautiful eyes watching with a serious look.

Xiaya glanced at them a few times, then his eyes fell on the seven small Dragon Balls on the table, and then he began to activate the Dragon Gods power in his body.

Suddenly, a large amount of golden brilliance filled the room.

The Crystal Dragon Balls flickered as they upgraded themselves with external energy.

Compared with when he upgraded the Black Star Dragon Balls, Xiaya now is much more powerful, plus the Crystal Dragon Balls are originally something he created and his compatibility with them is much better.

So upgrading of the Crystal Dragon Balls went very smoothly, and the Dragon Balls powers began to increase rapidly, which was directly reflected in their size.

The Dragon Balls kept getting bigger and faintly illusory images of dragons appeared.

When they grew to the size of footballs, with a “thump”, the round Dragon Balls rolled off the table and fell down.

Xiaya wiped the sweat from his forehead, took a towel from Xiling and wiped it off.

“Its done; the Crystal Dragon Balls ability has been raised to the limit.”

Xiling poked the round Crystal Dragon Ball and picked up one in her hand and weighed it, “Its the same size as Planet Nameks Dragon Balls, but its a lot heavier.”

The raw materials of the Crystal Dragon Balls is the mother tree of life of Universe 6 Lafulis family.

It is a magical material that is close to nature in the truest sense.

The Dragon Balls made from it are also close to nature to a certain extent, so the side effects will be comparatively alleviated a little.

He handed over the brand new Dragon Balls to 18 and said, “Lazuli, keep these Dragon Balls with you for now, and after a while, use them to make a wish to make even more powerful Potara Earrings!”

“Hmm.” With a slight nod, 18 carefully put away the Dragon Balls.

Because the flow of time in the other world was different, only a little over nine days has passed here compared to one year there, so they need to wait at least 20 days before the Androids in the other world wake up.

“By the way, during this time, everyone should go to Earth when you have time.

While you were away, Bulma sent a message saying that Krillin is getting married with Hasky and invited us to go to the wedding.”

At this time, Launch, who had taken off her shawl and was dressed in casual clothes, spoke with a smile.

Krillin is getting married and his wife is Hasky who has been living in Kame House Xiaya was taken aback when he heard the news, and then looked at 18 with an odd expression on his face.

He brought 18 to Planet Hongshan.

He thought that Krillin wouldnt be able to marry, but who would have thought that Krillin will marry blonde-haired Hasky.

“The marriage time is also nearly the same,” Xiaya said with an odd look on his face.

“Whats wrong, why are you looking at me” 18 raised her beautiful eyebrows.

“Its nothing.

Since Krillin is getting married, lets go and take a look.

We can also meet old friends, and Lazuli, you can also go and meet 16 and 17.

They have built a ranch and should be living quite a comfortable life.”

“I will go look when I have time.” There was a trace of nostalgia in 18s eyes.

“What Krillin, that little baldy is getting married, isnt he a monk” Myers yelled, desiring to see the whole world in chaos.

“That was when he was young; since he left Orin Temple and became Master Roshis disciple, he is no longer a monk.”

Xiaya gave Myers a blank look.

However old she is, she still acts like a small child.

Moreover, if it wasnt for his and others influence, it would be Lazuli who would have been marrying Krillin.

Xiling opened her mouth and said in surprise, “Hasky is the girl who has been living with Krillin and the others, right No wonder that Krillin lives at Kame House and doesnt leave.

It turns out that he wants to spend time with her; the little monks heart is not pure.” Moving closer to Launchs side, she whispered to her, “Launch, so your sister had long been thinking about it.”

Launch smiled, “Hasky just looks like me.

We are not related by blood.”


“Mom, I am going to Earth to attend the wedding.

Its a fun place.

Xiang and Xili are not on Planet Hongshan, so it has been quite boring!” Meifei also expressed her interest in the fascinating world of Earth.

“Then we will leave for Earth tomorrow and have fun during the next few days.” Xiaya waved his hand and announced in a loud voice.

At this time, the sky was gradually turning dark.

The blue-grey sky was shrouded by the silence of the night.

Xiayas villa has many rooms, so everyone was staying in his home.


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