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At this moment, defending was completely useless.

Feilus face was distorted as his expression turned ferocious.

“I am the strongest lifeform created by Master Towa and Master Mira.

I have waited in this world for so many years.

I cannot lose to you like this!”

Saying that, Feilu angrily opened his arms and a huge energy ball condensed in his hand, trying to block Xiayas attack.

But all the resistance was in vain.

Dragon Fist is a technique taught by the Dragon Realms Dragon God.

It has immense might and surpasses the many techniques of the mortal world.

When it is used, the power of the Dragon Realm will be contained in the fist; the golden dragon image that emerges from the void is the manifestation of the Dragon Gods will.


“Ahhh!!!” A burst of intense pain assaulted his heart, and the golden dragon penetrated Feilus defense and then directly passed through his chest.

Shortly afterward, the divine energy began to spread like cancer cells, gradually annihilating Feilus body.

Feilu spat out a mouthful of blood, struggling in pain as his mouth let out heart-rending tragic screams.

“Dust returns to dust, soil returns to soil, as punishment for disrupting space-time, you should turn to dust!” A light flashed through Xiayas red pupils as he looked down at Feilus distorted and ferocious face.

The cold, deep gaze pierced Feilus heart, causing him to roar unwillingly.

Then he extended his palm towards Feilu and his palm condensed a silver-gray energy.

The energy was crystal clear, like a beautiful water ball, but from the distorted bright starlight around it, you can see the powerful energy contained in it.

Dragon Fist is enough to kill Feilu, and together with “Annihilation”, he will no doubt die.

“Cough, cough…Its regretful that I couldnt complete Master Miras mission…but dont be proud, your good days will end soon.

When Demigra is resurrected, it will be your end…” Feilus body was continuously being eroded by Energy of Destruction as he spoke haltingly.


A cold light flashed in Xiayas eyes, and he threw out the “Annihilation” in his hand, enveloping Feilu inside, and then it shrank, making Feilu, the aggregate of evil lifeforms, completely disappear from the universe.

“Humph, Demigra, huh…”

Snorting coldly without any expression, Xiaya looked at the continent around him which had changed beyond recognition and sighed.

He then used an Energy Wave to flatten the ground before teleporting to the original site of Aixen City and found the time machine below the ground that Feilu had used to time travel.

Its just that it had turned into scrap metal during the previous battle.

“Its not bad that it got destroyed.” Looking at the scraps of the time machine, Xiaya nodded, turned around and left Planet Baryu.

After Xiaya disappeared, Miras figure appeared in the void after a while.

His blue-gray face was a little dark.

Mira was glaring with blood-red eyes as his countenance turned ugly.

He gritted his teeth in anger and said, “Damn God of Time.

Who would have thought that even Feilu would not be his match”

Feilu was much more powerful than him and if even he was not the match of that person, then it is futile for him to come out.

After a pause, he thought, “With that God of Times current strength, I am afraid that he is not that far from the real God of Time.

This is a disturbing sign.

I must break the seal as soon as possible.

At least one of Demigras bodies must be awakened! ”

After the God of Time really awakens, he will be much more dangerous than the God of Destruction of a single universe, which will also extend to the powerful enemies of all the space-times.

At that time, he, the person behind-the-scenes will be in danger, waiting for his revenge! Therefore, the God of Time must be eliminated.

“That Towa, what the heck is she doing.

Forget it, I should contact theme in other worlds and make sure Demigra wakes up.”


At the same time, deep in the Demon Realm of Universe 7, the enchanting Towa was sitting on an exquisite chair, with silver-gray beautiful hair hanging down on one side.

There was a charming smile on her jade-like delicate face.

While observing the situation in Universe 12, she contacted her other self in that world through the void.

“That Saiyan defeated Feilu after all.

Our years of hard work were destroyed in a moment… But the growth of that Saiyan is really surprising.

Its a pity that there are no such outstanding talents in my world.”

“Dont be careless, that God of Time is not to be trifled with!”

