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“I dont know; it must have become a lot stronger.

I wonder if it can reach the Divine Realm” Myers eyes lit up, looking forward to it.

Xiaya flicked her head and scolded her jokingly, “You cant reach the Divine Realm using tricks, and even if you reach it, it would be just as a false god.

Its better to get rid of this idea as soon as possible.”

“Im just thinking about it,” Myers rubbed her head and said with a laugh.

“Why dont you try it, so that we can broaden our horizons,” 18 suddenly spoke.

She also wanted to see a higher level of power.

Xiaya pondered for a moment, then nodded.

“Okay, speaking of Mystical State, it is also equal to half of the Divine Realm.

After fusing into Meiling, there may be some miracle.”

Then, informing Launch to look after the villa, Xiaya took Xiling and the others to a nearby planet.

Some distance from Planet Hongshan, on a scorching planet.

The temperature here was abnormally high.

The red-hot sun had scorched the land, the dust was blowing along with the wind, and there were air-dried, cracked fragments of rocks everywhere.

This is where Xiaya and the others had often practiced before they broke through Super Saiyan.

Because it was desolate and uninhabited, the scenes of destruction caused by their training were faintly visible.

“Right here! Get ready, Xiling and Myers.”

“I really miss it.

This was where Xiaya broke through to Pseudo Super Saiyan.”

Myers blinked her eyes, feeling a little nostalgic about their struggle at that time.

That period of time was the first step in their rise.

Now years have passed and they are all already standing at the pinnacle of the universe, but this planet is still in a desolate state like before.

“Turn your heads and dont look!”

The result of Planet Metamors Fusion Technique is very good, but the fusion dance is too embarrassing.

Xiling doesnt want anyone to see them do that dance.

“Okay, everyone turn around.” Xiaya clapped his hands and pulled 18 and Meifei to turn around.

A bright light flashed and Meiling appeared, wearing a black short close-fitting jacket.

As soon as she appeared, her aura started to rise.

A rumbling sound was heard and the ground sank down with a buzz.

When her aura increased to its peak, the entire desolate planet shook violently.

Xiayas eyes were fixed on Mystical State Meilings black hair and black eyes and compared it with the previous Xiling and Myers.

With a little judgement, Xiaya knew Meilings current strength.

“Her strength has doubled, its almost the same as my peak strength before I broke through the Divine Realm.”

Planet Metamor Fusion Techniques original increase multiplier is eight times.

With the continuous improvement of the strength of the two parties fusing, it gradually approached a limit and the increase multiplier was getting lower and lower.

It is obvious that when Xiling and Myers approach the Divine Realm, the Fusion Technique may lose the effect of enhancing their strength.

This is different from the effect in the GT world.

“The world is different and the technique is suppressed.

In the GT world, the effect of the Fusion Technique should be more than that.” Such a thought suddenly flashed in Xiayas mind.

The laws of the Multiverse are more perfect than the universe in the GT world, so it is harder to use a shortcut.

“Wow, Mother Meiling!” Meifei excitedly shouted and pounced over.

Catching Meifei with a smile, Meiling turned her around a few times in the air.

Then she arrogantly pointed her finger at Xiaya.

“Xiaya, come, fight with me.

I am currently brimming with strength.”

Meilings beautiful black hair fluttered in the wind.

Her white trousers were tied with a red ribbon, and a blue cloth was wrapped around her plump breasts, showing the alluring and feminine curves of a woman.

“He he, Meiling, it seems you are looking for a beating!”

Hearing his words, her aura weakened and the corners of her mouth twitched, before saying weakly, “We are just swapping pointers….show mercy!”

“Okay, I promise.”

Xiaya looked at Meiling in amusement.

She never learns her lesson and shows the arrogant side of Xiling and Myers to the fullest.

Why is she so arrogant all the time Maybe he should implement the family law, Xiaya thought in his heart.

Then, he had Meifei stand with 18 while he and Meiling flew into the distance.

He will naturally not transform into Super Saiyan God while fighting with Meiling, otherwise wouldnt it be just bullying her Besides, their daughter is watching, so he cant embarrass Meiling too much.

Hence, the two of them faced each other while in Mystical State.

For a while, the sky was calm, the blazing wind stopped blowing, and the temperature seemed to drop a bit.

“It feels different,” 18 said in a bright and clear voice as she looked enviously from the side, her blue eyes not blinking.

“It seems to be different, their realm is so powerful.”

Meifei frowned.

As a Legendary Super Saiyan, she is more sensitive to others powers.

“It has started.”

Not far away, Xiaya and Meiling quickly entered the fighting state.

They crouched and disappeared from 18 and Meifeis sight.

In fact, they did not disappear, but they were moving so fast that their eyes could not capture the scenes of the battle in time.

“Amazing!” A hint of surprise appeared on 18s white like-jade face as her eyes kept searching around.

Meifei was already jumping about with excitement, her small delicate face was a little flushed due to excitement.


Xiayas figure flashed past like a cold beam of light and quickly appeared next to Meiling.

Meilings pupils shrank.

She leaned backwards, turned her hand over and attacked, then with all her strength, a majestic force erupted out from the palm of her hand.

Crack! The two fell to the ground, and the ground instantly cracked, forming cobweb-like cracks in all directions.

Both of them knew the others thoughts.

After a brief contact, they quickly separated and countless bright rays of light shot out rapidly.

Although they are both in Mystical State and their strength was similar, Xiayas level is too high.

It is like a college student doing elementary school problems, he was occupying a high position and has a different outlook.

Meilings many perfect moves were full of flaws in Xiayas eyes.

At the present stage, the two can still fight for a while, but the longer the fight drags on, the less ideal the situation will be for Meiling.

Suddenly, Xiaya smiled and a light flashed in his eyes.

Bang, bang…Boom!

Xiayas movements were natural and relaxed, like floating clouds and flowing water, and were like a splendid text written by a calligraphy master, full of a masters demeanor.

Meilings body was sent flying, and Xiaya, with a relaxed smile on his face, walked swiftly on the ground, appearing in advance to the place where Meiling was about to reach.

His finger drew a beautiful arc in mid-air.

Meilings body was sent flying uncontrollably.

Then an attack slammed into her.


A full-strength force penetrated Meilings body.

Suddenly, the ground shook, cracking open the stratum as if it was an earthquake.

Meiling bared her teeth as she lay down in the sunken hole.

She was unable to exert any strength in her entire body, so she collapsed on the ground in a daze.

“What was the punch you used My body cant move.”

“This is the martial art of the Dragon Realm.

You have to widen your horizons a little.” Xiaya leaned down and pinched Meilings nose.

“I lost!”

Knocking away Xiayas fingers pinching her nose, Meiling said glumly.


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