Another “Towas” voice came over from the void, “I have been observing that person for several years, maybe we can start our plan…”

Towas face in the palace straightened, “Have you made up your mind”

“Umm! The Dark Angels have already stepped in, so the time left for us is running out.

They can create a super lifeform like Feilu with the help of Mira, and give birth to your world, so if it continues, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for us.

After all, how Mira was born, I think you know it too!”


Master Demigra…” Towas jewel-like purple eyes looked towards the sky in confusion.

Mira is the most outstanding lifeform she has created, but he is also a space-time controller.

Towa doesnt like him as his emergence itself is contrary to common sense.

“Dark Angels are very powerful, so we cant provoke them.

In the coming days, try to keep a low profile until our plan is completed.”


Disconnecting, the depths of Demon Realm became pitch black and numerous energies drifted over in the space, adding a little haziness to the space-time corridor.


Universe 7.

After confirming that the unstable factors affecting this multiverse have been resolved, Xiaya teleported away from Universe 12.

At this time, the invasion of Vegeta and Nappa was happening on the Earth of Universe 7.

Great Ape Vegeta roared crazily.

Next to him, Goku with broken bones all over his body was lying paralyzed on the ground in pain.

“I didnt expect to have spent one year in Universe 12.

Vegeta has already invaded Earth.

Umm, Vegetas Battle Power after the Great Ape transformation has increased by several times…”

Floating far above in the sky, Xiaya watched the fierce battle in the distance, but he didnt have any interest in intervening.

It should be said that the levels of the current Goku and Vegeta are too low to attract his desire to take action.

He has hidden his aura, and as long as he doesnt take the initiative to show himself, no one can find him.

He calmly watched the entire battle as a spectator until Yajirobe mounted a sneak attack and cut off Vegetas tail and was attacked by Gohan, who later transformed into Great Ape.

Xiaya knew that the battle was about to end.

Speaking of Vegetas tragedy in this battle, it was clear that he had a good chance of winning at the beginning, but he liked to toy around with the enemy and ultimately ended up with a bleak ending.

If it hadnt been for him being a Saiyan which made Goku feel compassionate towards him, Vegeta would have to be accountable to Earth.

Seeing the spherical aircraft hurriedly fleeing Earth, Xiaya looked bored.

He murmured, “Excessive conceit is arrogance.

Without enough strength, it will eventually turn into despair.

Vegetas bumpy journey has just begun, and the next trip to Planet Namek will be the time when he will transform.”

Noticing someone approaching, Xiaya suddenly asked towards the void, “Whis, when did you come here”

“A minute ago.

You are getting stronger; you can even sense that I was approaching.

You should be not far from the second level of the Divine Realm.” Whis smiled and walked out of the void, his expression as always aloof.

“Almost!” Xiaya answered confidently.

The transformation from the first level to second level of the Divine Realm is huge.

If the first level is the starting point of the Divine Realm, then after reaching the second level, he will be eligible to truly set foot in the real Divine Realm.

Trainee Time Enforcers like Xiaya, once they enter the second level of the Divine Realm are eligible to directly inherit the position of a god and become a God of Time just like God of Destruction Beerus, after which he can be promoted to the third level of the Divine Realm, which is a matter of course.

“What an enviable training speed!” Whis sighed, but his expression did not change much.

“How did you handle the matter on your side” Xiaya asked.

Whis got serious.

“I have reported the situation to the Great Priest and Zeno-sama.

They will harmonize the flow of time of the entire multiverse and stabilize the unstable space-time as soon as possible.

It will take a long time to completely maintain a consistent flow of time with the other three parallel universes, though.”

“Hmm!” Xiaya nodded, he has no liberty to intervene in these big-level matters.

Now that he is finished with the things handed over by Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa, Xiaya is not prepared to stay in this world.

After all, who knows how long a year in this space-time is equivalent to in his own world.

So bidding farewell to Whis, he launched his space-time ability to break away from the shackles of the multiverse and prepared to return to his own world.


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